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day. Aug. 10th, Eucharistam suscepimus, ego, uxor, filia Katharina, et Maria Nicolls. Aug. 30th, a great tempest of mighty wynde S.W. from 2 tyll 6, with rayne.

Sept. 11th, Mr. Holland of Denby, Mr. Gerard of Stopford, Mr. Langley, commissioners from the bishop of Chester, authorized by the bishop of Chester, did call me before them in the church abowt thre of the clok after none, and did deliver to me certayn petitions put up by the fellows against me to answer before the 18th of this month. I answered them all eodem tempore, and yet they gave me leave to write at leiser. Sept. 16th, Mr. Harmer and Mr. Davis, gentlemen of Flyntshire, within four or five myle of Hurden Castell, did viset me. Sept. 29th, I burned before Mr. Nicols, his brother, and Mr. Wortley, all Bartholomew Hikman his untrue actions.* Sept. 30th, after the departing of Mr. Francis Nicolls, his dowghter Mistres Mary, his brother Mr. William, Mr. Wortley, at my returne from Deansgate, to the ende whereof I browght them on fote, Mr. Roger Kooke offred and promised his faithfull and diligent care and help, to the best of his skill and powre, in the processes chymicall, and that he will rather do so then to be with any in England; which his promise the Lord blesse and confirm! He told me that Mr. Anthony considered him very liberally and frendely, but he told him that he had promised me. Then he liked in him the fidelity of regarding such his promise.

Oct. 13th, be it remembered that Sir Georg Both cam to Manchester to viset Mr. Humfrey Damport, cownsaylor of Gray's Inne, and so cam to the colledg to me; and after a few words of discowrse, we agreed as concerning two or three tenements in Durham Massy in his occupying. That he and I with the fellows wold stand to the arbitrement of the sayd Mr. Damport, after his next return hither from London. John Radclyf, Mr. Damport's man, was with him here, and Mr. Dumbell, but they hard not our agrement; we were in my dyning-room. Oct. 22nd, receyved a kinde letter from the Lord Bishop of Chester in the behalfe of Thomas Billings for a curatship. Nov. 1st, Mr. Roger Coke did begyn to destill. Nov. 4th, the commission and jury did finde the titles of Nuthurst due to Manchester against Mr. James

* In a note by Dee in MS. Ashm. 488, he says, " All Barthilmew's reports of sight and hering spirituall wer burnt; a copy of the first part, which was afterward fownd, was burnt before me and my wife."

Ashton of Chaterdon. Nov. 7th, Oliver Carter his

before Mr. Birch, Richard Legh and Charles Legh, in the colledg howse. Dec. 2nd, colledg awdit. Allowed my due of j£7 yerely for my howse-rent tyll Michelmas last. Arthur Dee a graunt of the chapter clerkship from Owen Hodges, to be had yf £6 wer payd to him for his patent. Dec. 20th, borowed of Mr. Edmund Chetam the scholemaster £10 for one yere uppon plate, two bowles, two cupps with handles, all silver, waving all 32 oz. Item, two potts with cover and handells, double gilt within and without, waying 16 oz.

1601. Jan. 19th, borrowed of Adam Holland of Newton £5 till Hilary day, uppon a silver salt dubble gilt with a cover, waying 14 oz. Feb. 2nd, Roger Cook his supposed plat laying to my discredit was by Arthur my sone fownd by chaunce in a box of his papers in his own handwriting circa meridiem, and after none abowt l£ browght to my knowledg face to face. O Deus, libera nos a malo! All was mistaken, and we reconcyled godly. Feb. 10th to 15th, reconciliation betwene us, and I did declare to my wife, Katharine my dowghter, Arthur and Rowland, how things wer thus taken. Feb. 18th, Jane cam to my servyce from Cletheraw. Feb. 25th, R. K[oke] pactum sacrum hora octava mane. March 2nd, Mr. Roger Coke went toward London. March 19th, I receyved the long letters from Bartholomew Hickman hora secunda a meridie by a carryer of Oldham. April 6th, Mr. Holcroft of Vale Royall his first acquaintance at Manchester by reason of William Herbert his frend. He used me and reported of me very freely and wurshiply.


D. JOH. DEE, A° 1583, 6 SEPT.


[From MS. Trin. Coll. Cantab. O. iv. 20, transcribed by Ashmole in MS. Ashm. 1142. Another autograph copy is preserved in MS. Harl. 1879, which scarcely differs from that in the library of Trinity College. The numbers prefixed to the several volumes are added, for the sake of reference, by the Editor.,]

1. Milei sphaericorum tractatus tres. 4° pergameno.

2. Theoricae planetarum. — Jordani de triangulis, ubi de quadrature circuli.—Ejusdem de perspectiva.—Ejusdem de speculis, crepusculis, ponderibus, speculis comburentibus, lib. ii.

4°, scripti pergameno.

3. Compendium de vitis philosophorum anonymi. — Ursonis de commixtionibus elementorum.—Ejusdem aphorismi.

4° pergameno.

4. Avicenna de anima mundi, cum aliis, videlicet, Liber cuius initium est, " Inspector praecedentis libri Avicennae."—Expositorius Rogeri Bachonis."—Liber de ponderibus.—Morienus ad regem Calid.—Rasis libri quinque de deceno (?)—Hermetis


libri septem. — Rosinus ad Euthesiam.—Dicta sapientis. — Turba philosophorum. — Distinctionum sapientium liber.— Epistola Alexandri regis Persarum.—Aristoteles de 30 verbis. —Socratis liber.—Effrey Effinensis liber.—Liber Calid.—Liber commentatus.—Opus philosophorum.— Geber de perfecto magisterio. 4° pergameno.

5. Joh. Duns Scoti quaestiones in Porphyrii quinque voces.— Antonii cujusdam expositio in categorias sex, &c.—Rogerii Bachonis de multiplicatione specierum. — Ejusdem perspectiva. 4° pergameno.

6. Thomae Aquinatis quaestionum disputatarum volumen.

4° pergameno.

7. Scintillarium poetarum.— Summa chiromantiae.—Ovidii metamorphoseos expositio.—Tractatus de veneno.—Valerius ad Ruffinum de non ducenda uxore, cum expositione.—Joh. Wyclyf determinatio.—Literae fratris Wilhelmi Fleth.—Fulgentii mythologiae cum Expositione.—Tractatus de difficilibus dictionibus Bibliae. — Rob. Lincolniensis in oculo morali.— Rob. Lincolniensis de ratione veneni.—Joh. Walensis breviloquium philosophorum, descriptum per Stoctonem Cantabrigiie, 1375.—Casus abstracti injure, per Fratrem Hermannum de provincia Saxoniae.—Casus episcopo reservati.—Expositio salutationis angelicae.* 4° pergameno.

8. De ponderibus et mensuris medicinalis operationis.—Viaticus Constantini Africani libri 7.—De modo medendi experimenta. —De origine morborum, et eorum cognitione per urinam.— De electuariis, &c. 4° pergameno.

9. Ethici Histri cosmographia, ex versione Latina D. Hieronymi.f

4° pergameno. One I had with me, and one I left here, which is noted after.

* Now inTrinily College, Dublin. Bern. 148, (H. 12.)

t Now MS. Cotton. Vespas. B. x. thus inscribed by Dr. Dee's hand, " Johannes Dee, 1565, Ffebruarii SI, Wigorniae, ex dono decani ecclesic, Magistri Beddar."

10. Anticlaudianus, carmine.—Hugonis de Pushac, Dunelmensis Episcopi, Brutus, carmine.* Longiuscula forma, pergameno.

11. Tractatus compendiosus de animalibus. 4° pergameno.

12. Wilhelmi Parisiensis fragment, de universis. 4° pergameno.

13. Euclidis Elementa Geometrica, Optica et Catoptrica, ex Arabico translata per Adellardum.—Theodosii Sphaericorum libri.—Liber de occultis.—Ptolomaei planisphaerium.—Jordani planisphaerium.—Archimedis tractatus de quadratura circuli. —Gerardi de Brussel liber de motu.—Jordanus de ponderibus. — Libri quatuor geometriae practice. — Alfarabius de scientiis.—Wilhelmi de Conchis philosophia.— Rasis liber de phisiognomia. — Anatomia hominis.—De proprietatibus elementorum.—cum aliis. 4° pergameno.

14. Augustinus de anima et spiritu.—Theoremata de spiritu et anima demonstrata.—Algorithmus demonstratus Joh. de Sacrobosco.—Joh. de Rupella summa de anima.—Rob. Lincolniensis tractatus de sphaera.—Joh. de Sacrobosco tractatus de sphaera.—Tractatus de proportione et proportionalitate, &c. Rogeri Bachonis—cum aliis. pergameno, 4°.

15. Maximi Monachi, Dionisii Areopagitae, Sophronii Solitarii, et aliorum Graecorum fragmenta nonnulla. pergameno, 4°.

16. Ramundi Lullii liber de quinta essentia. papyro, f°.

Non est Ramundi Lullii, sed collectanea diversa ex

17. Rogerii Bachonis de anima, et ejus operibus.—Ejusdem liber de intellectu et intelligibili. P. pergameno.

18. Apologia de versutiis atque perversitatibus pseudo-theologorum et religiosorum.—Joachim Abbatis prophetia contra religiones tenentes ordinem mendicantium.—Arnoldi de Villa Nova opus de generibus abusionum veritatis, et de pseudoministris Antichristi cognoscendis, et de pastorali officio circa gregem exercendo. — Ejusdem prophetia catholica, tradens

* This MS. is now in the Cottonian library, Vespas. A. x. "Joannes Dee, 1574, Maij 7, bowght uppon a stall in London."

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