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for tyme till Midsomer. April 21st, I sent Barthilmew Hikman 40s. I sent by Bradshaw many letters to London. I sent by goodman Thurp of Salford my great letter to the byshop of Lincolne, and one to Mr. Shallcross. April 22nd, after none Sir Urien Legh knight, and his brother, and Mr. Brown, and Mr. George Booth, sherif of Chesshire, did viset me. Mr. Booth sayd that he wold yeld that to me that he wold not yeld to the bisshop nor any other. Mr. Wortley of Wortley cam allso the same day hora quarta a meridie. May 2nd, Mr. Hulme and Mr. Williamson cam to me in the Lord Bishop of Lincoln's case for Hulme. May 4th, I, with Sir Robert Barber, curat, and Robert Talsley, clerk of Manchester parish church, with diverse of the town of divers ages, went in perambulation to the bownds of Manchester parish: began at the Leeless Bench against Prestwich parish, and so had a vew of the thre corne staks, and then down tyll Mr. Standysh new enclosure on the Low, wher we stayed and vewed the stak yet standing in the bank of the dich, being from the corne a eleven measures of Mr. Standley's stak then in his hand, and two fote more, which still I did measure afterward, and it did conteyn in Kentish feete 6 ynches and thre quarters. The survey geometricall of the very circuits of Manchester parish was ended in this, being the sixth day of my work. May 11th, the way to Stopford surveyed by John Cholmeley and John Crocker. May 17th, to Richard Walkeden 20s. of his wagis payd. May 20th, the Lady Booth made acquayntance here May 23rd, to Isabell Boordman 8s. 8d. to make up whole yere's wagis due at the Annunciation of our Lady last past. I allowed to Mr. Williamson ten dayes respite more for his kinsman to bring in his evidence for the process of the proceedings. Payd to nurse 3s. to make up her full payment of her yere's wagis ended at Michaelmas last. May 27th, open enmitie with Palmer before Sir Edward Fitton. Sir Edward Fitton told Matthew Palmer to his face that he had known him

to be a mutinous man and a June 9th, Thomas Sankinson

told me of John Basset his coming to London. June 14th, the unlawfull assembly and rowte of William Cutcheth, Captayn Bradley, John Taylor, Rafe Taylor, at Newton, against my men, describing the rumour of Newton. June 27th, newes from Hull of 23 barrells of Dansk rye sent me from John Pontoys.

July 1st, I sent Roger Kay to Vanydles for catall. July 4th, the carriers to Wakefeld for the corn. July 5th, toward evening lightning and little thunder. July 6th, thunder in the morning. July 7th, five horse lode of Dansk ry cam home. July 19th, the Strang pang of my back opening mane hora 6£. In the church uppon Mr. Palmer's disorder against Mr. Lawrence. July 20th, the last of my Dansk rye, in all 21 horse load. Aug. 6th, this night I had the vision and shew of many bokes in my dreame, and among the rest was one great volume thik in large quarto, new printed, on the first page whereof as a title in great letters was printed "Notus in Judaea Deus." Many other bokes methowght I saw new printed, of very strange arguments. I lent Mr. Edward Hopwood of Hopwood my Malleus Maleficarum to use tyll new yere's tyde next, a short thik old boke with two clasps, printed anno 1517. Aug. 19th, the Erle and Cowntess of Derby cam to Alport lodg. Aug. 21st, the Erle and Cowntess of Derby had a banket at my lodging at the colledge hora 4£. Aug. 27th, John Addenstall from Mr. Emery. I wrote. Sept. 3rd, Mr. Werall of Lobester within two miles of Donkaster cam to me to be acquaynted with me. Sept. 9th, very wyndy at Sowth and rayny. Sept. 12th, hayle this morning on Monday. Sept. 15th, lent by Mr. Werall 40s. John Cholmley went with him to give him and other physik; and I answered John Cholmeley the 40s. again. Sept 24th, Barthilmew cam. Sept. 25th, Mr. Olyver Carter his impudent and evident disolutenes in the church. Sept. 26th, he repented and some pacification was made. Sept. 27th, I granted a lease of thre lives to Mr. Ratclyf for two howses in Dene Square of 7s. rent both; fine, twenty nobles. Sept. 28th, cam Mr. Yardely of Calcot in Chesshyre, abowt six myles wide of Chester, toward the Holt. Nova de philosopho D. Waldero.

Sept. 30th, John Crockar (my good servant) had leave to go to see his parents. He went with Barthilmew Hikman and Robert Charles toward Branbroke, with Arthur Golding, to cure of his fistula. John Crocker intendeth to returne abowt Easter or at Whitsuntyde next. God be his spede! Mr. Humphry Damport made our stuard.

Oct. 12th, Rafe Holden preferred a bill against Richard Walkeson for Brereriding's chase entyring, which I and Antony Ryve

fals. The bill was not fownd. Oct. 22nd, John Fletcher

of Manchester went with my letters to Vanylos this Sunday morning. Nov. 3rd, Mr. John Cholmeley toward London by MarketHarborow. Nov. 7th, the fellows and the receyver agreed not with me in accounts. Paulo post nonam mane Arthur's left eye hurt at playing at fence with rapier and dagger of sticks, by a foyne of Edmond Arnold. Nov. 10th, Mr. Burch his letter from Mathew Palmer. Nov. 14th, the fellows wold not graunt me the £5. for my howse-rent, as the Archbishops had graunted: and our foundation commaundeth an howse. Nov. 17th, I sent Ed. Arnold to London on fote with my letters to D. Julio. Dec. 3rd, to Richard Walkeden 10s. in part of wagis. To nurse 10s. Dec. 9th, I visited the grammar schole. Dec. 13th, I wrote by the carryer Barret to D. Caesar. Dec. 14th, Mr. George Broke, sonne

to Mr Broke of .... , cam to be acquaynted with me, whome

I used most frendely. Mr. Ratclif of Manchester cam with him, but Mr. Heton allso cam on Tuesday after none when I had no leyser. Dec. 17, I lent to Mr. Barlow for his sonne a Spanish grammer in 8vo. printed at Lovayn in anno 1555 by Bartholomaeus Gravay in Spanish, French, and Latin. To R. Dickonson I payd £7. 2s. for the plate and a new bell made till 1599, January 1st, £66.

1598. Jan. 4th, I wrote to Barthilmew and Charles by Bradshaw. Jan. 17th, my brother Arnold to Chester and Vaunlos. Jan. 18th, Ed. Arnold with my letter to London. Jan. 19th, hora secunda a meridie I cam before the justices against James Shallcross and John Lawrence for misusing my name to deceyve Mr. Harrughby. Jan. 20th, Walter Fletcher, chirurgien, from Barthilmew Hikman cam. Jan. 22nd, after midnight the college gate toward Hunt's Hall did fall, and som parte of the wall going down the lane. I receyved letters from Mr. John Pontoys. Jan. 24th, Walter Fletcher went with my letters to Barthilmew Hikman and Robert Charles. Amaritudo mea circa mediam noctem. Jan. 28th, the cloose was hyerd of Ed. Brydock for thre powndpayd beforehand by me John Dee to the said Ed. Brydock, being £4 from Candlemas next tyll Candlemas come a twelvemonth. Feb. 9th, George Birch sute was stayd at Chester uppon his promise to compownd with me for all tyth, haye, and other matter. Thomas Goodyer his sute and excommunication I stayed, salvo interim jure suo. Baxter's likewise I stayd at Chester court. Feb. 12th, newes from Mr. Smyth, of Upton personage, cam this Sunday. Feb. 13th, Edmond Arnold to London; thereuppon I sent spedily. Feb. 20th, I wrote by Oliver Ellet, the taylor, to Mr. Nicolls to Faxton. Feb. 22nd, Mr. Nicolls cam and wished to mete Ellet. Feb. 25th, the eclips. A clowdy day, but great darknes abowt 9| mane. Feb. 26th, circa mediam noctem amaritudo mea. Feb. 27th, Mr. Nicolls rode homeward, and met the messager a little beyond Stopford. I lent Mr. Nicolls home with him Roger Edward's boke to be browght to me by Barthilmew Hikman. March 1st, I receyved Mr. Thynne his letter for Sted's det, and Ed. Arnold his letter of the sute from Upton, and of the Lord Archebisshop his hard dealing. March 2nd, I sent the statute staple to London to Mr. George Brok for Sted. I wrote letters by John Hardy, and sent them in a box. March 5th, newes of Mistres Mary Nevell's death by William Nicholson, that she dyed the Fryday after Candelmas Day. March 11th, borrowed 40s. of Mr. George Kenion, of Kersall, to repay againe as sone as I can conveniently. Receyved by Richard Walkeden.


1600. June 10th, set out from London. Jun. 18th, I, my wife, Arthur Rowland, Mistres Marie Nicols, and Mr. Richard Arnold cam to Manchester.

July 3rd, the Commission set uppon in the Chapter Howse. July 7th, this morning, as I lay in my bed, it cam into my fantasy to write a boke, "De differentiis quibusdam corporum et spirituum." July 8th, I writ to the Lord Bishop of Chester by Mr. Withenstalls. July 10th, Mr. Nicols and Barthilmew Hickman cam. July 14th, Francys Nicols and Barthilmew Hikman went homeward. July 17th, I willed the fellows to com to me by nine the next day. July 18th, it is to be noted of the great pacifications unexpected of man which happened this Friday; for in the forenone (betwene nine and ten) where the fellows were greatly in doubt of my heavy displeasure, by reason of their manifold misusing of themselves against me, I did with all lenity interteyn them, and shewed the most part of the things that I had browght to pass at London for the college good, and told Mr. Carter (going away) that I must speak with him alone. Robert Leigh and Charles Legh were by. Secondly, the great sute betwene Redishmer and me was stayed and by Mr. Richard Holland his wisdom. Thirdly, the organs uppon condition was admitted. And fourthly, Mr. Williamson's resignation granted for a preacher to be gotten from Cambridge. July 19th, I lent Randall Kemp my second part of Hollinshed's Great Chronicle for ij. or iij. wekes. To Newton he restored it. July 31st, we held our audit, I and the fellows for the two yeres last past in my absence, Olyver Carter, Thomas Williamson, and Robert Birch, Charles Legh the elder being receyver. I red and gave unto Mistres Mary Nicolls her prayer.

Aug. 5th, I visited the grammar schole, and fownd great imperfection in all and every of the scholers to my great grief. Aug. 6th, I had a dream after midnight of my working of the philosopher's stone with other. My dreame was after midnight toward

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