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July 12th, Mr. Goodier, of Manchester, cam to me. Dies natalis. July 15th, I gave Mr. Morgan Traharn his bill to Mr. Harbert. July 25th, Mrs. Mary Nevell cam. July 28th, a letter from Mr. Oliver Carter, Fellow of Manchester College. I writt agayn to him the same day. July 29th, Mistres Mary Nevel went to London, and so into Kent. July 31st, the Cowntess of Warwik did this evening thank her Majestie in my name, and for me, for her gift of the Wardenship of Manchester. She toke it gratiously; and was sorry that it was so far from hens, but that some better thing neer hand shall be fownd for me; and, if opportunitie of tyme wold serve, her Majestie wold speak with me herself. I had a bill made by Mr. Wood, one of the clerks of the signet, for the first frutes given me by her Majestie. Aug. 2nd, at Mr. Cosener his table at Grenewich: I spak that wich greatly liked Mr. Sergeant Oliver Lloyd; wold have disputed agayn. Aug. 5th, very rayny all day, and had the wynde north E. and W. Aug. 12th, I receyved Sir Edward Kellyes letters of the Emperor's, inviting me to his servyce again. Aug. 14th, peperit Jana (nutu Dei) circa horam quartam a meridie. Aug. 27th, Margarite Dee baptized hora 4i a meridie. Godfather, the Lord Keper; his deputy, Mr. Crowne. Godmothers, the Cowntess of Cumberland, her deputy Mistres Davis; and the Cowntess of Essex, her deputy Mistres Bele. Barthilmew Hikman cam to Mortlak on his own busines. Sept. 2nd, the spider at ten of the clok at night suddenly on my desk, and suddenly gon; a most rare one in bygnes and length of feet. I was in a great study at my desk. Sept. 6th I gave Richard 2s. 6d. part of his wagis, when he went to his grandfather. Sept. 13th, I dyned with the Erle of Derby at Russell Howse, Mr. Thymothew and Mr. John Statfeldt, German, being there. Sept. 14th, to Elizabeth Feeld 2s. for the taylor. Sept. 22nd, Elizabeth Feeld went from my servyce. I dined with the Erle of Darby. Sept. 26th, £6 borrowed of my cosen William Hetherley for fourteen days to pay for Barthilmew Hikman. Sept. 29th, Margery Stubble of Hownslow, our dry nurse, entred into the yere of her servyce begynning on Michaelmas Day, and is to have £3 her yeres wagis and a gown cloth of russet. Edward Edwards began his yere of serving me allso on Michelmas Day, and he must have 40s. for his yere's wagis, and a lyvery.

Oct. 7th, my anger (hor. 5 a mer.) with Edward my coke, bycause of his disorder. Oct. 8th, Mr. Richard Western lent me £10 for a yere. Oct. 9th, I dyned with Syr Walter Rawlegh at Durham Howse. Oct. 11th, to Edward 2s., part of wagis. Mr. Banks lent me uppon lone tyll after Christmas £5. Mr Emery sent me £3 by my servant Richard Walkedine. Oct. 14th, to Anne 2s. part of wagis; to Elizabeth Felde payd the rest of her yeres wagis, and moreover 2s. 6d. given for the overplus tyme. Oct. 19th, the old reckoning betwene me and Edmond Hilton made clere. Of his eleven pownds demanded, I shewd him of my old note that he had receyved £6. 15s., and after that Sted his 25s., and Mr. Emery his £3 lent him; as I did shew him Sted his letter, and Mr. Emery his letter of the last month. All these sommes make just an eleven pownd. Payd to nurse Stubble, in part of payment of her wagis, 5s. Oct. 20th, to Anne I2d. Richard rode toward Oxford for my Arabik boke. Oct. 25th, Sted was a suter to me for help in law against his father. Nov. 8th, my goods sent me by Peravall toward Manchester. Nov. 19th, my Arabik boke restored by God's favor. Nov. 21st, goodwife Lidgatt payd her rent two quarters ending at the feast of the Annunciation of our Lady next, 13s. 4d. Goodman Agar was by in my hall at Mortlak. Nov. 25th, the newes that Sir Edward Kelley was slayne. Nov. 26th, Mr. Nicolas Bagwell of Manchester browght me a letter from my brother Arnold. Lent to Mister Laurence Dutton twelve shillings. My wife and children all by water toward Coventry. Dec. 10th, Mr. Lokhis Arabik bokes and letter to me by Mr. Berran his sonne. Dec. 23rd, I payd to John Norton, stationer, ten pownds in hand, and was bownd in a recognisance before Doctor Hone for the payment of the rest, £10 yerely, at Christmas and Midsommer £5, tyll £53 more 14s. 8d. were payd. Receyved £30 in part of payment of one hundred for my howse at Manchester of Mr. Paget. Dec. 26th, nata filia Comitis Derby mane circa quartam horam Londini.

1596. Feb. 15th, I cam to Manchester a meridie hora quinta. Feb. 20th, enstalled in Manchester wardenship inter nonam et undecimam horam ante meridiem. March 14th, warning given publikely against Thomas Goodyer. March 21st, warning given publikly of licence given to Thomas Goodyer.

April 2nd, Sir John Byron, knight, and Mr. John Byron, esquier, dyned with me in the colledg. I moved the matter of Xyd an aker of hay grownd of his tenants. He promised well. April 6th, I went to Mr. Ashton of Lester and to Mr. Sherington. April 8th, Margaret Dee begonne to be weaned. May 7th, possession taking in Salford. May 11th, my brother Aubrey and Richard toward London. June 3rd, I gave Antony Cowly 20s. and discharged him. June 4th, Antony Cowley went yerely from my howse, I know not whither. June 14th, Mr. Harry Savill, the antiquary, cam to me. June 15th, I wrote by Mr. Harry Savill of the book dwelling" at Hallyfax to Christopher Saxton at Denningley. I sent my letter to Sir Robert Cecill's howse by William Debdell. June 18th, the commission for the colledge sent to London to be engrossed in the Duchy office. I sent by Nicholas Baguely of Newton to Mr. Brogreton and to William Nicolson to follow it this terme. June 21st, Mr. Christopher Saxton cam to me. June 22nd, entred upon great Brereridings in Salford. June 24th, Barthilmew cam. June 25th, order taken by the sherif betwene me and Raf Holden. June 26th, the Erle of Derby with the Lady Gerard, Sir .... Molyneux and his Lady, dawghter to the Lady Gerard, Master Hawghton and others, cam suddenly uppon [me] after three of the clok. I made them a skoler's collation, and it was taken in good part. I browght his honor and the ladyes to Ardwyk Grene toward Lyme, at Mr. Legh his howse, twelve myles of. June 29th, wyndy and rayny.


July 5th, Mr. Savill and Mr. Saxton cam. July 6th, I, Mr. Saxton and Arthur Rouland, John and Richard, to Howgh Hall. July 9th, I sent Roger Kay of Manchester with my letters into Wales. July 10th, Manchester town described and measured by Mr. Christopher Saxton. Given to nurse Stubley 10s., part of wagis. July 10th to 14th, occupyed with low controversies, as with Holden of Salford and the tenants of Sir John Byron of

Faylsworth in the right of the colledge, sending to to the

cownty, and sending for Mr. Tyldesley or Chester for cownsaylers. July 12th, given more to nurse, when her sonne John Stubley went from me toward London to be reconcyled to his master. I gave him 5s. The yong man, Leon the hatter, went with him. July 14th, Mr. Saxton rode away. The sessions day at Manchester. July 19th, Ales cam by Mrs. Beston's help to my servyce. Thomas, my coke, went from me. July 21st, Isabell Bardman from the chamber to the kitchin. July 25th, thunder in the morning; rayne in the night. July 27th, the Erle of Darby went by London ward; dyned at Curtes' howse. Aug. 10th, Mr. Thomas Jones of Tregarron cam to me to Manchester and rode toward Wales bak agayn the 13th day to mete the catall coming. Aug. 13th, I rid toward York. Halifax and Mr. Thomas Jones rode toward Wales. Aug. 20th, I cam to Manchester from York. Aug. 20th to 27th, much disquietnes and controversy abowt the tythe corne of Hulme. Aug. 30th, Cromsall corne-tyth obteyned by consent, but afterwards dowted and half denyed; then utterly denyed. Sept. 1st, Mary Goodwyn cam to my servyce to govern and teach Madinia and Margaret, my yong dowghters. Sept. 3rd, being Fryday, I rode to Syr John Byron's, to Royton, to talk with him abowt the controversy betwene the colledg and his tenants. He pretented that we have part of Faylesworth Common within our Newton Heath, which cannot be proved I am sure. We wer agreed that James Traves (being his bayly) and Francis Nutthall, his servant for him, shold with me understand all circumstances, and so duely to procede. Sept. 5th, seventeen hed of cattell from my kinsfolk in Wales by the curteous Griffith David, nephew to Mr. Thomas Griffith, browght.

Oct. 26th, Mr. Francis Nicols and Barthilmew cam to Manchester. Oct. 29th, they rode homeward. Nov. 22nd, £4. 6s. given to my wife by Mr. Francys Wodcote. Dec. 3rd, Mr. Palmer cam to be curate.

1597. Jan. 19th, I sent £4 to Barthilmew Hikman by Bradshaw the carryer. Jan. 22nd, Olyver Carter's thret to sue me with proces from London was this Satterday in the church declared to the clerk. Feb. 5th, Rich. Key of Weram cwrate cam to me by Mr. Heton's information, and I to try him three monthes for 50s. wagis. Feb. 7th, John Morryce came to Manchester. Feb. 11th, £5 borowed of Mr. Mat. Heton. Feb. 14th, this Monday John Morrise went with my letters to Mr. John Gwyn, and twelve more in Montgomeryshyre, esquyers. Feb. 17th, delivered to Charles Legh the elder my silver tankard with the cover, all dubble gilt, of the Cowntess of Herford's gift to Francis her goddoughter, waying 22 oz. great waight, to lay in pawn in his owne name to Robert Welsham the goldsmith for £4 tyll within two dayes after May-day next. My dowghter Katharin and John Crocker and I myself (John Dee) were at the delivery of it and waying of it in my chamber: it was wrapped in a new handkercher cloth. Feb. 25th, Mr. Heton borrowed the Concordantiae Majores Roberti Stephani. He hath allso my boke De Cvena of Doctor Pezelia. March 7th, Mr. Heton lent me £5 more, and thereuppon I gave him a bill of my hand for the whole ten pownd, to be payd at Michelmas next. The other £5 was receyved the 11th of February last. March 17th, Barthilmew Hikman cam. March 19th, I lent Mr. Hopwood Wierus de prcestigiis Deemonum.

April 10th, a supplication exhibited by the parishioners. April 11th, 12th, trubblesom days abowt Mr. Palmer the curate. April 15th,I had my Wierus de prcestigiis Deemonum from Mr. Hopwood, and lent him Flagellum Deemonum and Fustio Deemonum in 8vo,


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