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promised on 26 day to begyn his work of fixing lunam. Madinia somwhat sickly. Robert Wood, visitted with spirituall creatures, had comfort by conference. Jan. 31st, Mr. Vander Laen began his work of luna, five myle sowth from Glocester. Mr. Morgan Treherne told me of Mr. Lawrence of eighty yeres old. Mr. Thomas Sharp, chief stuard to the Lady Russell at Bisham, is master and good frende to Thomas Richardson, as he himselfe told me. Theodore Dee from the myddle of this month had his left ey blud-shotten from the side next his temple, very sore bludshotten, above thre wekes contynuing. Feb. 1st, Mr. John Ask sent me two little dubble gilt bowles waying thirteen ownces and a half. Feb. 7th, Sir Thomas Wilks offer philosophicall cam to my hands by Mr. Morice Kiffyn. This day the Archbishop of Canterbury inclined sometyme to the request of dispensation. Feb. 20th, 21st, Theodor fell sick in the Shrovtyde weke, and so into a tertian ague. March 10th, uppon a flight of feare bycause of Mr. Webbes his sending for me to come to him to the Marshalsea, now when he looked to be condemned on the Monday or Tuesday next. March 16th, Barthilmew Hikman cam up. March 18th, Mr. Heriot cam to me. March 20th, I did before Barthilmew Hikman pay Letice her full yere's wagis ending the 7th day of Aprill next; her wagis being four nobles, an apron, a payr of hose and shoes. March 23rd, I gave Barthilmew Hikman the nag which the Lord Keper had given me. Barthilmew Hikman and William his brother went homward. Magus disclosed by frendeship of Mr. Richard Aired. A avhhe* navy cxj> avyep flervveve M. Nu-oXs avb fie. March 28th, Mr. Francis Garland browght me Sir Edward Kelley and his brother's letters. March 31st, a great fit of the stone in my left kydney: all day I could do but three or four drops of water, but I drunk a draught of white wyne and salet oyle, and after that, crabs' eys in powder with the bone in the carp's head, and abowt four of the clok I did eat tosted cake buttered, and with suger and nutmeg on it, and drunk two great draughts of ale with it; and I voyded within an howr much water, and a stone as big as an Alexander seed. God be thanked! Five shillings to Robert Webb, part of his wagis.

April 1st, Capitayn Hendor made acquayntance with me, and shewed me a part of his pollicy against the Spanishe King his intended mischief agaynst her Majestie and this realme. April 4th, John Stokden cam to study with our children. Mr. Thomas Wye cam with a token from Mistres Ashley. Remove to Mr. Harding and Mr. Abbot at Oxford abowt my Arabik boke. April 5th, my right ey very sore and bludshotten. April 7th, Mr. Nicols cam agayn out of Northampton. Mr. Barret and Mistres Barret cam to visit me. May 3rd, betwene 6 and 7 after none the Quene sent for me to her in the privy garden at Grenwich, when I delivered in writing the hevenly admonition, and Her Majestie tok it thankfully. Onely the Lady Warwyk and Sir Robert Cecill his Lady wer in the garden with Her Majestie. May 18th, Her Majestie sent me agayn the copy of the letter of G. K. with thanks by the Lady Warwick. May 21st, Sir John Wolley moved my sute to Her Majesty. She graunted after a sort, but referred all to the Lord of Canterbury. May 25th, Dr. Awbrey moved my sute to Her Majesty, and answere as before. May 29th, with the Archbishop before the Quene cam to her house. June 3rd, I, my wife, and seven children, before the Quene at Thisellworth. My wife kissed her hand. I exhibited my request for the Archbishop to com to my cottage. June 6th, supped with the Lord Archbishop. Invited him to my cottage. June 11th, given to Robert Webb at London seven shillings in the begynning of this month. June 15th, £40 of Mr. Thomas Harward. I shuld have £60 more. A great fytt of the stone in my kydneys. June 20th, Mistres Magdalen Perpoynt was sole examined of our Stuard at the Temple. June 22nd, morgaged my late purchas to Mr. Richard White for £30, to be received within a few dayes. June 23rd, I discharged Robert Web of my service, and gave him 40 shillings for a full satisfaction of all things. Thomas Richardson cam and offered me his work and labor, and had, as he requested, my letter to Mr.


Thomas Sharpe. June 24th, on Midsommer Day Antony Ryve Taylor cam to my service, for wagis by the yere three pounds and a livery. Barthilmew Hikman cam. June 26th, I discharged Jane Hikman to go with her father Barthilmew home into Northamptonshire, and gave her ten shillings, and promised her at Hallowtyd ten shillings more. Barthilmew Hikman and Goodman Ball with Jane Hikman went homward. June 29th, after I had hard the Archbishop his answers and discourses, and that after he had byn the last Sonday at Tybald's with the Quene and Lord Threasorer, I take myself confounded for all suing or hoping for anything that was. And so adiew to the court and courting tyll God direct me otherwise! The Archbishop gave me a payre of sufferings to drinke. God be my help as he is my refuge! Amen.

July 1st, I gave Robert yet more a French crown for a farwell. July 2nd, given to Richard ten shillings uppon his wagis. July 6th, Michael becam distempered in his hed and bak. July 9th, in the morning began my hed to ake and be hevy more then of late, and had some wambling in my stomach. I had broken my fast with sugar sopps, &c. I gave Letice my servant 5s. part of her wagis: with part whereof she was to buy a smok and neckercher. July 13th, in ortu solis Michael Dee did give up the ghost after he sayd, "O Lord, have mercy uppon me!" July 19th, goodman Richardson began his work. Aug. 19th, Elizabeth Felde cam to my servyce: she is to have five nobles the yere and a smok. Aug. 26th, Mr. Gherardt, the chirurgion and herbalist, [cam to me]. Aug. 30th, Monsieur Walter Mallet toke his leave of me to go home to Tholose. He had the fix oyle of saltpetre. Sept. 18th, I sent letters to Sir Ed. K. and T. Kelly, between 10 and 2 after none taken from the dore.

Oct. 3rd, I payd Mrs. Stockden £4 I borrowed of her; I payd her 26s. 8d. for four loade of wood. I remayn debter for a load of hay, and for 400 of billet in forks. Oct. 4th, payd Mr. Childe £3. 10s. for ten lode of lose faggot. Oct. 14th, Mr. Robert Thomas cam to my howse to dwell. Oct. 28th, hora 6$ a meridie, I writ and sent a letter to the Lady Skydmor, in my wife's name, to move her Majestie that eyther I might declare my case to the body of the cownsayle, or else under the great seale to have lycens to go freely anywhither. Oct. 31st, lightening without thunder in the afternone and in the night following.

Nov. 24th, receyved a letter from Sir Edward Kelley by Rowley. Dec. 2nd, Francys Garland cam to England from Prage. Just five yeres past I cam to England from Breame as Francis Garland cam now: but the Stade flete stayed at Harwich. The 2nd of our cold December, Barthilmew was preferred by me to the Lord Willoughby his servyce at Barbican, in the presence of the Cowntess of Kent: and the Lord Willoughby did presently write his warrant to Mr. Jonson in Fletestreet, taylor, to deliver to Barthilmew his cloth and couishins, and so it was to Barthilmew delivered immediately. Dec. 7th, Jane my wife delivered her supplication to the Quene's Majestie, as she passed out of the privy garden at Somerset Howse to go to diner to the Savoy to Syr Thomas Henedge. The Lord Admirall toke it of the Quene. Her Majestie toke the bill agayn and kept [it] uppon her cushen; and on the 8th day, by the chief motion of the Lord Admirall, and somwhat of the Lord Buckhurst, the Quene's wish was to the Lord Archbishop presently that I shuld have Dr. Day his place in Powles. Dec. 22nd, payd seven shillings to Elizabeth Felde, part of her wagis. Given to Lettyce 5s., part of her wagis. Payd to Richard 8s., part of his wagis; and all other reckenings payd.

1595. Jan. 8rd, the Wardenship of Manchester spoken of by the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Feb. 5th, my bill of Manchester offered to the Quene afore dynner by Sir John Wolly to signe, but she deferred it. Feb. 10th, at two after none I toke a cutpurse taking my purse out of my pocket in the Temple. Feb. 18th, Mr. Laward his sonne Thomas born at noone or a little after, \ vel \. Consultatio et deliberatio prima cum Marmione Haselwood in fine istius mensis. March 18th, Mr. Francis Garland cam this morning to viset me, and had much talk with me of Sir E. K. March 20th, Mr. Marmion Haselwood, Mr. Dymmock, and Mr. Hipwell, cam to me to Mortlak. March 21st, Barthilmew Hikman cam to Mortlak. March 26th, Barthilmew homeward. March 29th, Mr. Laward and Mr. Alred cam to me.

April 18th, my bill for Manchester Wardenship signed by the Quene, Mr. Herbert offring it her. May 4th, payd Richard 20s. part of his wagis, and more I gave him 10s. for full payment of all od reckenings of late. May 5th, Mr. Cave dyed. May 8th, the Master of the Rolls his curtesy, thowgh I had never spoken unto him. May 9th, my coosen John Awbry cam to me, to recreate himselfe for a while. May 21st, I discharged Letice of my servyce, and payd all duetyes untyll this day, her yere ending on the 8th of Aprill. I gave her for a month over 2s. 6d. and for to spend by the way I gave her 2s. 6d., Robert Charles and my wife being by in my study. May 25th, 26th, 27th, the Signet, the Privy Seale, and the Great Seale of the Wardenship; £3.12s. borrowed of my brother Arnold. June 1st, my yong coosen, John Awbrey, was sent for to his father to London. Mr. Partrich, his brother, in London; Richard Ward, and other cam for him. June 9th, Barthilmew Hikman went homeward. June 11th, I wrote to the Erle of Derby, his secretary, abowt Manchester. June 18th, Anne Powell cam to my service; she is to have four nobles by the yere, a payr of hose and shoes. June 21st, the Erle of Derby his letter to Mr. Warren for the colledge. June 25th, Dr. Awbrey died at midnight. My cosen, Mr. George Broke, gave me £50 in gold, hora tertia a meridie. June 29th, Mr. John Blayney, of Over Kingesham in Radnorshyre, and Mr. Richard Baldwyn, of Duddlebury in Shropshyre, visited me at Mortlak. The greatgrandfather of the sayd John, and my great-grandmother by the father side, were brother and sister.

July 1st, the two brethren, Master Willemots, of Oxfordshire, cam to talk of my howse hyring. Master Baynton cam with Mistres Katharyn Hazelwood, wife to Mr. Fuller. July 7th, Mr. Morgan Jones, my cosen, cam to me at Mistres Walls twise.

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