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Jan. 7th, I receyved letters from the Lord Lasky from his capitaynate in Livonia, and I wrote answer agayn. Jan. 10th, this day death seased on him. This day at none dyed Edward Maynardjuston yere old. Jan. 11th, buried this day at ten of the clok. Jan. 15th, Mr. Ashley, the clerk of the cownsayle, his wife and whole family removed from my howse in Mortlak to theyr howse in London in Holborn, with all his whole family. He and she had used me, my wife and childern, wurshipfully and bowntifully for our frendeship shewed unto them for the lone of our howse and lodgings from Allhallow-tyde last. Master Maynard allso his howsehold removed the 15th and 16th day to London, and my stable free delivered. Jan. 20th, I sent my letters for the Lord Lasky to be carryed in a shyp of Dansk called the John of Dansk. Jan. 21st, Sonday, about none Wenefryde Goose her sone born and died, and she did [there] uppon for old melancholik pangs destroy herself. Memorandum, my nurse at Barnes had xvjs. more besides the last 40s. in the begynning of this month. Feb. 14th, Francys Dee, she cam from the nurse at Barnes; the woman very unquiet and unthankfull. Feb. 15th, Her Majestie gratiously accepted of my few lynes of thankfulnes delivered unto her by the Cowntess of Warwik hora secunda a meridie at Hampton Court, two or three dayes before the remove to Somerset Howse. Feb. 21st, I borrowed £10 of Mr. Thomas Digges* for one hole yere. Feb. 22nd, a sharp anger betwene me and the Bishop of Leightyn in the towr, for that he wold not shew his farder interest to Nangle: he sayd that after I had seen his brode seal of commendation, that I had institution and induction to the Nangle. Then I sayd his lordship did fable. He there uppon that so moved that he called me spitefully "coniver." I told him that he did lye in so saying, and that I wold try on the fleysh of him, or by a bastaned gown of him, if he wer not prisoner in the Towr. Inter 12a et 2a a meridie my sharp anger with the Bishop of Leightyn in the lieftenante's dyning parlor before the Lieutenant Sir Michael Blunt. Mr. Liewtenat Nant and Mr. Blunt are wittnesses. March 12th and 13th, these two nights I dremed much of Mr. Kelly, as if he wer in my howse familiar with his wife and brother. March 17th, Francis Garland cam home and browght me a letter from Mr. Thomas Kelly. I made acquayntance with Syr Thomas Chaloner, Knight, who married sergeant Fletewood's dowghter; Mr. Thomas Webbes was the meanes. At six after none receyved from Mr. Francis Nicholls £15, part of one hundred pounds, the rest whereof £85 is to be receyved from Mr. Nicolls within a fortnight after the Annunciation of Our Lady next; and after that in the beginning of June £100, and in Julie the third hundred powndes: and I am to teach him the conclusion of fixing and teyning the moon, &c.

* This notice is particularly interesting, showing the intimate connexion which existed between the first English mathematician of the day and the philosopher of Mortlake.

April 3rd, Bartilmew Hikman and Robert Charles cam up. Letice cam with Barthilmew, and went away agayn. April 8th, Letice cam agayn from Barnet to my servyse. I receyved £50 of Mr. Nichols. April 9th, I gave Barthilmew Hikman £12 in new angels to give and pay to Robert Charles, which he had payd for him at Michelmas last. I gave him allso a double pistolet for his courtesy. Little Adolph Webbes cam to me. April 10th, Barthilmew and Robert Charles went homward. May 7th, Thomas Richardson of Bissham cam to Mortlak to me. May 9th, he and Mr. Laward of the Chandry cam. Our court day at Wymbledon. May 11th, mane hora octava William Emery of Danbery in Essex became my retayner at Mortlak, commended by Mr. Thanet of Rushmer by Ypswich, borne 1568, Julii 4. I gave Robert Web 10s. Richard 10s. and Elizabeth 3s. in the begynning of this month. May 21st, be it remembered that on this xxj. day of May I bargayned with and bowght of Mr. Mark Perpoint, of Mortlak, that next mansion howse with the plat, and all the appertenances abowt it for £32, as the sayd Mr. Perpoint of late had at the last court-day bowght it, and had surrender of it unto him made of Thomas Knaresborowgh for £25 to mydsommer next. Abowt two of the clok after none, before Jane my wife in the strete, I gave him a saffron noble in ernest for a drink peny. Mr. Hawkins, of London, at that instant cam to have bowght it. May 27th, Mr. Francys Blunt, brother to the late Lord Mountjoy, unkle to the Lord Mowntjoy living, and to Sir Charles of the court, cam to be acquaynted to me, he having byn a travayle at Constantinople. June 4th, Barthilmew Hikman cam to Mortlak in the morning. June 22nd, I had my copy of Mr. Roger Dale our stuard, and had £5 the fine released of the Lord his bowntifullnes. I told the stuard that I had bowght the howse of Mr. Mark Perpoynt, and he desyred to see the note of his copy, and so I did. I told Mr. Perpoint that I had byn at London to prepare his mony, and I told him that I had seen the court-roll for his copy. I went to London to fetch the £32 for Mr. Perpoint, and so I sent him word. This evening I browght the mony, but he was gon to bed. This morning I tendered the mony, and told it at goodman Welder's before Mr. Stokden, and goodman Welder, but Mr. Perpoint refused to perform the bargayn. Deus bene vertat!

July 13th, I gave to Robert 5s. upon his wagis this day. July 14th, I gave 4s. to Letise, part of her noble for her quarter wagis, ending the 9th day of this month. July 18th, I bowght goodman Welder his hovel, which is in the yard of the howse next me, which I bowght of Mr. Mark Perpoint. I gave him a new angel and five new shillings, and he is to have more 5s., that is 20s. in all; and if I cannot compact to enter the howse, then hee is to tak his hovel, and to restore it to me. July 21st, I gave to Richard 5s. uppon his wagis this day. July 22nd, I payd Mr. Childe £7. 13s. Ad. for all his wood, xx. lode and vj. July 24th, the offer for the bargayn agayn of Mr. Perpoynt's behalf: this is Mr. Stokden's doing. July 27th, remember that this Friday I payd Mr. Tomson £l for his master Mr. Herbert, which I borrowed 12th of December 1592: and Mr. Herbert sent it agayn to my furder use by Mistres Lee. Aug. 7th, Mystres Twyne and Mystres Banister cam to viset me. Mr. Bele and Mrs. Bele, Mistres Plan, Mrs. Parpoint, &c. dyned with me. I gave Robert Web 5s.; he sent it to Mr. Homes. Aug. 9th, I dyned with the Lord Keper at Kew. Aug. 17th, I and my wife and Katharin our dowghter dyned with the Lord Keper at Kew. Aug. 28th, I was all day with the Lord Keper. Mr. Web and the philosopher cam. Aug. 29th, Mr. Web and the philosopher cam again. Aug. 30th, Mistres Redhed, mother to Mr. John Ponsoys by her first husbond, Mr. Gubbens, bokebynder, and his wife, and the same day Mr. Redhed himself, one of her Majestie's jentlemen hushers, cam to me. Sept. 11th, Jana, post triduunam aegrotationem abortiebatur, mane horadecima. Sept. 13th, the howse surrendered for me by Mr. Mark Perpoint, Mr. William Walker of Wimbledon, Miles Holland, Mr. John Stockden, the thre customarie tenants, with promys to bring in his wife at the next court day to surrender. Sept. 18th, Elizabeth Kyrtonhad 2s. 6d. Sept. 20th, Barthilmew Hikman cam to Mortlak, and Robert Charles. I gave Robert Web 5s. by Arthur. Sept. 26th, Mr. Herbert went toward the court, and so toward Waty. Sept. 28th, tempestuous, windy, clowdy, hayl and rayn, after three of the clok after none. Remember that the last day of this month Elizabeth Kyrton, who had served me twelve yeres, five yeres uppon prentiship and seven for wagis, five yeres therof for four nobles a yere, and the two last for five nobles the yere, was payd her full payment now remayning due: whereuppon she receyved £4. 4s. for her due of wagis remayning; and I gave her moreover an half angel new in gold, and my wife another; Arthur half-a-crown for him and his brother; Katharyn half-a-crown for her and her sister. And so she wente from my servyce uppon no due cause known to me.

Oct. 4th, Sir Edward Keley set at liberty by the Emperor. Oct. 12th, Mr. Cornelio Camaiere cam from the Lord Laskyfrom Livonia. Oct. 15th, Margerie Thornton cam to my servyce. Oct. 18th, before Mr. Perpoint, Miles Holland, Robert Wellder, William Beck surrendred my cottage agayn unto me, and I payd him £5, the full £12 as it cost him. To Letice two shillings. Oct. 20th, Mr. Cornelio went toward the flete of Stade to returne. Oct. 24th, Ostende besieged by report. Not true. Oct. 25th, Mr. Gray, the Lady Cumberland's preacher, his wrangling and denying and despising alchimicall philosophers. Nov. 5th. Mr. Francys Nicolls, Mr. Prise, Mr. Nores. Nov. 18th, Jane most desperately angry in respect of her maydes. Nov. 20th, Margery went and Dorothe Legg cam for 30s. yerely. Margery Thornton was dismissed from my servyce to Mrs. Child, and Dorothe Leg cam by Mrs Mary Revel's sending the same day and howr, hora tertia after none. Nov. 26th, John, sometymes Mr. Colman's servant, cam to me from the Lady Cowntess of Cumberland. Dec. 3rd, the Lord Willowghby his bowntifull promys to me. The Cowntess of Kent, his syster, and the Cowntess of Cumberland visited me in the afternone. The Lord Willowghby dyned with me. Dec. 4th, £20 Lord Willughby. Dec. 5th, the newes of Sir Edward Kelly his libertie. Dec. 11th, I gave Robert 20s. at his going to London with my wife. Dec. 22nd, I gave Robert two shillings. Dec. 24th, Mr. Webbes committed to the Marshalsea. Dec. 25th, this night Mr. Webbes got out, and taken this day (the 26th).

1594. Jan. 3rd, the Lord Keper sent my wife 20 angels in a new red velvet purse, cira occasum solis paulo ante. Jan. 4th, D. Michael Peiserus, Doctor Medicus Marchionis Brandeburgensis, me humanissime invisit. Jan. 5th, a very tempestuous wyndy night. Jan. 9th, Robert Thickpeny from Sir Richard Martyn, and Miles Holland, baylif for the Lord of the Manor, sealed up Mr. Webb's chest, and case of boxes. Jan. 19th, the cobler with the mad woman. Jan. 25th, I sent my letters to Mr. Lording for Mr. Pontoys to Dantsiz. Jan. 26th, I cam to Mr. Web to the Marshalsea. Jan. 27th, Thomas Richardson cam while I was at London, and so I fownd him at home; and agayn he promised me his working of forty dayes. Jan. 28th, Mr. Vander Laen

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