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plate and payd this day £19 in Mortlak. March 21st, remember that on Passion Sunday, being the 21st of March by our accownt, all things was payd for to Mr. Thomas Hudson for wood and come, abowt £14, at his howse when he was syk of the strangury. Allso to godman Bedell was payd £4 for billet, baven, and lose fagot the same day. Payd likewise to gudwife Wesder eight shillings for one monthes nursing of Madinia, and 4s. more beforehande. March 26th, Mr. Beale sent me home the first my own hand copy of the volume of Famous and Rich Discoveries * which I had given anno 1583 to Andrew Strange.

May 12th, I payd goodwife Welder xijs. for vij. wekes ending then next from the Wensday before Ester-day last. May 25th, of the old Kalander, Sir Thomas Jones Knight (unaxed) offred me his castell of Emlyn in Wales to dwell in so long as he had any interest in it, whose lease dureth yet twelve yeres, freely, with commodityes adjoining unto it; and allso to have as much mow land for rent, as myght pleasure me sufficiently. The 27th day he confirmed the same his offer agayn before Mr. John Harbert, Master of the Requestes, in his hall in Mortlak; which his offers I did accept of, and he was glad thereof. May 31st, Bartilmew [Hickman] cam up and browght Jane his dowghter with him. Mr. R. Ed. his boke and letter. June 8th, William Aspland of Essex and Th. Collen. June 12th, lent Chronica Hollandiae Magna to Mr. Beale on Saterday manuscript, which Mr. Webb lent me. June 14th, Jane Hikman to goodwife Tyndall's to lern. June 27th, Arthur wownded on his hed by his own wanton throwing of a brik-bat upright, and not well avoyding the fall of it agayn, at Mr. Harberts abowt sonn-setting. The half-brik weighed 2$lb. June 30, Madinia was taken home from goodwife Welder.

July 28th, Mr. Dyer sent me xx. angels by Mr. Thomas Webbes. July 30th, reconciliation betweene Mr. Dyer and me solemnized

* Now in the Cottonian collection. Ashmole has preserved a copy of it in MS. Ashm. 1790.

the afternone on Friday, and on Saterday (the 31st) all day tyll my going by boat at Mr. Webb's lodging at Rochester Howse. July 31st, by old Kalender, abowt an eleven of the clok Jane was at London very faynt syke, redy to swownd, and in a faynt swete. It was thowght that then she quickened. The last of Julie, Saterday by the old accownt, Barthelmew cam up; he went down on Tuesday, the 3rd day of August, from Mortlak. Aug. 2nd, Monday, Mr. William Diggs his philosophicall curtesy all day. Sept. 22nd, Madinia fell from the bed and hurt her forhed abowt one of the clok afternone. Oct. 15th, after midnight very wyndy northerly. Oct. 23rd, a storm of wynde S.W. afternone. Dec. 3rd, wyndie S.W. Dec. 14th, I had a very jentle answer at the Lord Thresorer's hand hora decima ante meridiem at the court of Whitehall. Dec. 20th, a jentle answer of the Lord Threasorer that the Quene wold have me have something at this promotion of bishops at hand.

1592. Jan. 1st, my dowghter Francys borne on New Yeres day at the sun-rising exactly. Jan. 2nd, Barthilmew and his brother Ambrose cam this Sonday to Mortlak. Jan. 9th, Francys christened afternone. Francys went with her nurse to Barne Elms. Mr. Edward Maynard borne in the morning betwene 2 and 3 after mydnight. Arthur fell into a quotidian jentle ague at 9 of the clok in the morning as he was at the servyce in the hall. Jan. 24th, Mr. Thomas Oliver becam acquaynted with me at Mortlak. March 6th, the Quene granted my sute to Dr. Awbrey. March 9th, the pryvy seale at night. March 16th, the great seale. March 15th, Arthur and Katharine were let blud at London by Doctor Dodding's cownsayle. March 24th, £25 Mr. Tho. Mownson. March 25th, I payd £10 to Nicholas Fromonds paulo ante solis occasum, when he most abhominably revyled me. March 30th, on Thursday Mr. Saunders of Ewell sent home my great sea cumpas, but without a nedle; it cam in the night by water.

April 5th, the Lady Russell robbed a little after mydnight of perles, diamands, &c. One John Smyth is suspected, a yong man of thirty yeres old, very ingenious in many handyworkes, melancholek. April 8th, Richard cam to my servyce, 40s. yerely and a livery. April 9th, 10th, agreed with my brother Nicholas Fromonds with Mr. Webbs, at 8 of the clok on Wensday night, and 8 on Tuesday night. April 14th, Winifrede Goose, wife of goodman Goose of Tuddington, dowghter of Harry Wyse, eviley tempted, cam to me with her sister. April 16th, Se Qeaavpo a fiox. April 27th, filius Mariae Nevell hora 3j- a meridie et aliquantus tardus by Chichester. May 3rd, Wensday, at 10 of the clok Arthur was put to Westmynster Schole under Mr. Grant and Mr. Camden. May 11th, I borowed ten pound of Master Thomas Smith to be paid at Christmas next. May 12th, great wynde at north. May 15th, Marian cam again a meridie hora septima. May 16th, I rode to Harfelde to the Lord Anderson, Lord Justice of the Common Pleas, 12 myles off. May 25th, hora sexta a meridie mowght have byn a quarell betwene Mr. Web and Mr. Morgan with one eye for £4. left unpayd uppon a bill. June 16th, Sir John Perrot judged to be drawn, hanged, and quartered.

July 23rd, at Grenwich abowt mydnight following this day began the first evydent shew of my grief of kidneys; whereuppon Doctor Giffard caused me to have a glyster, and so the next day I was easid of my grief. July 29th, Robert Theneth of Rushmer by Ypswych made acquaintance with me: he told me of Mr. Carter a man of 80 yeres old in Yorkshyre. Aug. 6th, I went to Nonsuch to the court, wyder the Countess of Warwik sent me word by Mr. Ferdinando of the Quene's gratious speches at St. Crosses, and the Lord Archbishop told me the like. Aug. 8th, after the midnight of Monday, being the 7th day, the second fytt of the stone in my kydnes did molest me for 6 or 7 howres. Aug. 9th, the Lord Threasorer invited me to dynner at Mr. Maynards at Mortlak, where Sir Robert Cecill and Sir Thomas Cisell and his lady wer allso. The Lord Threasorer allso sent me some venison to supper. He invited me to dynner allso the tenth day, where the Lord Cobham cam also to dynner, and after dynner he requested the Lord Threasorer to help me to St. Crosses, which he promised to do his best in. Aug. 11th, Mr. Kemp of Micheam, my old acquayntance, abowt an eleven of clok (allmost) before none, told me of the rare appearing. Aug. 17th, I went to Micheam to Mr. Kemp. Aug. 21st, I went to the Lord Cobham and the Lady Cobham to London. Aug. 23rd, Mr. Cholmely and his mayde ante meridiem hor. 11 J. The humor so suddenly falling into the calf of my left leg as if a stone had hit me. Aug. 26th, Mr. Heriot 40s.* Auditor Hill, £4. Remember all thing is payd to our nurse at Barnes for the girle Francys Dee from hir birth untyll the ende of her eight month, lacking 12s., and on Sunday, the 27th of this August, we so concluded, when we gave the nurse ten shillings. The eight month ended (from Newyere's day morning last) the 12th of this month. Sept. 4th, 5th, 6th, very tempestuous, windy at West, Sowtherly. Sept. 5th, the Tems very shallow at London. Sept. 6th, goodman Warryn of Marketharborogh. Robert Web cam from Mr. Ponsoys to write, and is to com agayn within thre wekes. Sept. 7th, Robert Charles of Northamptonchyre and goodman Warren of Marketharborow in my howse at Mortlak promised me to help Barthilmew Hikman with £12 to pay on Michelmas Day next to discharge the bond for his brother-in-law. This they promised uppon condition I wold be bownd to them to see them repayd agayn. I sent a letter to Sir Robert Thaneth to Rushmer by Ypswych by the wagonman who is at ynn at the George in Lombard Streete. He sayd that Robert Thaneth was at home and well. Sept. 19th, I had on the Sunday abowt 7 of the clok afternone the cramp most extremely in the very centre of the calves of both my legs, and in the place where I had the suddeyn grief on Bartilmew-even last I had payn so intolerable as yf the vaynes or artheries wold have broken by extreme stretching, or how els I cannot tell. The payn lasted abowt half a quarter of an howr. I toke my purgation of six grayns. I began in the morning to drink the drink for the stone in the kydney. Sept. 28th, Mr. Laiesley promised me ten shepe and four quarters of wheat. Sept. 30th, Elizabeth Denby went from me to Mistres Herberts' to servyce.

* This entry is not very clear. It either refers perhaps to Harriot, the celebrated mathematician, or to the London goldsmith whom the Abbotsford novelist has immortalized.


Oct. 13th, I exhibited to the Archbishop of Canterbury two bokes of blasphemie against Christ and the Holy Ghoste, desyring him to cause them to be confuted: one was Christian Franken, printed anno 1585 in Poland; the other was of one Sombius against one Carolius, printed at Ingolstad anno 1582 in octavo. Oct. 14th, 15th, a mighty wynde at sowth-west. Oct. 30th, 31st, one of these two dayes I hurt my left shyn against the sharp small end of a wooden rammar abowt four of the clok afternone. Nov. 1st, Mr. Ashly, his wife, and their familie, did com to my howse and remayned ther. They had my mother's chamber, the mayde's chamber, and all the other howse. Nov. 9th, Her Majestie's grant of my supplication for commissioners to comme to me. The Lady Warwik obteyned it. Nov. 22nd, the commissioners from Her Majestie, Mr. Secretary Wolly and Sir Thomas George, cam to Mortlak to my howse. Nov. 28th, to Richard Walkdyne of his wagis 20s. Dec. 1st, a little after none the very vertuous Cowntess of Warwik sent me word very speedily by hir gentleman Mr. Jones from the cowrt at Hampton Cowrt that this day Her Majestie had granted to send me spedily an hundred marks, and that Sir Thomas George had very honorably dealt for me in the cause. Dec. 2nd, Sir Thomas George browght me a hundred marks from her Majestie. Dec. 24th to 31st, at Mr. Lurensey of Tooting all these days, and Newyere's Day allso, and so cam home by coach (as we went) by Tuesday none, I, my wyfe, Arthur, Kate, &c. Dec. 31st, at Tooting at Mr. R. Luresey his howse; abowt thre of the clok after dynner dyd the Bishop of Laigham serve process uppon me for the nangle, but most unduely.

1593. January, the Lord Threasorer lay dangerously syk in the begynning of this month. Jan. 2nd, I cam home from Tooting.

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