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cam to my howse. Feb. 19th, great wynde S.W , close, clowdy. March 11th, my fall uppon my right nuckul bone, hora 9 fere mane; wyth oyle of Hypericon in 24 howres eased above all hope: God be thanked for such his goodness of his creatures! March 24th, Alexander Simon the Ninivite came to me, and promised me his servise into Persia. May 1st, I received from M. William Harbert of St. Gillian his notes uppon my Monas.* May 2nd, I understode of one Vincent Murfyn his abhominable misusing me behinde my back; Mr. Thomas Besbich told me his father is one of the cokes of the Court. May 20th, I hyred the barber of Cheswik, Walter Hooper, to kepe my hedges and knots in as good order as he sed them than, and that to be done with twise cutting in the yere at the least and he to have yerely five shillings, [and] meat and drink. June 10th, circa 10, a shower of hayle and rayne. June 18th, borrowed £40 of John Hilton of Fulham. June 19th, I understode of more of Vincent Murfyn his knavery; borrowed £20 of Bartylmew Newsam. June 20th, borow £27 uppon the chayn of golde. June 26th, Elen Lyne gave me a quarter's warning. June 27th, showrs of rayne and hayle. Aug. 19th, the Hexameron Brytanicumf put to printing.

Nov. 3rd, William Rogers of Mortlak, abowt 7 of the clok in the morning, cut his own throte, by the fende his instigation. Nov. 6th, Sir Umfrey Gilbert cam to me to Mortlak. Nov. 18th, borowed of Mr. Edward Hynde of Mortlak £30 to be repayed at Hallowtyde next yere. Nov. 20th, two tydes in the forenone, the first 2 or 3 howres to sone. Nov. 22nd, I rod to Windsor to the Q. Majestic Nov. 25th, I spake with the Quene hora quinta. Nov. 28th, I spake with the Quene hora quinta; I spake with Mr. Secretary Walsingham.* I declared to the Quene her title to Greenland, Estetiland and Friseland.

* This of course is his celebrated Monas Hieroglyphics, frequently printed, and the nature of which I attempted to explain in a paper read before the Society of Antiquaries. Mr. Herbert, according to MS. Ashm. 1788, "dwelt then in Mortlack and was an intimate friend of Dr. Dee's."

+ This was his work printed in 1577 under the title of General and Rare Memorials pertayning to the perfect Art of Navigation, in folio, now a book of the greatest rarity. The original manuscript of it is in MS. Ashm. 1789, and Dee's own copy of the published work with MS. notes and additions is preserved in the British Museum. In his Letter Apologetical, 4to. Lond. 1603, he cites this work under the title ofTheBrytish Monarchic, as having been written in the year 1576.

Dec. 1st, I spake with Sir Christofer Hatton; he was made knight that day. Dec. 1st, I went from the cowrte at Wyndsore. Dec. 30th, inexplissima illa calumnia de R. Edwardo, iniquissime aliqua ex parte in me denunciabatur: ante aliquos elapsos dies, sed sua sapientia me innocentem.

1578. Feb. 5th, sponsalia cum Jana Fromonds horam circiter primam. April 28th, I caused Sir Rowland Haywood to examyn Francys Baily oSug sklan^fingjie, whiclTh^TleTiyearutteTly. June 13th, rayn and in the afternone a lktieThundeK^ June 30th, I told Mr. Daniel Rogers,t Mr. Hackluyt of the Middle Temple being by, that Kyng Arthur and King Maty, both of them, did conquier Gelindia, lately called Friseland, which he so noted presently in his written copy of Monumethensis,J for he had no printed boke therof. July 14th, my sister Elizabeth Fromonds cam to me. July 27th, hora 9, min. 15 a meridie Francis Cowntess of Hertford.

Aug. 5th, Mr. Raynolds of Bridewell tok his leave of me as he passed toward Darthmowth to go with Sir Umfry Gilbert toward Hocheleya. Aug. 15, I went toward Norwich with my work of Imperium Brytanicum.§ Aug. 23rd, I cam to London from Norwich. Aug. 31st, I went to my father-in-law Mr. Fromonds to Cheyham.

* Ashmole informs us that Walsingham continued for a length of time one of Dr. Dee's best patrons.

t Rogers was a member of the University of Oxford, and a large commonplace-book in his handwriting is in Archbishop Tenison's library in St. Martin's-in-the-Fields.

I That is, Galfridus Monumetensis de gestis regum Britannia:. Hackluyt mentions this fact in his collection of voyages.

§ This is the book just mentioned under the title of General and Rare Memorials, fol. I .ond. 1577.

Sept 1st, I cam from Cheyham. Sept. 6th, Elen Lyne, my mayden, departed from this life immediately after the myd-day past, when she had lyne sik a month lacking one day. Sept. 12th, Jane Gaele cam to my servyce, and she must have four nobles by the yere, 26s. 8d. Sept. 25th, Her Majestie cam to Richemond from Grenwich. Sept. 26, the first rayn that came for many a day; all pasture abowt us was withered: rayn afternone like Aprill showres. Oct. 8th, the Quene's Majestie had conference with me at Richemond inter 9 et 11. Oct. 16th, Dr. Bayly conferred of the Quene her disease. Oct. 22nd, Jane Fromonds went to the court at Richemond. Oct. 25th, a fit from 9 afternone to 1 after mydnight. Oct. 28, the Erle of Lecester and Sir Francys Walsingham, secretary, determined my going over for the Quene's Majestie. Nov. 4th, I was directed to my voyage by the Erle of Lecester and Mr. Secretary Walsingham hora nona. Nov. 7th, I cam to Gravesende. Nov. 9th, I went from Lee to sea. Nov. 14th, I cam to Hamburgh hora tertia. Dec. 11th, to Franckfurtuppon-Oder. Dec. 15th, newes of Turnifer's comming hora octava mane, by a speciall mesenger.

1579. A moyst Marche and not wyndy. June 10th, I shewed to Mr. John Lewis and his sonne, the physition, the manner of drawing aromaticall oyles. At that tyme my cat got a fledge yong sparrow which had onely a right wyng naturally. June 15th, my mother surrendred Mortlak howses and land, and had state geven in plena curia ad terminum vitae, and to me was also the reversion delivered per virgam, and to my wife Jane by me, and after to my heirs and assignes for ever, to understand, Mr. Bullok and Mr. Taylor, surveyor, at Wimbledon, under the tree by the church. June 22nd, Mr. Richard Hickman and Barthilmew his nephew cam to me with Mr. Flowr, commended by Mr. Vicechamberlayn Sir Christopher Hatton.

July 6th, Mr. Hitchcok, who had travayled in the plat for fishing, made acquayntance with me, and offred me great curtesy.


July 13th, Arthurus Dee natus * puer mane hor. 4 min. 30 fere, vel potius min. 25, in ipso ortu solis,ut existimo. After 10 of the clock this night my wive's father Mr. Fromonds was speechles, and died on Tuesday (July 14th) at 4 of the clock in the morning. July 16th, Arthur was christened at 3 of the clok afternone; Mr. Dyer and Mr. Doctor Lewys, judg of the Admiralty, were his godfathers; and Mistres Blanche Pary of the Privie Chamber his godmother. But Mr. John Harbert of Estshene was deputy for Dr. Lewys, and Mystres Awbrey was deputy for my cosen Mistres Blanche Pary.

Aug. 8th, John Elmeston,f student of Oxford, cam to me for dialling. Aug. 9th, Jane Dee churched. Aug. 16th, Monsieur cam secretly to the court from Calays. Aug. 20th, wyndy, clowdy, rayny. Aug. 26, Monsieur went back agayn to France. Sept. 10th, my dream of being naked, and my skyn all overwrowght with work like some kinde of tuft mockado, with crosses blew and red; and on my left arme, abowt the arme, in a wreath, this word I red—sine me nihil potestis facere: and another the same night of Mr. Secretary Walsingham, Mr. Candish, and myself.

Oct. 3rd, Sir Leonel Ducket his unkend letter for mony. Oct. 4th, goodman Hilton requested me for his ij. sonnes to resort to my howse. Oct. 5th, raging wynde at West and Southerly, in the night chefely. Oct. 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, great rayne for three or four dayes and nights. Oct. 13th, this day it broke up; the fote bote for the ferry at Kew was drowned and six persons, by the negligens of the ferryman overwhelming the boat uppon the roap set there to help, by reason of the vehement and high waters. Oct. 18th, Mr. Adrian Gilbert and John Davys reconcyled themselves to me, and disclosed some of Emery his most unhonest, hypocriticall, and devilish dealings and devises agaynst me and other, and likewise of that errant strompet her abominable wordes and dedes; and John Davis sayd that he might curse the tyme that ever he knew Emery, and so much followed his wicked cownsayle and advyse. So just is God! Oct. 31st, payed xxs. fyne for me and Jane my wife to the Lord of Wimbleton (the Quene), by goodman Burton of Putney, for the surrender taken of my mother of all she hath in Mortlak to Jane and me, and than to my heyres and assynes, &c.

* His horoscope isin MS. Ashm. 1788. "Mr. Arthur Dee's birth was accompanied by the unhappy accident of the death of Mr. Fromonds, his mother's father, who died that morning."—MS. Ashm. 1790, fol. 63.

f This person is not noticed by the Oxford biographers.

Nov. 25th, the Lord Clinton cam to me and offred Skirbeck by Boston for Long Lednam. Nov. 29th, I receyved a letter from Mr. Thomas Jones. Dec. 9th, Qis viyr /it vvi<f> hpefito Oar ove icaf i To ip avb rov^eb k.p, aauvy, "Miorpes Aee, yov ap xovnetveb of X'^» vos vafie Jivot fie Za\apias; (ie of yvb \epe, e oa\ bo vve\ as Ots hod.'" * Dec. 22nd, I payd Jane 13s. and 4d. for her wagys tyll Michelmas last, for the half yere, so that I owe her yet 6s. 8d. Dec. 28th, I reveled to Roger Coke t the gret secret of the elixir of the salt of axere\s ove virirov a vvbpeb.

1580. Jan. 13th, I gave my wife mony for the month. Jan. 16th, Arthur fell sick, stuffed with cold fleym, could not slepe, had no stomach to eat or drink as he had done before. Feb. 26th, this night the fyre all in flame cam into my maydens chamber agayne, betwene an eleven and twelve of the cloke; contynued half an howr terribly, so it did a yere before to the same maydens, Mary Cunstable and Jane Gele. May 17th, at the Moscovy howse for the Cathay voyage. June 3rd, Mr. A. Gilbert and J. Davys rod homward into Devonshire. June 7th, Mr. Skydmor and his wife

* Dee has occasionally made use of Greek letters for the preservation of his notes, still retaining the English language. The present passage may as well be given:— "This night my wife dreamed that one cam to her and touched her, saying, 'Mistres Dee, you are conceived of child, whose name must be Zacharias; be of good cbere, be sal do well as this doth!'"

t In a more appropriate place I shall give from an Ashmolean manuscript a traditionary anecdote relating to this Roger Coke, or Cooke, and the great secret which Dee revealed to him.

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