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Francis Garland wher. June 13th, cam Francis Garland and Mr. Edmond Cooper, brother to Mistris Kelly, to Trebona. June 16th, Francis Garland went to fynde and bring Mr. Dier. June 19th, I had a grudging of the ague. June 22nd, I did evydently receive the ague, and layd down.

July 7th, Mr. Thomas Sowthwell cam to Trebona to visit us. July 17th, Mr. Thomas Sowthwell of his own courteous nature did labor with Mr. Edmond Cowper and indirectly with Mistres Kelly for to furder charity and frendship among us. July 20th, Mr. Dier cam to Trebona. July 22nd, a meridie circa 10 Mr. Edward Step bti ivivpie fie wKtvbe\e. July 23rd, reconciliatio bona cum Magistro Step vvid vvvpbs Qciicto fiebiavre E. K. Aug. 1st, Mr. Harry Maynard natus nocte circa horam 11 Mortlak. Aug. 4th, Illustrissimus cam from Crachovia to Trebon, and there on Friday before dynner cam up Mr. Dyer, who lay in my chamber, and entertayned him honorably. Aug. 5th, after dynner the little boy, sonne to the Captayn of Rhaudnitz, hurt Arthur's nose with a raser, not in anger but by chance wantonly. Aug. 6th, my Lord and Lady went toward Prage. Aug. 7th, this day I covenanted and hyred John Hammond, jentleman, to serve me in his honest servyces for one yere, and to have 30 dolers for his full and all manner of wages. Aug. 9th, Tuesday, Mr. Dyer went from Trebon, having in company Mr. Edmond Cowper, Francys Garland, and his man Rowley. Aug. 13th, Mr. Thomas Sowthwell ryd to Prag ward from Trebon. He told us of the philosopher (his scholemaster to write) whose name was Mr. Swyft, who gave him a lump of the philosopher's stone so big as his fist: a Jesuit named Mr. Stale had it of him. Aug. 14th, Mr. Sowthwell cam againe. Aug. 24th, vidi divinam aquam demonstratione magnifici domini et amici mei incomparabilis D. Ed. Kelei ante meridiem tertia hora. Aug. 27th, John Basset (so namyng himself) otherwise truely named Edward Whitlok, under pretence of going to Budweiss to buy cullors and so to return agayn, did convey himselfe from my servyce of teaching Arthur grammer. Sept. 3rd, my lord and lady cam to Trebon. Sept. 12th, spes confirmata. Sept. 15th, the Lord Chamberlain cam to Trebona, and went away on the 17th. The rancor and dissimulation now evident to me, God deliver me! I was not sent for.

Oct. 17th, Mystres Kelly and the rest rode toward Punchartz in the morning. Oct. 18th, my Lord and my Lady ryd toward Ctumnate. Oct. 25th, Mr. Ed. Kelley and John Carpio rode toward Prage: this night to Wesely, two myles. Nov. 5th, I dreamed that the toth next my top toth skarse cold hang in my hed, the toth on the right side above. Nov. (>th, Mr. Kelly cam home from Prage and Mr. Francys Garland, and Edward Rolls with him from Eglis. Nov. 15th, in the fornone, snow and close clowdy. Nov. 16th, the Lord and Lady Rosenberg cam from Crummedo to Trebon in the evening. Nov. 20th, this Sonday before dynner the Lord and Lady Rosenberg went from Trebon toward Prage. Nov. 23rd, Mr. Francis Garland and Edward Rowly, Mr. Dyer his servant, went from Trebon toward England. I writ to the Quene's Majestie, Mr. Dyer, Mr. Yong, and Edward Hilton. Dec. 4th, I gave to Mr. Ed. Kelley my Glass, so highly and long estemed of our Quene, and the Emperor Randolph the second, de quo in praefatione Euclidis fit mentio.* The letter of 500,000 ducats required. Dec. 7th, ypem tppevbrnw vpofitinh <pop fiavt, avb Two owices o<j> Oe Oivy. Dec. 13th, Mr. Edward Kelley gave me the water, erth and all. Dec. 14th, Edmond Hilton cam again to Trebon from England. Dec. 18th, I did understand by Mr. Kelley that my glass which he had given to my Lord Rosenberg, the Lord Rosenberg had given it to the Emperor. Dec. 23rd, I went to the new made citie Kaiser Radnef Stadt, by Budneis, to ovirsee what Joachim Reimer had done abowt my coaches making. Radulphus Sagiensis Gallus Normannus, venit Trebonam, chimiae et naturalis magiae studiosus.

* This refers to the earliest English translation of Euclid by Billingsley, which was published in 1570, with a long preface by Dr. Dee. Professor De Morgan is of opinion that the translation also was by Dee, or that Billingsley may have been only a pupil who worked immediately under his directions. The passage to which Dee alludes is as follows:—" a man to be curstly affrayed of his owne shadow; yea, so much to feare, that if you, being alone nere a certaine glasse, and proffer, with dagger or sword, to foyne at the glasse, you shall suddenly be moved to give backe (in maner) by reason of an image appearing in the ayre betwene you and the glasse with like hand, sword, or dagger, and with like quicknes, foyning at your very eye, likewise as you do at the glasse. Straunge this is to heare of, but more mervailous to behold then these my wordes cam signifie; and neverthelesse by demonstration opticall the order and cause therof is certified; even so, as the effect is consequent." I refer the reader also to Mr. Barlow's History of Optics in the Encyclopedia Metropolitana.

1589. Jan. 3rd, Rudolphus Sagiensis Normannus recessit versus Pragam. Jan. 17th, the humming in my eares began. Jan. 19th, circa undecimam noctis abortiebatur Domina Lydda uxor D. Thomae Kelly ex duobus masculis vix sex mensium, et anno precedente hoc ejusdem uxor abortiebatur puella. Jan. 20th, Mr. Kelly showed me the Lord Rosenberg his letter; when he wrot that of me he hard no more of my going hens, and if Menschik hath not performed as he willed him, that if I send him word he will so dispatch me that therby I shall not nede to stay here, as he had confidently heretofore warned Mr. Kelley, so now he did request him to take leve of me at my departure. And then Mr. Kelly did loke and truly confess that my .... Jan. 25th, Mr. Mains cam to visit us; the Erle of Schwiczenbagh thre sones. Jan. 31st, Tuesday, I sent Edmond Hilton to Prage, and Zacharias Mathias of Buelweiss, to buy 10 or 12 coach horses and saddell horses for 300 dollers. Feb. 4th, I delivered to Mr. Kelley the powder, the bokes, the glas and the bone, for the Lord Rosenberg; and he thereuppon gave me dischardg in writing of his own hand subscribed and sealed. Feb. 12th, Edmond Hilton cam from Prage with nine Hungarian horses bowght toward our jornay. Feb. 16th, Mr. Edward Kelley rode toward Prage after none, John Carpio, Edmond Hilton, Henry Garlande, Thomas Simkinson, Lodovik. March 11th, from Trebon in Bohemia. March 18th, to Nuremberg. March 20th, from Nuremberg. March 26th, to Frankfurt on the Mane.

April 19th, to Breme. May 1st, Katharin by a blow on the


eare given by her mother did bled at the nose very much, which did stay for an howre and more; afterward she did walk into the town with nurse; upon her coming home she bled agayn. May 11th, John of Gloles cam to Breme. May 13th, I cam to lie at my hyred hows. May 17th, the three saddle horse put to grass to the town meddowes for nine ducets tyll Mychelmas. May 21st, the Landgrave of Hesse his letters to me and the city of Breme. May 25th, I sent the Lantgrave my twelve Hungarish horses. June 2rd and 13th, Mr. Duerend and Mr. Hart went toward Stade. They had scaped from the Spanish servise in Flanders with Syr William Stanley. June 6th, Dr. Kenrich Khanradt of Hamburgh visitted me. Mr. Thomas Kelly his wife, Francis Garland, Rolls, from Standen toward England. June 16th, Edmund Hilton toward Prage. June 19th, Hans of Glotz went toward Standen, and so toward England. June 23rd, Mr. Daniel van der Multon cam to me. Ultima die mensis istius circa meridiem maximi imbres, tonitrua, grandines.

July 6th, Thursday the 26th of June (by the old accownt and the 6th of July by new accownt) Mr. Hart, the minister of the English

company, and Mr the governor's deputy of the English

company at Stade, did visit me at my howse in Breme. July 18th, Mr. Yong and Mr. Secretary his letter. July 30th, Edmond Hilton cam from Prage to Breme by Stade. Aug. 2nd, veteri stilo, the nyght following, my terrible dream that Mr. Kelly wold by force bereave me of my bokes, toward daybreak. Aug. 5th, novo stylo, Edmond Hilton went toward Stade, to go toward England, with my letters to disclose the treason of Perkins. Ther went in this company two English people, Mr. Rolous Tattin and George Losin. Aug. 7th, the first of the seven half fasts. Aug. 14th, Theodor wened. Aug. 21st, John Hammond to Stade. Aug. 22nd, natus William Hazilwood mane hora sexta fere, forte hora 5 min. 45, by Maydston in Kent. Sept. 9th, Roger his serviceable letters of the Lord Rosenberg. Sept. 12th, the wynde cam East after five wekes most part West. Sept. 16th, ante meridiem hora 9 in delinquiciis A. C. incidi ex ingratitudine concepta ex verbis uxoris, et Anallue Maria-. Sept. 22nd, stilo veteri, I delivered to Mr. Jacob for England by Embden my letters.

Oct. 3rd, D. Witischindi his hard dealings with me: he bad Mr. Harper the Secretary to give me warning of my howse. Oct. 9th, warned out of my howse hora prima a meridie. Oct. 14th, John Hanward gave me warning that he desyred to go travayle toward Italy; but first to Master Kelly of whome he hoped to have good help. Oct. 17th, Mr. Sowthwell and Mr. Gawyne Smyth cam to me to Bream. Oct. 23rd, Mr. Sowthwell and Mr. Smyth went from Bream. Oct. 29th, Wenefrida Goose inter 9 et 10 a meridie. Oct 31st, letters sent to Stade for Gerwein Greven for her Majestie, Mr. Yong, and Mr. Dyer. Nov. 1st, newes of Mr. Dyer sent ambassador to Denmarke. Nov. 3rd, stilo veteri, I resolved to go into England, hoping to mete Mr. Edward Kelly at Stade, going also into England; and that I suspected uppon Mr. Secretary Walsingham his letters. Nov. 13th, Edmond Hilton and his brother from England, and John a Glotz. Nov. 17th, die lunae, I met Mr. Dyer comming to Stade, even in the myddle of the town. Nov. 18th, Edmond to Stade ward. Nov. 19th, toke ship by the Vineyard. Dec. 2nd, we cam into the Tems to Gravesende. Dec. 3rd, from the ship to Stratford to Mr. Yang's howse. Dec. 19th, at Richemond with the Queene's Majestie.* Dec. 20th, agreed for my howse with Nicolas Fromonds to occupy as a tenant with better order. Dec. 25th, I lay this night first at my howse. Dec. 29th, Mr. Adrian Gilbert cam to me to Mortlak, and offred me as much as I could require at his hands, both for my goods carryed away, and for the mynes.

1590. Jan. 15th, a terrible tempest of wind, South by West. Jan. 23rd, Mr. Thomas Kelly cam from Brainford; put me in good hope of Sir Edward Kelly his returning: offered me the loane of ten pownds in gold, and afterward sent it me in Hun- * Where, according to Aubrey, who received his information from Lilly, he was very favourably received by her Majesty.

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