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to my howse to burn my bokes when I was dead, and thought he loked sourely on me. Dec. 1st, George my man, who had lyne oute all night, this morning used me very dishonestly, and sayd he owed me no servyce. Mr. Bettgran the justice was not at home. Dec. 13th, thunder in the afternone and at sonne-set. Dec. 15th, the 15th day being cownted the 25, 50, 10 dayes ar imagined spent, which have crept in betwene the day of Crist his birth regarding the place of the sonne, and the sonnes place not the 25th day of this month, whiche a civile aequation, but mathematically and religiusly to be substantiated to be for the true term of the periods of annuall revolutions of the sonne sinse the day of Christ his birth.

1583. Jan. 13th, on Sondaythe stage at Paris Garden fell down all at ones, being full of people beholding the bearbayting. Many being killed thereby, more hart, and all amased. The godly expownd it as a due plage of God for the wickednes ther usid, and the Sabath day so profanely spent. Jan. 19th, Mr. John Leonard Haller went to London and so to go toward Scotland. Jan. 23rd, the Ryght Honorable Mr. Secretary Walsingham cam to my howse, where by good lok he found Mr. Awdrian Gilbert, and so talk was begonne of North-west Straights discovery. The Bishop of St. Davyd's (Mr. Middelton) cam to visit me with Mr. Thomas Herbert. The Lord Grey cam to Mr. Secretary, and so they went unto Greenwich(?). Jan. 24th, I, Mr. Awdrian Gilbert, and John Davis went by appointment to Mr. Secretary to Mr. Beale his howse, where onely we four were secret, and we made Mr. Secretarie privie of the N. W. passage, and all charts and rutters were agreed uppon in generall.

Feb. 2nd, Rolandus Dee baptizatus. Feb. 3rd, Mr. Savile, Mr. Powil the yonger, travaylors, Mr. Ottomeen his sonne, cam to be acquaynted with me. Feb. 4th, Mr. Edmunds of the Privie Chamber, Mr. Lee who had byn in Moschovia, cam to be acquaynted with me. Feb. 11th, the Quene lying at Richemond went to Mr. Secretary Walsingham to dynner; she coming by my dore gratiously called me to her, and so I went by her horse side as far as where Mr. Hudson dwelt. Ep ftaietm afeb fie ofloaKvpeXi oif> fiovyotevpit > orare: hit,i (iwOavaros epir. Roland went with his nurse to her howse to Estshene. Feb. 18th, the Lady Walsingham cam suddenly into my howse very freely, and shortly after that she was gone cam Syr Francys himself and Mr. Dyer. Feb. 24th, Jane churched. Feb. 26th, I delivered my boke to the Lord Threasorer for the correction of the Calender.* ^J

March 6th, I, and Mr. Adrian Gilbert and John Davis, did mete with Mr. Alderman Barnes, Mr. Townson and Mr. Yong and Mr. Hudson, abowt the N.W. voyage. March 17th, Mr. John Davys went to Chelsey with Mr. Adrian Gilbert to Mr. Radforths, and so the 18th day from thence toward Devonshyre. March 18th, Mr. North from Poland, after he had bynwith the Quene he cam to me. I receyved salutation from Alaski, Palatine in Poland; salutation by Mr. North who cam before to the Quene, and next to me was his message, hor. 12. Nurse Lydgatt at Estshene was payd for 5 pound candell, 6 pound sope, and the wagis due from Rowland his birth. April 18th, the Quene went from Richemond toward Grenwich, and at her going on horsbak, being new up, she called for me by Mr. Rawly his putting her in mynde, and she sayd "quod defertur non aufertur," and gave me her right hand to kisse. April 24th, nurse was payd for Rowland all her wagis tyll Monday the 22 of this month, 16 pence a weke: she had all her candell and sope before.

* This work, although never entirely printed, created much sensation at the time, and was the cause of considerable controversy among the politicians as well as literati. The Memorial on this subject which Dee presented to the Privy Council has been printed by Hearne and others, but it is not generally known that the original manuscript of the actual treatise on the correction of the Calendar is still preserved in Ashmole's library, No. 1789, and is the very book which Dee alludes to above. It is inscribed " to the Right Honorable and my singular good Lorde, the Lorde Burghley, Lorde Threasorer of Englande," with the following verses :— "To in and To &tori,

I shew the thing and reason why;

At large, in breif, in middle wise,

I humbly give a playne advise;

For want of tyme, the tyme untrew

Yf I have myst, commaund anew

Your honor may. So shall you see That love of truth doth govern me." The work itself is entitled, "A playne Discourse and humble Advise for our Gratious Queene Elizabeth, her most Excellent Majestie to peruse and consider, as concerning the needful Reformation of the Vulgar Kalender for the civile yeres and daies accompting, or verifyeng, according to the tyme truely spent."

May 1st, Albertus Laski, Polonus, Palatinus Scradensis, venit Londinum.* May 4th, Mr. Adrian Gilbert and Mr. Pepler went by water to Braynford, and so to ride into Devonshire. May 7th, E. K. went toward London, and so to go homeward for 10 or 12 dayes. Dies Quadragesimus a die Veneris ante Pascham. May 13th, I becam acquaynted with Albertus Laski at 7i at night, in the Erle of Lecester his chamber in the court at Greenwich. This day was my lease of Devonshyre mynes sealed at Sir Leonell Ducket's hows. May 18th, the Prince Albertus Laski cam to me at Mortlake, with onely two men. He cam at afternone and tarryed supper, and after sone set. Nurse Rowland was payd all tyll the 20th of this month. June 15th, abowt 5 of the clok cam the Polonian Prince Lord Albert Lasky down from Bissham, where he had lodged the night before, being returned from Oxford whither he had gon of purpose to see the universityes, wher he was very honorably used and enterteyned. He had in his company Lord Russell, Sir Philip Sydney, and other gentlemen: he was rowed by the Quene's men, he had the barge covered with the Quene's cloth, the Quene's trumpeters, &c. He cam of purpose to do me honor, for which God be praysed! June 19th, the Lord Albert Laski cam to me and lay at my hows all nyght. Nurse Rowland payd her wagis ending the 17th day of this month. July 1st, Master Mills his answer of no hopes in my sute at Grenewich. July 7th, George was dismissed my servys and payd all reconings in the presens of goodman Hilton and Mistres Kelly in my study. July 10th, Thomas Hoke of Cranford cam to my service, but he went away agayn the 23 day of this month. July 30th, the Quene removed on Tuesday from Greenwich to

* "The year of our Lorde God 1583, the laste daye of Aprill, the Duke or Prince of Vascos in Polonia, came to London and was lodged at Winchester Howse."—MS. Douce, 363, fol. 125. This account differs from Dee's by a single day.

Sion by water; coming by my dore July 31st, the

Quene's gift of 40 angells * sent by the Erle of Lecester his secretarie Mr. Lloyd, throwgh the Erle his speche to the Quene. Mr. Rawlegh his letter unto me of hir Majesties good disposition unto me. Aug. 1st, John Halton minister dwelling in

London with bowed in and looked, and the

a Wurcetershire man, a wicked spy cam to my

howse, whom I used as an honest man, and found nothing wrong as I thought. I was sent to E. K. Aug. 7th, Mr. William Burrow passed by me. Aug. 14th, payd nurse Lydgatt for Rowland for two monthes ending the 12th day. Aug. 18th, a great tempest of wynde at mydnyght. Maxima era E. K. cum uxore ejus. Sept. 21st, we went from Mortlake, and so the Lord Albert Lasky, I, Mr. E. Kelly, our wives, my children and familie, we went toward our two ships attending for us, seven or eight myle below Gravessende.

1586. July 10th, Mr. William Maynard natus hora 12 noctis, vel paulo post, Londini. Sept. 14th, Trebonam venimus. Oct. 18th, E. K. recessit a Trebona versus Pragam curru delatus; mansit hie per tres hebdomadas. Nov. 8th, illustrissimus princeps versus Pragam; iter institit hora tertia a meridie. Nov. 14th, rescripsi ad Victorem Reinholdum. Nov. 19th, to the glas hows. Nov. 21st, Michael was begone to be weaned. Nov. 22nd, recepi literas Jacobi Memschiti. Dec. 8th, Monday abowt none Mr. Edward Garland cam to Trebona to mee from the Emperor of Moschovia, according to the articles before sent unto me by Thomas Hankinson. Dec. 11th, St. Poloniensis obiit: natus anno 1530 die 13 Januarii, hora quarta mane min. 26, in Transylvania. Obiit, hora secunda post mediam noctem, ut intellexi ex Uteris Dni Lasky, receptis die 29 per Alexandrum. Dec. 19th, 19die (novi kalendarii) ad gratificandum Domino Edouardo Garlando, et Francisco suo fratri, qui Edouardus nuncius mihi missus erat ab Imperatore Moschoviae ut ad illum venirem, E. K. fecit

* " Her Majestie being informed by the Right Honourable Earle of Leicester, that whereas the same day in the morning he had told me that his Honour and Lord Laskey would dine with me within two dayes after, I confessed sincerely unto him that I was not able to prepare them a convenient dinner, unless I should presently sell some of my plate or some of my pewter for it. Whereupon her Majestie sent unto me very royally within one hour after forty angels of gold from Sion, whether her Majestie was now come by water from Greenwich."—Dr. Dee's Compendious Memoriall, p. 511.

proleolem lapidis in proportione unius gravi arenae super

quod vulgaris oz. et £ et producta est optimi auri oz. fere: quod aurum post distribuimus a crucibolo una dedimus Edouardo. Dec. 30th, E. K. versus Pragam.

1587. Jan. 8th, cam Nicolas du Haut, Frenchman of Lorrayn, who had byn lackay to my frende Otho Henrick Duke of Brunswik and Lienburgh, to seke a servyse, being dismissed by passport from his Lord after his long sikenes. Jan. 14th, Doctor Reinholdt of Salfeldt cam to Trebona with Abraham. His sute of the salt. Doctor Reinholdt revisit versus Pragam 20 die. Jan. 18th, rediit E. K. a Praga. E. K. browght with him from the Lord Rosenberg to my wyfe a chayne and juell estemed at 300 duckettes; 200 the juell stones, and 100 the gold. Jan. 21st, E. K. again to Prage and so to Poland ward. Feb. 5th, I tok a jornay of myself from Trebon to Newhowse, two myles of, to mete my Lord to comen with him. I toke two horsemen of the cyty with me. Feb. 9th, Illustriss.* venit a Vienna ad Trebonam. Feb. 12th, ivit Illustriss. versus Crocoviam. Feb. 19th, E. K.f cam from Poland abowt none to Trebone: I sent word to my Lord straight. Feb. 21st, my Lord sending no word yet, I sent another message. March 3rd, a Cremona ad Trebonam. March 7th, E. K. dedit

* He frequently speaks of Prince Albert Leski under the title of Illustrissimus. t It is almost unnecessary to observe that these initials refer to Edward Kelly.

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