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with Mr. Henrik, thowghtthat he was utterly recest from intended goodnes toward him. Notwithstanding Roger Cook his unseamely dealing, I promised him, yf he used himself toward me now in his absens, one hundred pounds * as sone as of my own clene hability I myght spare so much; and moreover, if he used himself well in lif toward God and the world, I promised him some pretty alchimicall experiments, whereuppon he might honestly live. Sept. 7th, Roger Cook went for alltogether from me. Sept. 29th, Robert Gardner, of Shrewsbury, cam to my servyce.

Oct. 8th, I had newes of the chests of bokes fownd by Owndle in Northamptonshyre; Mr. Barnabas Sawle told me of them, but I fownd no truth in it. Oct. 9th, Barnabas Saul, lying in the

hall was strangely trubled by a spirituall creature

abowt mydnight. Oct. 13th, I rod to Sowth Myms. Oct. 14th, to St. Nedes. Oct. 16th, at Mr. Hikman's. Oct. 20th, at Tosseter. Oct. 21st, Oxford, Dr. Cradocke. Oct. 23rd, from Oxford to Wyckam. Oct. 24th, I cam home. Robert Hilton cam to my service. Nov. 16th, the Quene removed to White Hall, and Monsieur with her. Nov. 27th, I rod to Greensede. Nov. 28th, to goodman Wykham, 2 myles beyond Chayly by Lewys. Nov. 29th, I made acquayntance with Mr. George Kylmer for Sir George his bokes. Nov. 30th, I cam home. Dec. 1st, Katharyn Dee her nurse was payd 6s. so nothing is owing to her. Dec. 5th, Elen my mayden fell sick. Dec. 7th, George my man had the great fall of the ladder, hora 10 fere mane. Dec. 8th, I sent a letter to Mr. Kylmer. Dec. 22nd, my Lord Chanceler's sonne, Mr. Bromley, and Sir William Herbert cam to me. Helen Cole was payd her wages and reckening tyll this Christmas, and so discharged my servyce, being newly recovered of her ague. Her desyre was to go to her frendes.

1582. Jan. llth, Robert Gardener desired my leave to go dwell with Sir William Herbert, hora 12. Jan. 16th, Mistris Harbert cam to Essexe. Jan. 17th, Randal Hatton cam home from Samuel's father at Stratton Audley. Jan. 22nd, Arthur Dee and Mary Herbert, they being but 3 yere old the eldest, did make as it wer a shew of childish marriage, of calling ech other husband and wife. Jan. 22, 23rd. The first day Mary Herbert cam to her father's hous at Mortlak, and the second day she cam to her father's howse at Estshene. Jan. 23rd, my wife went to nurse Garret and payd her for this month ending the 26 day. Jan. 27th, Barnabas Sawl his brother cam. Feb. 12th, abowt 9 of the clok, Barnabas Saul and his brother Edward went homward from Mortlak: Saul his inditement being by law fownd insufficient at Westminster Hall: Mr. Serjeant Walmesley, Mr. Owen and Mr. Hyde, his lawyers at the bar for the matter, and Mr. Ive, the clerk of the Crown Office, favouring the other. Feb. 20th, Mr. Bigs of Stentley by Huntingdon and John Littlechild cam to me. I receyved a letter from Barnabas Saul. Feb. 21st, Mr. Skullthorp rod toward Barnabas. Feb. 25th, Mr. Skulthorp cam home. Payd nurse Garret for Katharin tyll Fryday the 23 day, vjs. then somethyng due to nurse for iij. pownd of candell and 4 pownd of sope.

* This probably gave rise to the anecdote which is related in MS. Ashm. 1788, fol. 147, viz. that "he revealed to one Roger Cooke the great secret of the elixar, as he called it, of the salt of metalls, the projection whereof was one upon an hundred.''

March 1st, Mr. Clerkson browght Magnus to me at Mortlak, and so went that day agayn. March 6th, Barnabas Saul cam this day agayn abowt one of the clok and went to London the same afternone. He confessed that he neyther hard or saw any spirituall creature any more. March 8th, Mr. Clerkson and his frende cam to my howse. Barnabas went home agayn abowt 3 or 2 clok, he lay not at my howse now; he went, I say, on Thursday, with Mr. Clerkson. March 8th, coelum ardere et instar sanguinis in diversis partibus rubere visum est circa horam nonam noctis, maxime versus septentrionalem et occidentalem partem: sed ultra capita nostra versus austrum frequenter miles quasi sanguineus. March 9th, Fryday at dynner tyme Mr. Clerkson and Mr. Talbot* declared a great deale of Barnabas nowghty dealing toward me, as in telling Mr. Clerkson ill things of me that I should mak his frend, as that he was wery of me, that I wold so flatter his frende the lerned man that I wold borow him of him. But his frend told me, before my wife and Mr. Clerkson, that a spirituall creature told him that Barnabas had censured both Mr. Clerkson and me. The injuries which this Barnabas had done me diverse wayes were very great. March 22nd, Mr. Talbot went to London, to take his jornay.

April 16th, Nurse Garet had her 6s. for her month ending on the 20th day. April 22nd, a goodly showr of rayn this morning early. May 4th, Mr. Talbot went. May 13th, Jane rod to Cheyham. May 15th, nocte circa nonam cometa apparuit in septentrione versus occidentem aliquantulum; cauda versus astrum tendente valde magna, et stella ipsa vix sex gradus super horizontem. May 20th, Robertus Gardinerus Salopiensis laetum mihi attulit nuncium de materia lapidis, divinitus sibi revelatus de

qua May 23rd, Robert Gardener declared unto me

hora 4j- a certeyn great philosophicall secret, as he had termed it, of a spirituall creatuer, and was this day willed to come to me and declare it, which was solemnly done, and with common prayer. May 28th, Mr. Eton of London cam with his son-inlaw Mr. Edward Bragden, as concerning Upton parsonage, to have me to resign or let it unto his said son-in-law, whom 1 promised to let understand whenever myself wold consent to forego it. June 9th, I writ to the Archbishop of Canterbury a letter in Latin: Mr. Doctor Awbrey did carry it. June 14th, Morryce Kyffin did viset me. June 22nd, Nurse Garret had 6s. for a month ending the 18 day of May; she is to have for a month wages ending the 15 day of this June. My wife went this Friday thither with Benjamyn. June 27th, Mystris Stafford arrested me hora 11:1 payd all.

* Just above this relation some one has written, "you that rede this underwritten assure yourselfe that yt is a shamfull lye, for Talbot neither studied for any such thinge nor shewed himselfe dishonest in any thinge." Dr. Dee has thus commented upon it:—" This is Mr. Talbot or that lerned man, his own writing in my boke, very unduely as he cam by it." There are several other notices of Talbot erased, but whether by him or by the Doctor it is impossible to say, but most probably the former.

July 3rd, hor. 12i, Arthur Dee fell from the top of the Watergate Stayres down to the fote from the top, and cut his forhed on the right eyebrow. Sir Richard browght the rent. July 6th, in feare of resting by proctor Lewys: tyll 9| at night from 1 afternone at the Docter's comming. July 12th, Proctor Lewys agred withall. July 13th, Mr. Talbot cam abowt 3 of the clok afternone, with whom I had some wordes of unkendnes: we parted frendely: he sayd that the Lord Morley had the Lord Mountegle his bokes. He promised me some of Doctor Myniver's bokes. July 16th, Mr. William Pole, whome Phillip Simons, somtymes barber to the old Erle of Tavistok, doth knowe, cam to me, and made acquayntance with me: promised to com agayn within xiiij. dayes. Jane my wife went to Nurse Garrefs to pay her 12s. for her wages due tyll Friday last, which was Saint Margaret's day, and brought her xijrf. for candles: she went by water; Mistres Lee went with her, and Robyn Jackesbite. Jane this night was sore trubbled with a collick and cramp in her belly; she vomyted this Monday more, and every night grew stiff in the sole likewise. A meridie hor. 3£ cam Sir George Peckham to me to know the tytle for Norombega in respect of Spayn and Portugall parting the whole world's distilleryes. He promysed me of his gift and of

his patient of the new conquest, and thought to get so

moche of Mr. Gerardes gift to be sent me with seale within a few days. July 18th, Barthilmew Knaresburgh his sone borne at break of day abowt 3 of the clok. June 19th, Barnabas Saul came to see me at Mortlak: I chyd hym for his manifold untrue reports. July 23d, Mistris Franklin's sone borne at noone. July 24th, Robert Gardiner cam, and went on the 26th.

Aug. 8th, Kate was sickly. Aug. 11th, Mr. Bacon and Mr. Phillips of the court cam. Aug. 20th, Katarine still seemed to be discasid. Aug. 25th, Katharin was taken home from nurse Garret of Petersham, and weaned at home. Aug. 31st, Benjamin Lock told me of his father's mynde to send him to Spayn within three or four days. Sept. 1st, I did for Sir John Killegrew devise the way of protestation to save him harmless for compounding with Spaniard who was robbed: he promised me fish against Lent. Sept. 10th, Mr. John Leonard Haller, of Hallersteyn, by Worms in Germany, cam agayn to me, to declare his readines to go toward Quinsay; and how he wold go and ly at Venys all this winter, and from thens to Constantinople. I requested Mr. Charles Sted to help him to make his mony over to Paris and Nuremberg, and to help him with the sercher of Rye to pass his horse, and to help him with Mr. Osborn the alderman with his letters to Constantinople. Sept. 11th, on Tuesday they went to London together, and my wife allso abowt her affayres. Sept. 13th, I writt to Dugenes de Dionigiis to Venys by Mr. John Leonard Haller. Sept. 17th, I writ to the Erle of Osmond. Sept. 29th, Anne cam to my servyse from Mr. Harbert. I payd Mr. Lewys £20, so rest is which I challendg as for my cost and payns for 37 yeres for John his son.

Oct. 12th, I rod to Tundridge. Oct. 13th, I rod from Tundridge to Mr. Coverts at Slawgham. Oct. 15th, I cam home from Slawgham, and dyned at Mr. Holtens, person of Oxstede by Tundridge, a phisitien. Oct. 21st, Jane my wife sowned in the church. Nov. 1st, Mr. Plat, my brother Yong his sonne-in-law, cam to me with a stranger of Trushen, born at Regius Mons: his name is Martinus Faber. The same day cam Mr. Clement the seamaster and Mr. Ingram from Sir George Peckham. Nov. 8th, hayle afternone horam circiter primam: tonitrus circa quartam et sextam. Nov. 9th, Mr. Newbury, who had byn at Cambaya in Inde, cam to me. Nov. 22nd, E. K. went to London, and so the next day conveied by rode toward Blakley, and within ten dayes to returne. Nov. 24th, Saterday night I dremed that I was deade, and afterward my bowels wer taken out I walked and talked with diverse, and among other with the Lord Thresorer who was com


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