Fire and Light: An Off-Road Search for the Spirit of God

Ten Speed Press, 2006 - 286 páginas
People of every religious tradition attribute transcendent moments of inspiration to the divine. However, when asked to define the Spirit of God, most people have only a vague sense of what it really is. In FIRE AND LIGHT, Jon Robertson searches for evidence of a unifying spiritual intelligence among the world'¬'s religious texts, scientific theories, and spiritual philosophies. This off-road quest leads him through the Bible, the Qur'an, and the Bhagavad Gita to psychotherapists, mystics, and even a retired sailor from Southern California. He interviews Larry Dossey, Charles T. Tart, Joan Borysenko, and Fred Alan Wolf, and discovers fresh ways to experience the divine through unconventional teachings, meditation, conscious living, and prayer. At the end of his pursuit, Robertson discovers a powerful and loving force accessible to everyone on the planet.Reviews"This beautifully written book-filled with inspiring stories, wisdom, and very practical advice; by turns intimate, warm, and funny-is for those who want to find or deepen their relationship with the Spirit or Presence of God, which is everywhere, in all times, and in all people. . . Before you have even finished it, you will trust-if you don't already-in both the reality of Spirit (through the dozens of stories of people like you and me) and in the complete availability of its presence in your life.If you are ready to find or deepen your oneness with the Spirit and are looking for a guidebook, Jon's will serve you better than any other I have seen. He and the Spirit have together brought forth a book of living water."-Stuart Dean, editor, Venture Inward Magazine"A fascinating search for the heart of spirituality, the flame at the core of all sacred experience, the rushing wind and blazing fire of the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit of the New Testament, and the fire and light of Hebraic tradition. This is fascinating and inspirational reading."-Allan Combs, author of Synchronicity and The Radiance of Being "Jon Robertson has written an excellent and thought-provoking work. We talk about the nature of spirit all the time without having a clear idea of what we mean. Jon takes the subject on and provides both interesting scholarship and real insight. He has written a charming and fascinating book that should be part of every library."-Stephan A. Schwartz, director of research at the Rhine Research Center and author of Opening to the Infinite

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I savored this book like I would a bowl of chocolate ice cream, and I was sad when it had to end. Robertson carefully and with great sensitivity studies the Spirit of God and what It means in all of its forms to the people who have opened themselves to its influence, healing and wisdom. Ler resenha completa

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A lifelong spiritual seeker, Jon Robertson is the author of three books including Apocalypse Chow and The Sacred Bedroom. The former editor-in-chief of the Association for Research and Enlightenment publishing division, Robertson lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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