An Easy Introduction to the Higher Treatises on the Conic Sections

Longsman, Green, 1885 - 87 páginas

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Página 72 - ... the tangent of the angle which the line makes with the axis of abscissae), was lately employed by M. Crova* for the discussion of experiments relating to the degree of constancy possessed by so-called
Página 14 - XXI. and XXIII. The Latin Text with English Explanatory and Grammatical Notes, and a Vocabulary of Proper Names. Edited by JOHN T. WHITE, DD Oxon.
Página 84 - We have thus determined the co-ordinates of the point of intersection of (2) and (3) ; moreover we see that these values satisfy (1) ; hence the...
Página 33 - The locus of the middle points of a system of parallel chords in a parabola is called a diameter.
Página 2 - Answers to the Arithmetical Exercises in Standards I. II. and III. price 4d. in Standard IV. price 4d. in Standards V. and VI. 4d. or complete, price 1*. 2d. Stevens and Hole's Advanced Lesson Book, 12mo 2*. — Useful Knowledge Reading Books :— Boys
Página 46 - Show that the equation to the normal of an ellipse expressed in terms of the tangent of the angle which the line makes with the axis of x is у = mx — m 57.
Página 54 - Find the locus of a point the sum of whose distances from two given straight lines is equal to a given constant k.
Página 23 - This is the equation to a straight line parallel to the axis of y (see art.

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