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There fair Exotics, nurs'd with Coft and Toile
Delightful Mixture ! charm the curious Sight,
And all the Beauties of the World unite.
Hither resort, ye Virtuous, Learn'd and Fair,
Crop the sweet Blooms, and breathe the fragrant Air.
But, timely warn'd, a near Inclosure fly,
Whose outward Semblance cheats the heedless Eye.
There choaking Weeds exile the blushing Rose,
The Poppy there its fleepy Influence shows ;

The deadly Nightshade breathes Infection round, 2
And fapless Stalks o'erspread the tainted Ground.


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HILE you, with Skill

, each Ornament dispose,
A laging Bloom, the Monthly Nolegay shows ;
From chosen Flowers the mingling Odours rise,
And varied Beauty charms the wond'ring Eyes!
In thy Collection GRECIAN Blossoms blow,
With vivid Blush ANACREON's Roses glow ;
The Roman Myrtle ever-verdant blooms,
Fair GALLIC Lillies waft their rich perfumes :
In native Sweets the British Woodbing smiles,
And LILLIPUTIẢN Laurels grace thy Toils !

But all the Care, the Judgment, you bestow,

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C Ο Ν Τ Α Γ Ν Ι Ν G,
Maze in Quantitp, and greater Datictp, than any Book of the hind and 921es./
I. LETTERS TO Ş Author on various and Wales, by 7. Spence Profeffor of Poetry,

entertaining Subje&ts. The Slighted Oxon ; Ireland's Bielling on her hopeful
Mother; Character of Milton, Gay, Con. Squires; New Years's Ode, by Cibber;
greve, &c. Case of the Test argu'd ; State Specimen of Coke up n Lyttleton; Ad-
of the Colony in Georgia; Dipping the dress to SLEIP, by Nic. Rowe, Esq; lec
antient Baptísın; Of the Nature of Mo to Mulick; On the Birth of a Male' In-
tion, Fire, Sound; Questions proposed, fant.- Universal Thanksgiving.
II. Curious Pieces: To the Writer on V. HISTORICAL CHRONICLE.

Country Wakes Account of Lapland Dreadful Hurricane.
concluded; or a Bill for revifing and VI. List of Births, Deaths, Marriages.
amending the Ten Commandments; Contributors to Mrs Stephens's Medi-
Life of Dr Buerbaave. From a Letçer cines.

to a Member of Parliament, on the VII. FOREICN Advices; The Affair of

present Situation of Affairs.

Stcinhorft and Hanover; Sarey Bey Ogli,

III. From the Pablie Papers: Account of the Turkish Rebel.
the Death of the Hon. Fr. N-

VIII. An Exact Map of the Crim, and
0. Cromwell's Letter to the French King; little Tartary, the Sea of Ajob, and
Sampson Mainmast to Common Senle; the adjacent Country of the Cuban
Letter tothe Gentlemen

at Salters Hall; Tartars, shewing the March of the
Effay on Riots, their Caufe and Cure.. Rulin Armies in their Expedition a-
IV. SELECT Pieces of Poetry: On the gainst the Tartars.

Nuptials of the Prince and Princess of l IX. STOCKS, Register of BOOKS.

NDON: Printed by E. CAYE, jun. ac St JOHN'S GATE, and sold by :

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their King


Repellicns on Periodical Writer Page

Political Truth of great Importance 16 Extract of a Letter to a Member of Parlia.
Two Sets of Political Authors

i6. The Spaniards Right to Search the British
.---- Thadversions on Milton defended S

Ships, disproved

Why Miltox neglected the Numerousness The only way to make a good Peace 34B
of his Verse

ib. H The Prince of Wales's Title to 100,000l. a
His Pocm properly called a Romance 6H Year

7 Of the new Acquisitions to the King's Ger-

Proyrels of our Neighbours in Trade owing the Yearly Revenue of the Elc&torate of


to our Run Wool

Ileads of Enquiry into the late Riots 9 Hanover at the late King's Accellion ib. G

Care of the Poor recommended by foreign Of indemnifying the Spaniards for deltroy.


ib. ing their Fleet


Country Common Sense; Kentish spe&tator, Reflections on the Craftsman and Common.

Title of a Course of Eflays



Dipping, the ancient and true Baptism ib. The Receipt and Use of Tar-Water ib.

Gothic Inscription on an old Fonc in Cumber. Life of Dr Boerhaave



11 He was design'd for the Ministry ib. 6
Definition and Modes of Motion 12 His Progress and Success in his Studies
Fire the Life of Matter

ib. H

Sounds Material and extended


Complaint of Prudentia Motherly, ib. On the Nuptials of the Prince and Princess
Observations on Lapland conciuded 14 of Wales, by 7. Spence, Profeffor of Poe-
Beautiful and surprizing Meteors

try, and Fellow of the new College Oxon.
Original Design of the Test Act

Lóde on Mira's Birth-Day, by H. M. 32

ib. in
The Act itselt a good and effectual one

- the best Security against Popery, 16 Bacon's Works, by Amasius. On Mr

Proposal for reviting and amending the Ten Brooke, by George Ogle, Efq; - Sufpi-




Blunder of a Printer under Charles I. io. B Paraphrase on Pfalm LXXIII, 25, by Phi-

Dissenters Letter againilt the Test 18

lomel.- Hor. Lib. I. Ode xxvi. para.

Reasons against a Repeal refuted 19 phras'd. .-To Miss Aurelia CF, on

Milton's Apothcolis continued

her weeping at her sister's Wedding; by

Characters of Rowle Lee, Congreve, Addi for Amafius. To the Memory of the

and Gay

20, 2 I

late Rev. Mr Bocrhaave ut Worcester 41

Quietion on the Cause of the late Thunder On a Contributor of sol. to the Sufferers
and Lightning

by the Fire at Wellingborough. in
Otan Anachronisin in the first Book of Memory of Dapole. - The Wish


ib. New Year's Ode, by Colly Cibber, Efq;

State of Georgia from 2 Original Letters 22 Specimen of Coke on Lyttleton 43

Remarks on a Differtation on Country- Address to Slcep, by Nic. Romple, Esg; let



to Musick by Mr Martin. Stanza's

0. Cromwell's Letter to the French King 24 from Mr Pope's Universal Prayer.

Q. Anne's Heroic Message to f Great Duke Ode

of Tuscany



Narrative of the Death of the Honourable List of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Orc.

Fr. N

ib. An Earthquake in Yorkshire

Soul prov'd to be immaterial

26 A Hurricane in Scotland


Of an odd Humour in People of Fashion to A Patent palied for a new invented Qua.
debase their Chara&er

28 drant

Odlervations on the foregoing

29 List of Sheriffs

Sampson Mainmast to Common Sense ib. List of Contributors to Mrs Stephens's Media

Gazetteer to the Genclcmen at Salters Hall 30 cines


Two remarkable Bills propoied to his late Account of Sare Bey Oglu



ib. Foreign Affairs

Diflenters under no worse Condition than Regitter of Books


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Note, The Mar of the Crimea intended for the Supplement goes with this Mag.


But in the same Proportion as Writers N the Perusal of your

of this exalted Class deserve our Vemonthly Collections, neration and Gratitude, those who preI observe that the A lume to thrust into the World Pieces Extracts from the drawn up with, cither an entire Neglect weekly Journalifts, of Truth, or an Indifference for it, which made so large ought to raise a general Deteftation and

a Part in your first Abhorrence. A Hero that employs Pamphlets, have, by a gradual Dimi. his Sword indifferently, in juft Wars, or tution, shrunk at len th into a very s

hired Affaffinations ; a Physician that few Columns, and made way for ori” prescribes Remedies or Poisons, withginal Letters and Differtations. out regard to any thing but his Fee; This Variation of your Conduct na

are but Emblems of the abandon'd turally leads your Readers to consider

Prostitutes of the Pen, who poyson the present State of our periodical the Principles of Nations, and publish Writings, and the Circumftance of Falsehood and Truth with equal AF those Professors who retail their Po-C furalice. liticks in weekly Lectures.

Political Truth is undoubtedly of The Character of an Author muft very great Importance, and they who be allowed to imply in it&lf fome- honelily endeavour after it, are doubtthinz amiable and great; it conveys less engaged in a laudable Pursuit. at once the Idea of Ability and Good Nor do the Writers on this Sobies


it is much more his Duty to warn Months, some Field of Praise or Satire a People against any intendedEncroach

yet untouch'd. ments upon their Rights or Liberties, Some Topicks indeed there are as the Happiness of twenty thousand equally copious and easy, by the help is of twenty thousand times more of which it costs them very little Pains Value than the Happiness of one. : A to fill their Pages. The miserable

We have two Sets of Political Wri. Fate of the brave and resolute Cata: ters, supposed by some to be of oppo- lans, the Life of the great Burleigh, fite Principles, but acknowledged by and the History of Bolinbrobe, are inall to differ in their Conduct ; from one exhauftible Funds of Eloquence on we are to expect every Week a Satire, one Side, which can only be equalled from the other every Day a Panegy. G by the Fate of wicked Minifters ex. rick, on the Ministry. Between the emplified in the Histories of all Ages Style and Address of these Writers and Nations. If to these wire-drawn there is generally acknowledged to be Common Places, you do not think fome Difference, and indeed the Mini proper to allow any Room in your ftry seem

such frequent Publications Paper, I think neither Authors nor little to consult the Reputation of their Readers have reason to complain.

с Advocates; for how far must chat Man It is usually thought necessary, after be removed from the common Level, discoursing of the Malignity of a Difwhose Life does not afford a more

temper, to propose a Remedy. The copious Subject for a weekly Satire, Remedy which fome seem to think nethan a daily Encomium !

ceffary, is a Licenser of the Press; but That Men are never either wholly this in the Opinion of others would good or bad, is universally allowed ; D only exasperate the Evil. Falsehood every Man at some times means well, and Defamation would then circulate and most Men are in some unhappy unconfuted, under the Protection of a Moments led aside from Virtue. The Court, and San&tion of a License. same Observation may be with equal There is no reason why good Actions Juftice applyed to Wisdom and Folly. should not be defended, or bad Measures A Fool fometimes fumbles on the E exposed; all we ask of the Writers is Right, and the wiseft Man may devi not to repeat stale Invectives, or geneate into Error and Mis-conduct. ral Panegyricks, but to diversify their

For this Reason, to single out any Papers, and supply the Deficiencies of Man for a perpetual Mark of Re. political with other more general and proach, or Theme of Panegyrick, to entertaining Subjects. And, if I might praise or libel by the Week, is a offer you any Advice for the Improve

F Conduct to the lait Degree shamelefs ment of a Book so well received, it and profligate, and nothing but long should be, to draw upa general Index Experience of the Weaknesses into to all your Volumes, by which you which Men are driven by Party Rage, will few how many Repetitions you could make me imagine any Caution have already been so complaisant as neceflary againft such open and undir to admit, and enable your Readers, by guised Artifices.

G barely mentioning the Subje&t of the I cannot but feel for these Writers

Paper, to satisfy their Curiolity without

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