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But though the president does not originate laws, he is required by the constitution to give to congress from time to time, information of the state of the union, and to recommend to their consideration such measures as he may judge necessary and expedient. Thus, in 1812, he recommended to them the expediency of declaring war against Great Britain, which was followed by a declaration in the form of a law, to that effect.

And in page 28, between the 13th and 14th lines, the following paragraph is to be added.

In statutes creating new offices, congress have inserted, in several instances, a clause authorizing the president in case the appointments should not be made during their session, to make such appointments in the recess of the senate, by granting commissions which should expire at the end of their next session; otherwise the vacancies not happening during the recess, the appointments could not have been made before congress met again.




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