Di Montranzo; or the novice of Corpus domini, Volume 4


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Página 252 - thro' our innocence survive, Still in the paths of honour persevere; And not from past or present ills despair; " For blessings ever wait on virtuous deeds, And though a late, a sure reward succeeds.
Página 150 - bright eyes Kain influence, and judge the prize Of wit, or arms; while both contend To win her grace whom all commend.
Página 144 - -Heaven is just! And, when the measure of his crimes is full, Will bare its red right arm, and launch its lightnings. Till then, ye elements, rest: and thou, firm earth, Ope not thy yawning .jaws, but let this monster Stalk his due time on thine affrighted surface.
Página 1 - Thy constancy, thy courage, and thy truth, have been my daily lesson: I have learn'd 'em, and, bold as thou, can suffer or despise the worst of fates for thee, and with thee share 'em.
Página 89 - -Let us meet, And question this most bloody piece of work, To know it further.
Página 57 - me. No grey stone shall rise to my renown. Mourn me with the dead,
Página 89 - Wrench from his hand oppression's iron rod, And bid the cruel feel the pangs they give.
Página 108 - harp, And echo them in harmonies divine Up to the throne of grace.
Página 108 - seraph sits on high, Who ever bends his holy ear to earth, *t"o
Página 252 - never dream of less delight, Nor ever wake to less substantial joys!

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