The General School Laws of Michigan

The Superintendent, 1889

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Página 11 - ACT to provide for the election of a county commissioner of schools, for the appointment of school examiners, [and] to define the duties and fix the compensation for the same, and to repeal all existing acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act. Section 1. The People of the State
Página 85 - restricting the primary school districts of the State in the branches of knowledge which their officers may cause to be taught, or the grade of instruction that may be given, if the voters of the district consent in regular form to bear the expense and raise the taxes for the purpose,
Página 60 - Sec. 5. Every person who shall employ any female in any factory, warehouse, workshop, store or hotel shall provide suitable seats for the use of the females so employed, and shall permit the use of such seats by them when they are not necessarily engaged in the active duties for which they are employed.
Página 55 - Michigan, having control and charge of any child or children between the ages of eight and fourteen years, shall be required to send such child or children to a public school for a period of at least four months in each school year, commencing on
Página 97 - 18 And the said party of the second part, for themselves and "^ their assigns, do covenant and agree to pay the said party of the first part, for the said premises, the annual rent of dollars. ^ In testimony whereof, the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seals, this day of
Página 55 - bodily or mental condition has been such as to prevent his attendance at school, or application to study for the period required, or that such child or children are taught in a private school, or at home, in such branches as are usually taught in primary schools, or have already acquired the ordinary branches
Página 11 - said University, a certificate, which shall serve as a legal certificate of qualification to teach "in any of the schools of this State, when a copy thereof shall have been filed or recorded in the office of the legal examining officer or officers of the county, township, city or district.
Página 55 - business, unless such child shall have attended some public or private day school where instruction was given by a teacher qualified to instruct in such branches as are usually taught in primary schools, at least four months of the twelve months next preceding the month in which such child shall be so employed:
Página 96 - whatever; and that the above bargained premises, in the quiet and peaceable possession of the said party of the second part, and their assigns, against all and every person or persons lawfully claiming or to claim the whole or any part thereof, they will forever warrant and defend. In witness whereof, the said AB , and CD ,his wife,
Página 7 - and every person taking such oath shall be permitted to vote on all questions proposed at such meeting. Or he may take the following oath, to wit: " You do swear (or affirm) that you have been for the past three months an actual resident of this school district,

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