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A Study of Rural School

Conditions in Ohio

Legislative History
The One-Room School
Centralization and Consolidation
Community Activities an · Extension

The Rural High School
The County Normal School

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Rural School progress has been very marked in Ohio during the past five years. In the enactment of the School Code of 1914 adequate provision was made for the administration and supervision of the rural schools of the state. The power conferred upon county boards of education to transfer territory and create school districts around business and social centers has been the means of promoting centralization and consolidation which are, undoubtedly, helpful agencies in the readjustment of the rural school system. In this publication it has been the purpose to typify the principal achievements of rural school administration under the new code.

Acknowledgment is hereby made of the splendid cooperation of the County Superintendents in supplying data without which our endeavors would have resulted in failure.


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