Our "first Families,": A Novel of Philadelphia Good Society

Whilt & Yost, 1855 - 404 Seiten

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Seite 341 - Nay, take my life and all; pardon not that. You take my house, when you do take the prop That doth sustain my house ; you take my life, When you do take the means whereby I live.
Seite 161 - And Julia's voice was lost, except in sighs, Until too late for useful conversation; The tears were gushing from her gentle eyes, I wish, indeed, they had not had occasion, But who, alas! can love, and then be wise? Not that remorse did not oppose temptation; A little still she strove, and much repented, And whispering "I will ne'er consent
Seite 21 - Strehla flung the emptied jug on the bricks with a force that shivered it to atoms, and, rising to his feet, struck his son a blow that felled him to the floor. It was the first time in all his life that he had ever raised his hand against any one of his children.
Seite 180 - Kennard turned from her with a low, inarticulate cry, and throwing himself into a chair, he covered his face with his hands.
Seite 382 - There are as good fish in the sea as ever was caught," she left time and other youthful faces to soothe his bitterness.
Seite 378 - Louis, sinking back in his chair and covering his face with his hands. " There won't be much peace for us, I fear...
Seite 373 - Have done with your kissing and be off, or you will be too late for the train. By the way, Arthur, you have forgotten the young man who was to go with you to Europe as your ' companion,1 you know ? "
Seite 265 - He knew he was not guilty of the crime for which he had been...
Seite 199 - ... as a warning to all ambitious young men who are tempted to marry actresses.
Seite 159 - ... she did not know what to say, or what to do. And so she quickened her pace, turned away her head, and remained silent.

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