Beyond the Philosopher's Fear: A Cavellian Reading of Gender, Origin and Religion in Modern Skepticism

Routledge, 5 de dez. de 2016 - 188 páginas
Based on a detailed analysis of gender in Stanley Cavell's treatment of the skeptical problem, this book addresses the relationship between gender and religion in modern skepticism. Engaging in dialogue with Julia Kristeva's philosophy, Viefhues claims that a religious problem underlies Cavell's understanding of the feminine. The feminine which the skeptic fears is construed as a placeholder for the beyond, marking the transcendence of our origins which are elusive yet at the same time part of ourselves. It is argued that a religious question of origins thus lies at the heart of the modern skeptical problem.

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Cavell on Skepticism and Gender?
What is it in Language that
From Criteria to Projection
What Makes
Privacy and Public
Emersonian Authorship as the Office of
Beyond the Singing Body? Gender and Skepticism
Nostalgia for Mothers
A Theological History of Skepticism
A New Religious Imagination for the Morning

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Ludger H. Viefhues-Bailey is Assistant Professor for Methods and Theory in the Study of Religion, Department of Religious Studies, Yale University, USA.

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