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present to express their sentiments glorious truths. He spoke with that and remarks on the delightful subject affection and fervor, which plainly before them. Several ihen rose in indicate that the Doctrines of the New suc, ession, and delivered their views Church have taken a strong hold of on the spiritual signification of the lis ruling love; and from the many Psalın and its beautiful application to lucid and edifying remarks which he all states of love and charity, univers. made, it was evident that he possesses ally relating to the church, but in par. those talents which enable him to conticular to the human mind, which firm and illustrate the doctrines he wbeo regenerate is a churcb in minia. has so affectionately espoused. ture. We were, however, extremely The chairman conclnded by a va. delighted with the address of Mr. riety of instructive and edifying reAbbott, who has lately arrived at marks, on the subject of mutual or Liverpool, and who in all probability brotherly love ; and the meeting sepa. will be of eminent service to the Lord's rated, highly delighted with the heaChurch in this city. He has evidently vcnly feast they had enjoyed. devoted many years to the study of

F. W. the Heavenly Doctrines and their


On September 3, 1840, departed this who had been excluded from the Melife, in the 79th year of his age, Mr. thodist Society for embracing the docJOSEPH MILSOM, for thirty-seven trine of ihe Trinity, as set forth by E. years a respecied and consistent mem- S., sent for me to read a book that ber of the New Church, in Leeds. had been lent bim by his friend Rev. From an early period of his life he Joseph Wright, of Keighley. I had was seriously inclined; and when a not read far before I was convinced it boy (12 years of age) he was fond of was the truth; and I said to my friend, reading the bistory of Joseph. This This is the very thing I have been seekhe remarks in his diary, from which I ing for. This book was tbe first vosulejoin a few extracts. In the year lume of the Arcana Cælestia. Again, 1794, and the thirty-third year of his he writes,—" lo my forty-second year, age, he was admitted into the Metho. on Easter Sunday, April 10, 1803, I dist Society (living then at his native was baptized into the faith of the New place, near Bath); and, as he states, Church. A woman and an infant were 1. I often went out into the fields in the baptized at the same time, which corevening and prayed to the Lord to di responds to good and truth, and the rect me. I was very desirous to have affection thereof.” Again,-“In my an experimental knowledge of the fifty, sixth year, soon after my birthLord, and bearing of a revival in York. day, I was taken ill, but was very shire, particularly in Leeds, I left happy in my mind, and resigned to the home, but was greatly disappointed to will of the Lord. And now I began to find there was no more religion in Leeds see more interiorly, and to bave a than in the place I left; they were clearer perception of the Word iban I more like the shouting prophets of had experienced before.” (1824, sixtyBaal.” Again,-he relates his intro- third year of his age): “ Nothing very duction to a knowledge of the doc- material transpired these seven years trines of the New Jerusalem Church, past, but I am inore in freedom ; for, which occurred in the year 1802, and whom the Sun maketh free, they are in the forty-first year of his age, he free indeed. No man is free wbo sees says, “ A particular friend of mine, through the medium of another mar.

I see for myself by an interior way.” Jast sleep, in which state he remained -(1838, seventy-seventh year of my until the heart beat its last pulse. The age, complete): “My interior memory is interment of the mortal remains took become so good and clear, that I can place on the following Sunday, at the read my past life as in a book; and I cemetery, wbere I was permitted to have the remembrance of every re. officiate on the solemn occasion. A markable transaction from my youth to great number of strangers were prethe present time."

sent, so that I took the opportunity of These simple statements speak the addressing them on the subject of death, vovarnished truth, and delineate, as and the doctrine of the resurrection it were, the interior states of spiritual and a future state. I then announced advancement, as years rolled on in the my intention of improving the event natural life of the deceased. Here we on the subsequent Sunday evening, have ample testimony, deliberately which was done accordingly, and some written in his private moments, of the strangers attended the service. The setiled and happy state of mind of this discourse was based on the following exemplary member of the New Church, passage, Genesis I. 24 : “ And Joseph after his cordial reception of its heaven said unto his bretbren, I die; and God Jy verities. For, after that period, no. will surely visit you, and bring you thing is intimated of his seeking a fur- out of this land unto the land which he ther knowledge of the Lord (in a doc- sware to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Ja. trinal sense), as in times when he be- cob.” The sermon, though rather longed to other Christian communities. lengthy, was, I am happy to observe, (He had belonged to several, as he listened to with apparently great instates in his diary.) Here he found a terest. May the Word of divine truth solid basis on which to stand; he on that occasion prove effectual in the ceased to build upon the sand, and renewal to spiritual life of the hearers, commenced building on the rock. agreeably with the divine declaration, Placed on this foundation, firm as the “The dead sball hear the voice of the eternal throne, his doubts and bis love of God, and they that hear shall anxious searchings and inquiries after live !" Every such event speaks to all, the true doctrine respecting the Lord, and sounds the note for preparation. ceased to disturb bis mind; nor was From the knowledge we had of our dehe ever after “given to change." In parted friend, we may apply the words him we had an example of punctuality to him, “ Blessed are the dead who die in attending the stated periods of divine in the Lord.” Although we may not worship. The system of habitual ab. “attain to the days of the years of his senteeism among members in any so- pilgrimage," yet our death, like his, ciety is discouraging to the minister; may be sudden. One Lord's day he a bad example to young members and worshiped in the Lord's earthly couris, others who may sometimes feel so in- and ere another arrived, he entered clined ; and far from being inviting to upon an eternal Sabbath, in that world strangers. Our departed friend, not"where the wicked cease from troubwithstanding his advanced age, and the ling, and where the weary are at rest.” distance of bis home from our place of Leeds, Sep. 16, 1840. J. CULL. worship, was present on the Lord's On the 191h of September, 1840, day previous to his death, which was entered on the life of eternity, Mrs. on the following Thursday morning. MARY BRAGG, of Birmingham, in the On that Lord's day I was on a mis- 83rd year of her age, and the 50th of sionary visit to Keighley, and on my her connexion with the New Church. return received the intelligence of his It was the privilege of Mrs. Bragg illness. I accordingly visited him, but to be brought up from infancy by pafound him deprived of speech and of rents who “ feared the Lord, and deconsciousness, in a loud-breathing, and parted from evil." While yet young,

n. 8. NO. XII.-VOL. I.

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she became a member of the Indepen. whole family, consisting of nine per. dent Church, in Castle Green, Bristol; sons, and three generations, were soon and till her marriage and removal to baptized into the faith of the New Birmingham, in 1783, coptinued to Church, by that excellent and vene. walk in the doctrine aud ordinances of rable man, the late Rev. Joseph Proud. the Lord as far as she knew them. Pre- As the divine truths of the New Jeruvious to her removal, ber mind, with salem gradually opened to their underthat of her husband, her father, and standings, they were also received with other members of the Church, had be. affection into their wills. This was a gun to entertain doubts on the subject time of joy and rejoicing; they were of the orthodox view of the Trinity. encamped at Elim, enjoying the Before availing themselves of the in- shady palm trees, and the refreshing troductory letter wbich they took from waters, and with Peter, they were disthe Church in Bristol, to that of Carr's posed to say, “Master, it is good for Lane, in Birmingham, Mr. and Mrs. us to be here.” Some few, perbaps, Bragg wished to become better ac. who still survive, can remember this quainted with the views of other bodies time, and the gloom which shortly after of Christians, and for this purpose they overspread the Church, where many attended the worship of the Baptists, who had gone thus far, in the time of Methodists, and Universalists. The apparent prosperity, turned back, and doctrine of Universal Restitution, “ walked po more with us :" and wben though it never made decided converts those who yet remained faithful, felt of them, yet contributed greatly to like the mourning disciples on tbeir way unsettle their old views, and to pre to Emmaus, wben they said, “We pare them for the glorious light which trụsted that it had been He who should was about to dawn upon them. A Uni. have redeemed Israel." versalist preacher lent them, as he said, a In the year 1793 the leadings of Di. very ridiculous book, which would make

vine Providence took Mrs. Bragg and them laugh, the Treatise on Heaven her family to New York, where, for a and Hell. Its effect, however, was dif. time, the tide of worldly prosperity apferent from wbat had been anticipated. peared to be set in. They found not a It appeared to them very wonderfutand single member of the New Church very beautiful; and, to use Mrs. B.'s there ; but in a short time Mr. William own words, she neither believed nor Hill arrived from London ; Mr. Mott disbelieved it. In this state of mind, and family from Birmingham ; and Mr. with love to the Lord and his Word as Banks and family from Norwich; and fervent as ever, yet dissatisfied with one poor man, whose name is not retheir vid views of doctrine, and uncon. membered ; and of these the first asvinced of the truth of what was offered sembly (probably) of New Church worin the place thereof, Mrs. B. and her shipers in the United States was formed, husband, her father, mother, and two in Mr. Bragg's house.t In the latter sisters", in different parties, and with. end of 1796, Mrs. B. returned to Eng. out previous agreement, were present land, having buried her husband and at the opening of the Temple in 1791. + Since writing the above, I find in On their assembling at dinner, as was the New Jerusalem Journal, of 1792, their custom on the Sabbath day, they that a small congregation had been formed were all eager to express their delight in Baltimore, in that year. with the doctrines they had heard. Nor İ Mr. Bragg had procured, through was this delight transient. Increasing Mr. Proud, a set of such of the works of knowledge brought with it increasing Swedenborg as were then translated, which love for the New Dispensation, and the

he presented in the name of the New

Church in England, to the New York city * Mrs. Elizabeth and Mrs. Martha Perry, library. They were willingly received, whose deaths are recorded in Nos. 19 and and a letter of thanks was written by the 60 of the Intellectual Repository, last President to Mr. Proud. Before leaving series.

America, Mrs. Bragg called on the Presi

three children, born in America, and ferized the earlier period of her return baptized by Mr. Hill, who proved him from America ; and her spirit was never self a most sincere and generous friend weary of acknowledging the merciful to the widow and her fatherless children. goodness of the Lord. Her sphere may From that time, for many years, the life be truly described as one of continual of Mrs. B. was a perpetual series of gratitude, thankfulness, and praise. Her trials, calling for the constant exercise temper, naturally warm and hasty, of faith and trust in that Divine Pro. was wonderfully subdued by Christian vidence whose wonderful dealings she principle. She was conspicuous for her had hitherto remarkably experienced. love of order; and nothing but inability In all her trials, however, she found ever prevented her attention to the or. the Word of the Lord a strong tower, dinances of worship. into which she could run and be safe; Several of her latter years were spent and that Word, with the inestimable in much weakness and occasional illwritings of the New Church scribe, ness; at such seasons her spirits rose, formed her armour of proof, in which and she looked forward with joy to the she was enabled to withstand all as. period of her separation from this world. saulis, both from without and from When her health was restored it seemed within. Soon after her husband's death sometimes like a disappointment to her. a very kind and sincere friend, suppos. She came to her end at last, like a ing she might have been led astray by shock of corn fully ripe in its season. affection to her husband, wrote her a For several days previous she fancied very long letter, endeavoring to restore that she had an infant in bed with her, her to what he considered the true fold and was particularly careful that no of Christ. But her faith was not built one should touch it but herself. On upon man, and the efforts of man to the evening before her departure her shake it were vain : every day made daughter said to her, “Mrs. M. and her confidence more firm in the reality Miss D. are come to see you.” She of those things which she had believed. answered, “Come to sing ?” o I am Many of her latter years were free glad of that. Let them sing," Go and from those severe trials which charac sin no more."'* On the following dent, and offered to be the bearer of any morning when she appeared consicommunication he might wish to make to derably better, she expired very sudMr. Proud. He received her very politely, denly, without uttering a word, but in and said, that he should be happy to cor- perfect peace. « Blessed are the dead respond with Mr. P. on any literary sub- that die in the Lord.” ject. Of Swedenborg he said, “ He was a


J. K. B. wonderful old man ;" but he did not appear at all to have entered into the merits of * No. 81, Conference Hymn Book. his works.


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- Doctrines of the Trinity, Glory the Lord had with the Father 163
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a Science? ...... 226, 228, 262, 497 | Lord, The, the Living Bread ......... 145

- Extracts from Lord's First Appearance to E. S.,
Richer ........................ 351, 455 On the ................ 409, 476, 510
Critical Remarks on the “Atonement” 215 Love of the Useful in Education ... 373
Cure for Dissentions among Christians 8 Mind, On the, as an organized Form 167
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