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What have they done, those Mexicans, .

I should be glad to know?
I think I never heard before
Of killing people so!

Done!--they're a weak and paltry race;

And all the papers say
They owe our nation certain sums
Which they will never pay.

Well; Sammy Jones is owing me

A sixpence for a knife ;
I'll go some night and burn him out,
And take the fellow's life !

What! take his life?--what do you mean?

Restrain your wicked tongue ;
You would be tried for murder, boy,
And on the gallows hung!

Then why not hang the volunteers ?-

Is it more wicked then,
To shoot and kill a single boy
Than kill five thousand men ?

Boy! boy! you're talking rather wild ;

You'd better go up stairs
And go to bed—it's getting late-


t forget your prayers !

Burritt's Waterloo Series." NOT MIGHT, BUT LIGHT. BEMOAN, thou seven-hilled Church, each bloodstained deed!

And still the frenzy of mistaken rage

The untimely product of a barbarous age ;
The faggot blazes, and the Church must bleed,
To shew the triumphs of a rival creed !
. Uproot the stake, the jagged flames assuage ;

To prove thy strength, in mercy's works engage.

Attend the needy, and the hungry feed,

The widow comfort, and the orphan cheer;

The God of Heaven thy practice shall approve : And he who healed the high priest's servant's ear, Shall stand propitious in thy changed career.

Thus shalt thou call a blessing from above,
And teach the precepts of the God of love.


(Numb. xxiv. 17.) From Dr. Collyer's Hymns of Israel,"* " I shall not see him now,

“ But Jacob's Star shall rise : A Prince with splendour on his brow,

“ And lightning in his eyes.
**The sceptre in his hand

“Will have resistless sway;
Nations must bow to his command,

" And all the earth obey.

“ I shall not see him nigh,

« Though I behold his face"-
So Balaam spake—so all must die,

Who slight Messiah's grace.

Arise, O promised Star,

And scatter Israel's night!
Shed thy sweet influence from afar,

And bless them with thy light!
O David's Lord and Son,

Speed the predicted hour,
When they shall hail Thee on Thy throne,

In all thy sceptred power !

* London : Aylott & Jones. pp. 66. 6d. We are delighted to nee our kind and venerated friend once more in print-as always, in a good causo


(Psa. 1. 7—15.) From Dr. Collyer's Hymns for Israel.

“Hear, O my people,” saith the Lord,
“ The testimony of my word,
“Not for thine offerings I reprove,
“ Nor ask external shows of love ;
“ Not for thy flocks mine altars call,
I take no bullock from thy stall.

" Mine are the beasts in forests bred;
“ The cattle on the mountains fed ;
“ The birds that wing their airy way,
“ And round the rocky summits play;
! The savage and the tame are mine,
I claim them all by right divine.

“ If craving hunger I could feel, “ Think'st thou to thee I would appeal ? “ To thee—when all the world I own, “ And all the fulness it hath known? “ Deem'st thou the flesh of bulls my food, " Or that of goats I drink the blood ?

“ To me with humble praise draw nigh, And pay thy vows to God Most High ; “ In trouble bring thy griefs to me, “ And I will thy deliverer be ; “ The succour and defence be thine, " And all the grace and glory mine !"

O Israel ! may these words of love
Resistless in their influence prove
Lead thee to seek Messiah's face,
And own the riches of his grace,
A sacrifice, for sin who bled,
And suffered in the sinner's stead!

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