History of American Steam Navigation

W. F. Sametz & Company, Incorporated, 1908 - 630 páginas

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Página 215 - ... to imprisonment for not less than three months nor more than three years, for every such failure or violation; and the spirits as to which such failure or violation shall take place shall be forfeited to the United States.
Página 605 - ... uniform and unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of twenty points of the compass ; so fixed as to throw the light ten points on each side of the ship, viz. from right ahead to two points abaft the beam on either side...
Página 18 - In the exercise of this power, congress has passed "an act for enrolling and licensing ships or vessels to be employed in the coasting trade, and fisheries, and for regulating the same.
Página 603 - If, when steam vessels are approaching each other, either vessel fails to understand the course or intention of the other, from any cause, the vessel so in doubt shall immediately signify the same by giving several short and rapid blasts, not less than four, of the steam whistle.
Página 471 - Recent discoveries render it probable that these mines are more extensive and valuable than was anticipated. The accounts of the abundance of gold in that territory are of such an extraordinary character as would scarcely command belief were they not corroborated by the authentic reports of officers in the public service, who have visited the mineral district, and derived the facts which they detail from personal observation.
Página 595 - That if the person in command shall, after being so admonished by either of such officers, elect to pursue such voyage, he may do the same: but in such case both he and the owners of such steamer shall be answerable for all damages which shall arise to the person of any passenger, or his baggage, from such causes in so pursuing the voyage, and no degree of care or diligence shall in such case be held to justify or excuse the person in command, or the owners.
Página 604 - ... shall have arrived within half a mile of such curve or bend, shall give a signal by one long blast of the steam whistle...
Página 604 - ... fails to understand the course or intention of the other, whether from signals being given or answered erroneously, or from other causes, the pilot so in doubt shall immediately signify the same by giving...
Página 21 - My steamboat voyage to Albany and back has turned out rather more favorable than I had calculated. The distance from New York to Albany is one hundred and fifty miles : I ran it up in thirtytwo hours, and down in thirty. I had a light breeze against me the whole way, both going and coming, and the voyage has been performed wholly by the power of the steam-engine. I overtook many sloops and schooners beating to windward, and parted with them as if they had been at anchor. " The power of propelling...
Página 603 - ... or nearly so, the pilot so first deciding shall immediately give two short and distinct blasts of his whistle, which the pilot of the other steamer shall answer promptly by two similar blasts of his whistle, and they shall pass to the left, or on the starboard, side of each other.

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