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Thanks are due to the following publishers for permission to include
selections from the volumes enumerated below:
The Macmillan Company for
Selections from the collected poems of:
Ananda Acharya

Vachel Lindsay
Matthew Arnold

Percy Mackaye
Alice Brown

John Masefield
Dinah Muloch Craik

Frederick Wm. H. Myers
Mary Carolyn Davies

John G. Neihardt
Edward Dowden

Edwin Arlington Robinson
Mrs. Edward Dowden

George Wm. Russell (A. E.)
Norman Gale

James Stephens
Hamlin Garland

Rabindranath Tagore
Wilfred W. Gibson

Sara Teasdale
Wm. Ernest Henley

Edith M. Thomas
Ralph Hodgson

Alfred Tennyson
William Noel Hodgson

William Watson
Horace Holley,

William B. Yeats
Kabir (E. Indian, trans, by Tagore) Israel Zangwill
D. Appleton and Company for

William Cullen Bryant-From Thanatopsis.
William Cullen Bryant-To a Waterfowl.
William Cullen Bryant-The Poet.
Wm. E. H. Lecky-Of an Old Song.

Richard Henry Dana-Immortality,
Allen and Unwin for

Edward Carpenter-Five selections from "Towards Democracy." Basil Blackwell for

Gerald Gould-The Happy Tree (from "Collected Poems”). Bobbs-Merrill Company for

James W. Riley-Away! (from "Collected Poems”). Boni and Liveright for

Two selections from "The Modern Book of French Verse."

One selection from “The Path of the Rainbow” (Cronyn). Brentano's for

Harry Kemp He Did Not Know (from "Chanteys and Ballads”).

Harry KempGod the Architect and Prayer (from "The Cry of Youth”). A, C, Fifield for

Wm. H. Davies-Christ the Man (from "Songs of Joy').
Century Company for

Wm. C. Gannett- The Highway.
Wm. C. Gannett-The Stream of Faith.
Wm. C. Gannett-Consider the Lilies (from "Collected Poems").


Helen Keller-The Garden of the Lord (from "The World I Live In").
S. Weir Mitchell— Vespers (from "Complete Poems").
James Oppenheim-The New God (from "War and Laughter").
Cale Young Rice- The Mystic (from "Collected Poems and Plays”).
Cale Young Rice-Providence (from "Wraiths and Realities"').
Cale Young Rice--Litany for Latter Day Saints (from "Shadowy Thresh-

olds"). Richard Wightman-The Pilgrim, and The Servants (from “Ashes and

Cambridge University Press for

Chas. Hamilton Sorley-Selections from "Marlborough and other Poems." W. B. Conkey Company for

Selections from the collected poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox. T. Y. Crowell Company for Selections from collected poems of George Eliot, Sarah K. Bolton, Alice

Cary, Phæbe Cary. George H. Doran Company for Wilton Agnew Barrett-A New England Church (from "Songs of the

Journey”). Joyce Kilmer-Trees, and Poets (from "Collected Poems”). Charles Hanson Towne-Silence. Charles Hanson Towne--Of One Self-Slain ,(from "A World of Win.

John Oxenham-Some Blesseds (from "The Vision Splendid").
E. P. Dutton and Company for

Katherine Lee Bates-America the Beautiful
Katherine Lee Bates-- The Kings of the East (from “The Return").
Mrs. Edward Dowden-Adrift.
Frances Ridley Havergal-Reality:
Frances Ridley Havergal--Thou Art Coming!
Winifred M. Letts—The Spires of Oxford.
Sir Alfred C. Lyall-Meditations of a Hindu Prince.
George MacDonald-Prayer.
George MacDonald-Lost and Found.
George MacDonald-That Holy Thing.
St. Patrick-The Deer's Cry (from "Ancient Irish Poetry").
Sir Lewis Morris-Beginnings of Faith.

May Riley Smith-The Uninvited Guest.
Doubleday, Page and Company for

Rudyard Kipling-The Sons of Martha.
Rudyard Kipling--L'Envoi.
Edwin Markham--Poesy (from “Gates of Paradise and other Poems").
Edwin Markham-Prayer, and The Man with the Hoe (from "The Man

with the Hoe and Other Poems”). Edwin Markham-Revelation (from "The Shoes of Happiness and other

Edwin Markham-A Guard of the Sepulcher (from “Lincoln and other

Seumas MacManus--In Dark Hour.

Walt Whitman-Five selections from collected works.
Duffield and Company for

Richard Hovey--Immanence.
Richard Hovey-Transcendence.
Richard Hovey-Unmanifest Destiny.
D. H, Lawrence-Dreams Old and Nascent.
George Santayana-Two sonnets.
William Sharp (Fiona Macleod)-Five selections from "Collected Poems."

Four Seas Company for

Richard Aldington-Vicarious Atonement. Funk and Wagnalls Company for

Richard Realf—The Word.

Israel Zangwill—Selections from “Blind Children.” Harcourt, Brace and Company for

Louis_Untermeyer-- Prayer (from "Challenge").

Carl Sandburg—Manufactured Gods (from "Smoke and Steel"). Hart Wagner Company (San Francisco) for

Joaquin Miller—The Fortunate Isles (from "Complete Poetical Works"). Harper and Brothers for

Don Marquis-The God-Maker, Man (from "Dreams and Dust").
Algernon C. Swinburne—The Hymn of Man.

Albert Bigelow Paine- The Hills of Rest.
Henry Holt and Company for

Arthur Colton-Harps Hung Up in Babylon.
Carl Sandburg-To a Contemporary Bunkshooter (from "Chicago Poems").
Herbert Trench-I Seek Thee in the Heart Alone.
Margaret Widdemer-Barter.
Margaret Widdemer-The New Victory.

Margaret Widdemer-The Awakened War God.
Houghton, Mimin Company for
Selections from collected works of:

Amy Lowell
Joel Benton

James Russell Lowell
Anna H. Branch

Edward Rowland Si!1
John Burroughs

Wm. Wetmore Story
Christopher Pearse Cranch

Edmund C. Stedman
Sir Aubrey de Vere

Harriet Beecher Stowe
Hilda Doolittle

Henry D. Thoreau
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Edith M. Thomas
Oliver W. Holmes

John Drinkwater
Julia Ward Howe

Margaret Deland
Richard Watson Gilder

Wm. Dean Howells
John Hay

Wm. Vaughn Moody
Emma Lazarus

John G. Whittier
Henry W. Longfellow

Josephine P. Peabody
Samuel Longfellow

Jones Very
B. W. Huebsch for

D. H. Lawrence-Dreams Old and Nascent (from "Amores").

Irene Rutherford Macleod - The Rebel.
Mitchell Kennerly for

Florence Kiper Frank-The Jew to Jesus,
Yone Noguchi-The Poet.
Shaemas O'Sheel—"They Went Forth to Battle. but They Always Fell.”

Shaemas O'Sheel-"He Whom a Dream Hath Possessed.
Alfred A. Knopf for

Eunice Tietjens--The Great Man.
Osbert Sitwell-How Shall We Rise to Greet the Dawn? (from "Argonaut

and Juggernaut"). John Lane Company for

Lascelles Abercrombie-Selection from "The Seeker."
Rupert Brooke-Three Sonnets.
Ethel Clifford–The Harp of Sorrow (from "Songs and Dreams").
William J. Dawson--Inspirations (from “America and Other Poems”).
Ernest Dowson--Vitæ Summæ Brevis (from "Collected Poems").

G. K. Chesterton--Five selections from "Collected Poems."
Angela Morgan-Hail Man! and God Prays! (from "Forward March").
Sir Henry Newbolt- The Final Mystery.
Stephen Philipps-Grief and God, and The Poet's Prayer (from "New

Francis Thompson-Three selections from "Collected Works."

Richard Le Gallienne-The Second Crucifixion.
Little, Brown and Company for
Selections from collected works of:

Edwin Arnold
Frances Bourdillon
John White Chadwick
Emily Dickinson
Helen Hunt Jackson
Jean Iagelow

Edward Everett Hale
Longmans, Green and Company for

Eva Gore Booth-Harvest.
Eva Gore Booth-Crucifixion.

William Morris–The Day is Coming.
Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Company for
Richard Burton-God's Garden and The Song of the Ursuccessful (from

"Message and Melody”). Alfred Domett--A Christmas Hymn. Sam Walter Foss- The Higher Catechism, and The House by the Side of

the Road (from "Dreams in Homespun").
Ednah D. Cheney-The Larger Prayer.
Thomas Bird Mosher for
Thomas S. Jones, jr.-The Path of the Stars (from "A Voice in the

Lizette Woodworth Reese--A Little Song of Life (from "A Wayside

John Addington Symonds-Invocation, and The Human Outlook (from

“Collected Poems”).
Arthur W. Upson-Failures (from "Collected Poems”).

John Vance Cheney-The Happiest Heart. Newbegin for

Thomas Edward Brown.-Disguises, and My Garden.
The Oxford University Press for

Rhys Carpenter-The Master Singers.
Rhys Carpenter-Who Bids Us Sing? (from "The Sun-Thief and Other

John Clare-The Peasant Poet.
William Rider and Son for

Arthur Edward Waite-Selections from "Collected Poems."
G. P. Putnam's Sons for

Wm. H. Carruth-Each in His Own Tongue and other Poems.
Jeannette Gilder--My Creed (Putnam's Magazine).
Ella Heath- Poetry.
Charles Hamilton Sorley— The Seekers, Expectans Expectavi, and another

selection from “Marlborough.” A. M. Robertson (San Francisco) for

George Sterling--Omnia Exeunt in Mysterium (from "The Breakers"). Sidgwick and Jackson for

Lawrence Housman-The Continuing City (from "Selected Poems").
Katherine Tynan Hinkson-- Three selected poems.

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