American Houses: A Variety of Original Designs for Rural Buildings ; Illustrated by Twenty-six Colored Engravings, with Descriptive References

Henry B. Ashmead, 1861 - 28 páginas

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Página 5 - ASSAYER'S GUIDE : Or, Practical Directions to Assayers, Miners, and Smelters, for the Tests and Assays, by Heat and by Wet Processes, for the Ores of all the principal Metals, of Gold and Silver Coins and Alloys, and of Coal, etc. By OSCAR M. LIEBER.
Página 2 - METALLIC ALLOYS: Being a Practical Guide to their Chemical and Physical Properties, their Preparation, Composition, and Uses. Translated from the French of A. GUETTIER, Engineer and Director of Founderies, author of "La Fouderie en France,
Página 4 - THE PRACTICAL BRASS AND IRON FOUNDER'S •" GUIDE. A Concise Treatise on Brass Founding, Moulding, the Metals and their Alloys, etc.; to which are added Recent Improvements in the Manufacture of Iron, Steel by the Bessemer Process, etc.
Página 7 - A MANUAL OF THE ART OF BOOK-BINDING: Containing full instructions in the different Branches of Forwarding, Gilding, and Finishing. Also, the Art of Marbling Bookedges and Paper. By JAMES B. NICHOLSON. Illustrated.
Página 10 - The Electro.Magnetic Telegraph; With an Historical Account of its Rise, Progress, and Present Condition. Also, Practical Suggestions in regard to Insulation and Protection from the Effects of Lightning. Together with an Appendix containing several important Telegraphic Devices and Laws. By Lawrence Turnbull, MD, Lecturer on Technical Chemistry at the Franklin Institute.
Página 8 - REGNAULT. — Elements of Chemistry : By MV REGNAULT. Translated from the French by T. FORREST BETTON, MD, and edited, with Notes, by JAMES C. BOOTH, Melter and Refiner US Mint, and WILLIAM L. FABER, Metallurgist and Mining Engineer. Illustrated by nearly 700 wood-engravings. Comprising nearly 1,500 pages. In two volumes, 8vo., cloth . $7.50 RICHARDS.— Aluminium : Its History, Occurrence, Properties, Metallurgy and Applications, including its Alloys.
Página 7 - NEWBERY. — Gleanings from Ornamental Art of every style : Drawn from Examples in the British, South Kensington, Indian, Crystal Palace, and other Museums, the Exhibitions of 1851 and 1862, and the best English and Foreign works. In a series of loo exquisitely drawn Plates, containing many hundred examples.

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