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sucker of Jesse hath budded : a Virgin hath brought
forth him, who is God and man: God hath restored
peace by reconciling in his person the highest things
with the lowest. Alleluia.
After Septuag. instead of Alleluia and V. is said

TRACT, Gaude. lviii. GOSPEL. Luke ix, 27, 28. Al that time; Whilst Jesus spoke to the multitude : A certain woman from the crowd lifting up her voice said to him : Blessed is the womb that bore thee, and the paps that gave thee suck: but he said : Yea, rather bles: sed are they who hear the word of God and keep it.

From EASTER to PENTECOST. GOSPEL. John. xix. 25, 27. At that time: There stood by the cross of Jesus, his mother, and his mother's sister, Mary of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalen. When Jesus therefore had seen his mother and the disciple standing, whom he loved, he said to his mother: Woman, behold thy son. After that, he saith to his disciple: Behold thy mother. And from that hour the disciple took her to his own.


Thou art truly happy, O sacred Virgin Mary, and most worthy of praise : for out of thee arose the Sup of righteousness, Christ our God.


Blessed art thou, O Virgin Mary, who didst bear the Creator of all things: thou didst bring forth him, who made thee, and remainest a Virgin for ever, Alleluia.


Hail Mary, full of grace; the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women : and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

SECRET. May, O Lord, by thy own mercy, and the intercession of blessed Mary, ever a Virgin, this oblation procure us peace and happiness both in this life, and in that which is to come. Thro'


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COMM. Blessed is the womb of Mary, the Virgin which bore the Son of the eternal Father.

P. COMM. Sumptis. Having received, O Lord, what is to advance our salvation; grant we may always be protected by the patronage of blessed Mary ever a Virgin, in whose honour we have offered this sacrifice to thy Majesty. Thro'. When a Votive Mass of the B. V. is said on Sa

turday, the II. COLLECT, &c. are as follows, The III. either Ecclesiæ, or Deus omnium.

II. COLLECT. Deus, qui corda. O God, who by the light of the Holy Ghost, has instructed the hearts of the faithful: grant, that by the direction of the same Holy Spirit, we may relish what is right, and always enjoy his consolation. Thro'.

II. SECRET. Sanctify, O Lord, the offerings we have made ; and cleanse our hearts by the fire of the Holy Ghost. Thro'.

II. P. COMM. Sancti Spiritus. May the pouring forth of thy Holy Spirit, O Lord, cleanse our hearts, and make them faithful by his inward dow falling on them. Thro'.

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MASS XXVII. From ADVENT TO CHRISTMAS. Introit, Offertory, and Communion, as on the IV.

Sunday of Advent, Collect, Secret, and P. Comm. are the II. Collect, &c. on the first Sunday, &c. Lesson and Gospel as on the Annunciation, the 25th of March.

GRAD. Ps. xxii. Lift up your gates, O ye princes, and be ye lifted up, 0 eternal gates; and the King of glory shall enter in. V. Who shall ascend into the mountain of the Lord: or who shall stand in his holy place? He whose hands are innocent, and whose heart is clean. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou amongst women. Alleluia.

EPT Fomen Beca1 = Christ dhist | Christ,

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INTROIT. Vultum tuum, as in Mass XXI.
Collect, Secret, and P. Comm. as on the CIRCUM-


39. Epistle, Tilus i, and Gospel Luke ii. as in p. 40.

GRAD. Ps. xliv. Thou art beautiful above the
sons of men; grace is poured abroad on thy lips

V. My heart hath uttered a good word; I speak my it: that
works to the king: my tongue is the pen of a
scrivener that writeti swiftly. Alleluia, Alleluita
V. After child-birth thou remainedst still a pure Vir-
gin: 0 Mother of God intercede for us. Aleluia.
After Septuag. instead of Alleluia and V. is said

TRACT, Gaude, Maria, Virgo, cunctas karesex sola interemisti. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou alone hast destroyed all heresies. V. Who didst believe the words of Gabriel the archangel. p. Whilst a Virgin, thou didst bring forth hin that was God and man; and after child-birth didst remain a pure Viru gin. V. O Mother of God, intercede for us.

OFFERT. Thou art truly happy, as in p. Ivi.

COMM. Blessed is the womb of Mary the l'igin, which bore the Son of the eterna! Father.

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Christ and

of you the wil GRAD.



. May the God of Israel join you together: and may he be with you, who #as inerciful to our two first parents, when alone. And now, O Lord, inake them praise thee with a full and sincere heart. Alleluia Alleluia. Ps. Blessed are all ther that fear the Lord, that walk in his wapse V. Glory.

COLLECT. Eraudi nos. Hear us, 0 Almighty and merciful God, that what we according to our office perform, may be abundanty sanctified by thy blessing. Thro'.

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EPISTLE. Eph. V. 22, 33. Brethren: Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord. Because the husband is the head of the wife: as Christ is the head of the Church: he is the Saviour of his body. Therefore as the Church is subject to Christ, so also let the wives be to their husbands in all things. Husbands love your wives, as Christ also loved the Church, and delivered himself up for it: that he might sanctify it, cleansing it by the laver of water in the word of life, that he might present it to himself a glorious Church not having spot or wrinkle, nor any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish. So also ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth bis wife, loveth himself. For no man ever hated his own Mesh: but nourisheth and cherisheth it, as also Christ doth the Church: for we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones. “ For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother: and shall stick to his wise, and they shall be two in one flesh.” This is a great sacrament: but I speak in Christ and in the Church. Nevertheless let every one of you in particular love his wife as himself: and let the wife fear her husband.

GRAD. Ps. cxxvii. Thy wife shall be as a: fruitful vine on the sides of thy house. V. Thy children as olive plants round about thy table. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Ps. xix. May the Lord send thee help from the sanctuary, and defend theo out of Sion. 'Alleluia.

After Septuag. instead of Alleluia and V. is sail'

TRACT. Ps. cxxvii. Behold thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord. V. May the Lord bless thee out of Sion, and mayest thou see the good things of Jerusalem all the days of thy life. V. And mayest thou sce thy children's children: peace upon Israel.

GOSPEL Malt. xix. 3, 6. At that time : The Pharisees came to Jesus, tempting him, and saying:


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SECRET. Receive, we beseech thee, O Lord, bleits,

Is it lawful for a man to put away his wise for every
cause? Who answering said to them: Have ye not
read, that he who made man from the beginning, made
them male and female ? And he said: " for this cause
shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleare
to his wife, and they two shall be in one desha."
Therefore now they are not two, but one flesh.
What therefore God hath joined together, let not to
man put asunder.

OFFERT. Ps. XXX. In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust: I have said: thou art my God: my life is in thy hands.

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the offerings we make for the sacred law of wedlock: and as thou wast the author of this work, be also the regulator thereof. Thro'.

The NUPTIAL BLESSING. After the Pater noster, the Priest standing on the Sulini Epistle sitle, turns towards the Bridegroom and Bride kneeling before him, and says :

Let us pray. Propitiare. MERCIFULLY give ear, O Lord, to our prayers, and let thy grace accompany this thy institution, by which thou hast ordained the propagation of mankind, that this tie, which is made by thy authority, way be preserved by thy grace. Thro?.' R. Amen.

Let us pray. Deus qui potestate. O God, who, by the power of thy might, didst create all things out of nothing: who, at the first forming of the world, having made man to the likeness of God, didst, out of his flesh, make the woman, and give her to him for a helprate: and by this didst inform us, that what in its beginning was one, ought never to be separated. O God, who by so excellent a mystery, hast consecrated this union of the two sexes, and hast been pleased to make it a type of the great sacrament of Christ and his Church. O God, by whom woman is joined to man, and that union, which




turns MAY

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