The ABC of water

Panda Books, 22 de jun. de 2020 - 36 páginas
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Cloud, dew, ice, rain, snow, tear, vapor... Water is playful! Do you know how many different forms of water like to appear? One moment it moves, the other it freezes. Is it pretending to be a statue? Water travels through the sea, jumps down waterfalls, runs through the tap, fills the potty, makes its way through the pipe, exits through the shower. This book, it tells us about its journey in short entries – thoughts, it diary of different moments.

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Selma Maria was born in 1965 in São Paulo and studied fine arts at the FAAP. Since 1986, she has been travelling throughout Brazil, researching childhood, observing how children relate to the world, to their toys, movements, thoughts and how they create their very own language. She works as an artist and educator in different projects related to education for children and teachers and have published several books.

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