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Página xii - ... make use of any office sign at the place where such business is transacted, having thereon any artificial or corporate name, or other words indicating that such place or office is the place or office of a bank...
Página 208 - Undivided pronta, less expenses and taxes paid. National bank notes outstanding . Due to other national banks Due to state banks and bankers...
Página xii - ... any letter-heads, bill-heads, blank notes, blank receipts, certificates, circulars, or any written or printed or partly written and partly printed paper whatever, having thereon any artificial or corporate name, or other word or words, indicating that such business is the business of a bank.
Página iii - The names and compensation of the clerks employed by him, and the whole amount of the expenses of the banking department during the year.
Página x - Upon notes or bonds secured by mortgage lien upon unencumbered real estate worth at least double the amount loaned; the remainder of such deposits may be invested in notes, bills or other evidences of debt, the payment of which is secured by the deposit with the bank, of collateral security consisting of personal property or securities of known marketable value, worth ten per cent more than the amount so loaned and interest for the time of the loan...
Página iii - ... and the total amount of means and resources, specifying the amount of lawful money held by them at the times of their several returns, and such other information in relation to such associations as in his judgment may be useful.
Página 238 - Undivided profits less expenses and taxes paid National bank notes outstanding. . Due to other National banks.... Due to State banks and bankers.
Página x - ... or in the public debt or bonds of any city, county, township, village or school district of any State in the United States which shall have been authorized by the legislature of such State...
Página 250 - Due from state banks and bankers. . Due from approved reserve agents.. Checks and other cash Items Exchanges for clearing house...
Página 271 - Due to other national banks Due to state banks and bankers Dividends unpaid . . . Individual deposits, subject to check.. Demand certificates of deposit . Time...

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