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§ 3. Any alien resident of the United States who shall declare his intention of becoming a citizen of the United States in accordance with the naturalization laws thereof, and every alien female who shall, in good faith, become an actual resident of the United States, shall thereupon be authorized and enabled to take and hold lands and real estate of any kind whatsoever to him or her and bis or her heirs and assigns forever, and may, during six years thereafter, sell, assign, mortgage, devise and dispose of the same in any manner as he or she might or could do if he or she were a natural born citizen of the United States : Provided, that in case of an alien male, he shall at the time of acquiring such lands cause to be recorded in the office of the recorder of deeds of the county in which such lands are situated, a certified copy of his said declaration of intention to become such citizen; and in ca se of an alien female, her affidavit of the fact that she is, in good faith, an actual resident of the United States shall be so filed ; but no such alien, unless he or she be an actual resident of this State, shall have power to lease or devise any real estate which he or she may take or hold by virtue of this provision.

$ 4. If any alien who has declared his intention of becoming a citizen shall not become a naturalized citizen of the United States within six years after the declaration of his intention, and be living, shall not have sold said real estate to purchasers thereof for value, and in good faith, such real estate acquired by him under the authority of this act, shall revert to, escheat, and become the property of the State of Illinois, and it shall then be the duty of the State's Attorney of the county in which said lands are situated, to proceed by information, in the name of the people of the State of Illinois, against such alien in the circuit court of such county, and summons may issue or service be had upon such alien by publication in the same manner as in chancery cases, and such court shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine such information and to order the sale of such lands by a special commissioner, to be appointed by the court at such time and place and upon such conditions and terms as the court may direct, and the court shall tax as costs such fees for the State's attorney as shall be reasonable, and allow to such special commissioner the same fees as are allowed by law to masters in chancery for the sale of lands under decree of foreclosure; and all fees and costs are to be taken out of the proceeds of the sale of such real estate.

$ 5. The special commissioner shall give bond for the performance of his duty, with security, to be approved by the court, and after the approval by the court of the sale of such real estate, shall deposit all money and securities, arising from such sale, with the State Treasurer, and it shall be the duty of the State Treasurer to collect the money due, or to become due, upon such securities : Provided, all securities for unpaid balances of the purchase money of such lands shall be made payable to the people of the State of Illinois.

$ 6. All persons, defendant in said information, and in possession of such lands at the time of the rendition of judgment of sale, shall, on or before the first day of March next, after the rendition of said judgment, deliver possession of said lands to the special commissioner herein provided for.

$ 7. Within ten years after judgment, in any proceeding had under this title, a person, not a party or privy to such proceeding, may file a petition before the Commission of Claims, if there be such commission, and if not, then in the circuit court of Sangamon county, showing his claim or right to the property, or the proceeds thereof. A copy of such petition shall be served on the Attorney General, at least twenty days before the hearing of the petition, who shall answer the same, and the Commission of Claims or said circuit court shall thereupon try the issue according to the rules of practice of such commission or court, and if it be determined that such person is entitled to the property or the proceeds thereof, the property, if it has not been sold, shall be returned and delivered to him, or if it has been sold and the proceeds thereof paid into the State Treasury, then the State shall repay to the petitioner such proceeds in the manner provided by law, but without interest or cost to the State. All persons who fail to appear and file their petitions within the time limited, are forever barred, saving, however, to infants and persons of unsound mind, or persons beyond the limits of the United States, the right to appear and file their petitions at any time within five years after their respective disabilities cease or have been removed.

§ 8. Any alien, non-resident of the United States, who owns land in this State at the time this act takes effect, shall have the right and power to dispose of the same during his lifetime to bona fide purchasers for value, and to take security for the purchase money, with the same right as to such securities as a citizen of the United States, except that if he or his non-resident heirs again obtain title to the said lands on any sale thereof made by virtue of any judgment or decree of any court of law or equity, rendered in order to enforce the payment of any part of such purchase money, he, or his said non-resident heirs, shall only hold the title to said lands for three years after obtaining the same; and if said lands so acquired are not sold in good faith to bona fide purchasers for value within said time, then the said lands shall be forfeited to and escheat to the people of the State of Illinois, in the same manner as provided in this act.

$ 9. Nothing herein contained shall prevent the holder of any lien upon or interest in real estate heretofore acquired from holding or taking a valid title to the real estate in which he has such interest or upon which he has such lien, or prevent any alien from enforcing any lien or judgment for any debt or liability which may hereafter be created, or which he may hereafter acquire, or which may hereafter be adjudged in his favor, or from becoming a purchaser at any sale by virtue of such lien or judgment: Provided, however, that all lands so acquired shall be sold within three years after title shall be perfected in him under such sale, or, in default thereof, that the same shall escheat as provided in this act.

§ 10. An act to amend chapter four, Revised Laws, entitled “Aliens," approved February 17, 1851, in force February 17, 1851, and all other acts and parts of acts in conflict with this act, are hereby repealed.

APPROVED June 16, 1887.



$1. Board of Live Stock Commissioners;

appointment, term of office and

$ 2. Investigation by the board of disease,

and the duties of the board in the
suppression and extirpation defined;
slaughter of animals and destruction

of property.
§ 3. Veterinary surgeon, appointinent and

duties; salary.
§ 4. Epidemic; proclamation by the Gov-

ernor quarantining infected districts
outside of the State; transportation
companies transporting prohibited
animals; penalties for failure to

report disease in this State.
$ 5. Disease in this State; infected locali-

ties quarantined by the Governor. $ 6. Removal or shipment of diseased ani

mals under orders of the board.

§ 7. Notice of quarantine, to owner or

occupant. § 8. Fines collected under this act pa

into county treasury. § 9. Claims against State for slaughtered

animals; how audited and paid. § 10. State veterinarian and assistants

authorized to call upon the officers of the law to enforce the provisions

of this act. $ 11. Board shall co-operate with the

authorities of the United States. $ 12. Board shall keep a record of its pro

ceedings and report annually to the

Governor. $ 13. Per diem and expenses of the board. § 14. Repeals all acts and parts of acts in

conflict with this act. § 15. Emergency.

An Act to amend an act entitled "An act to revise the law in relation

to the suppression and prevention of the spread of contagious and infectious diseases among domestic animals," approved June 27, 1885, in force July 1, 1885.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That "An act to revise the law in relation to the suppression and prevention of the spread of contagious and infectious diseases among domestic animals, amended so as to read as follows:

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That the Governor shall, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoint three practical stock breeders, not more than two of whom shall be members of the same political party, who shall constitute a Board of Live Stock Commissioners, who shall hold their office in the order in which they are named, the first for one year, the second for two years, and the third for three years; and their successors in office shall be appointed for three years each. Before entering on the duties of their office they shall take and subscribe to an oath of office for the faithful performance of their duties as such commissioners, and shall file the same with the Governor.

§ 2.

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It shall be the duty of said Board of Commissioners to cause to be investigated any and all cases or alleged cases coming to their knowledge, of contagious or infectious diseases among domestic animals, and to use all proper means to prevent the spread of such diseases, and to provide for the extirpation thereof; and in the event of reasonable ground for belief that any such contagious or infectious disease has broken out in this State, it shall be the duty of the person owning or having in charge any animal or animals infected with any such disease, or any other person having knowledge or reason to suspect the existence of such disease, to immediately notify said Board of Commissioners or some member thereof, by communication to said board, of the existence of such disease, and thereupon it shall be the duty of said board, or some member thereof, or authorized agent of the board, immediately to cause proper examination thereof to be made, and if said disease shall be found to be a dangerously contagious or dangerously infectious malady, said board or any member thereof, or the State Veterinarian or any assistant veterinarian, shall order said diseased animals, and such as have been exposed to contagion, and the premises in which they are, to be strictly quarantined for such time as the board, or any member thereof, or such veterinarian may deem necessary, not to exceed thirty days, in charge of such person as the board, or any member thereof, or such veterinarian shall designate, and they shall have power to order any premises and farms, where the disease exists, or has recently existed, as well as exposed premises and farms, to be put in quarantine, so that no domestic animal which has been, or is so diseased, or has been exposed to such contagious or infectious disease, shall be removed from the places so quarantined, nor allow any healthy animal to be brought therein, except under such rule or regulation as the said board may prescribe; and said board shall prescribe such regulations as they may deem necessary to prevent such disease from being communicated in any way from the places quarantined. In all such cases of contagious and infectious diseases, the said board or, in case the number of animals shall not exceed five, any member thereof, shall have power to order the slaughter of all such diseased and exposed animals. The said board shall have power to cause to be destroyed all barns, stables, premises, fixtures, furniture and personal property infected with any such contagious or infectious disease, so far as in their judgment may be necessary to prevent the spread of such disease, and where the same cannot be properly disinfected. When the board, upon the written report of the State Veterinarian, or any of his assistants, determine that any animal is affected with, or has been exposed to, any dangerously contagious or infectious disease, the board, or any member thereof, may agree with the owner upon the value of such animals or property, and in case such agreement cannot be made, said board, or the member acting in behalf of the board, may appoint three disinterested citizens of the State to appraise such diseased animal or exposed animals or property. Such appraisers shall subscribe to an oath in writing to fairly value such animal in accordance with the requirements of this act, which oath, together with the valuation fixed by said appraisers, shall be filed with the board and be preserved by them. Upon such appraisement being made, it shall become the duty of the owner to immediately destroy such animal or property and dispose of the same in accordance with the order of said board, or member thereof, and, upon failure to do so, said board, or member thereof, shall cause such animal or animals or property to be destroyed and disposed of, and thereupon the said owner shall forfeit all right to receive the compensation allowed by said appraisers and provided for by this act. When the board, upon the written opinion of the State Veterinarian, determines that any barns, stables, out-buildings or premises are so infected that the same cannot be disinfected, they may quarantine such barns, stables,, out-buildings or premises from use for the animals that may be infected by such use, and such quarantine shall continue until removed by the board, and a violation of such quarantine shall be punished as is provided for violations of other quarantine by this act.

$ 3. The Governor shall appoint a competent veterinary surgeon who shall be known as the State Veterinarian, who, together with his assistants, shall act under the direction of said board in carrying out the provisions of this act. In the event of the inability of the said State Veterinarian to perform all the work which he may be directed to do by said board of commissioners, he may, by and with the advice and consent of said board, appoint such other necessary assistant veterinarians upon terms not exceeding that paid the State Veterinarian. The State Veterinarian shall receive for his services the sum of $8 per day for each day actually employed under the provisions of this act, together with his necessary traveling expenses, to be certified to by said board of commissioners.

$ 4. Whenever said board of commissioners shall report to the Governor that such diseases have become epidemic in certain localities in other states, or that their condition would render such domestic animals liable to convey such diseases, he may, by proclamation, schedule such localities and prohibit the importation of any live stock of the kind diseased into the State, except under such regulations as may be prescribed by the said board and approved by the Governor. Any corporation which shall knowingly transport, receive or convey such prohibited stock shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000 for each and every offense, and shall become liable for any and all damage or loss that may be sustained by any party or parties by reason of such importation or transportation of such prohibited stock. Such penalty shall be recovered in any county in this State into, or through which such stock is brought, upon information filed in the circuit or county court of any such county or the superior court of Cook county. Any person who, knowing that any such contagious or infectious disease exists among his domestic animals, shall conceal such fact, or, knowing of the existence of such disease, shall sell the animal or animals so diseased, or any exposed animal, or knowing the same, shall remove such diseased or infected animals from his premises to the premises of another, or knowing of the

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