Epistolary correspondence. v. 19. Epistolary correspondence. Appendix to the original correspondence between Dean Swift and his friends. Correspondence between Swift and Miss Vanhomrigh

Archibald Constable and Company Edinburgh; White, Cochrane, and Company and Gale, Curtis, and Fenner, London; and John Cumming, Dublin., 1814

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Página 276 - I ought to think, that it is time for me to have done with the world; and so I would, if I could get into a better, before I was called into the best, and not die here in a rage, like a poisoned rat in a hole.
Página 51 - Take care the bad poets do not out-wit you, as they have served the good ones in every age, whom they have provoked to transmit their names to posterity. Maevius is as well known as Virgil, and Gildon will be as well known as you, if his name gets into your verses: and as to the difference between good and bad fame 6 , it is a perfect trifle.
Página 39 - I like the scheme of our meeting after distresses and dispersions ; but the chief end I propose to myself in all my labors is to vex the world rather than divert it...
Página 40 - I have got materials towards a treatise proving the falsity of that definition animal rationale, and to show it should be only rationis capax. Upon this great foundation of misanthropy (though not in Timon's manner) the whole building of my travels is erected ; and I never will have peace of mind till all honest men are of my opinion...
Página 253 - ... Here is an ingenious good-humoured Physician, a fine gentleman, an excellent scholar, easy in his fortunes, kind to every body, hath abundance of friends, entertains them often and liberally, they pass the evening with him at cards, with plenty of good meat and wine, eight or a dozen together ; he loves them all, and they him. He has twenty of these at command; if one of them dies, it is no more than, Poor Tom...
Página 188 - If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great matter if we shall reap your worldly things ? 1 Cor.
Página 276 - Pray, my lord, how are the gardens ? have you taken down the mount, and removed the yew hedges ? Have you not bad weather for the spring corn ? Has Mr. Pope gone farther in his Ethic Poems ?* and is the head-land sown with wheat ? and what says Polybius ? and how does my Lord St.
Página 51 - I tell you after all, that I do not hate mankind; it is vous autres who hate them, because you would have them reasonable animals, and are angry at being disappointed : I have always rejected that definition, and made another of my own.
Página 212 - Shall he have no annuity, you no settlement on this side, and I no prospect of getting to you on the other...
Página 34 - Your travels * I hear much of; my own I promise you shall never more be in a strange land, but a diligent, I hope useful investigation -\ of my own territories. JI mean no more translations, but something domestic, fit for my own country, and for my own time.

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