Crowd Dynamics, Volume 1: Theory, Models, and Safety Problems

Livio Gibelli, Nicola Bellomo
Springer, 22 de jan. de 2019 - 292 páginas
This volume explores the complex problems that arise in the modeling and simulation of crowd dynamics in order to present the state-of-the-art of this emerging field and contribute to future research activities. Experts in various areas apply their unique perspectives to specific aspects of crowd dynamics, covering the topic from multiple angles. These include a demonstration of how virtual reality may solve dilemmas in collecting empirical data; a detailed study on pedestrian movement in smoke-filled environments; a presentation of one-dimensional conservation laws with point constraints on the flux; a collection of new ideas on the modeling of crowd dynamics at the microscopic scale; and others. Applied mathematicians interested in crowd dynamics, pedestrian movement, traffic flow modeling, urban planning, and other topics will find this volume a valuable resource. Additionally, researchers in social psychology, architecture, and engineering may find this information relevant to their work.

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Behavioral Human Crowds
Crowd Dynamics in Virtual Reality
Theory Data and Modelling Approaches
From Empirical Results to Modeling
OneDimensional Conservation Laws with Nonlocal Point Constraints on the Flux
MeasureTheoretic Models for Crowd Dynamics
Numerical Methods for MeanField and Moment Modelsfor Pedestrian Flow
Modelling Interactions Between Active and Passive AgentsMoving Through Heterogeneous Environments
Pedestrian Models Based on Rational Behaviour
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