The American Bookseller: A Semi-monthly Journal Devoted to the Interests of the Book, Stationery, News, and Music Trades, Volume 9

American News Company, 1880

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Página 446 - Handy-Book: Containing a full Explanation of the Steam-Engine Indicator, and its Use and Advantages to Engineers and Steam Users. With Formulae for Estimating the Power of all Classes of Steam-Engines; also. Facts, Figures, Questions, and Tables for Engineers who wish to qualify themselves for the United States Navy, the Revenue Service, the Mercantile Marine, or to take charge of the Better Class of Stationary Steam-Engines.
Página 256 - Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. BUTE. The Roman Breviary : Reformed by Order of the Holy (Ecumenical Council of Trent; Published by Order of Pope St Pius V.; and Revised by Clement VIII. and Urban VIII.; together with the Offices since granted. Translated out of Latin into English by JOHN, Marquess of Bute, KT In 2 vols, crown 8vo.
Página 400 - A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary of the World, containing notices of over 125,000 places, with recent and authentic information respecting the Countries, Islands, Rivers, Mountains, Cities, Towns, etc., in every portion of the globe ; also the Census for 18801890. Originally edited by JOSEPH THOMAS, MD, LL.D., author of " Lippincott's Pronouncing Biographical Dictionary," " Thomas's Pronouncing Medical Dictionary,
Página 165 - J. Cole, DD— The Modern Pharisee and other Sermons. Edited by the Very Rev. HH DICKINSON, DD, Dean of Chapel Royal, Dublin. New and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo, Js.
Página 82 - Including a History of the Beet Sugar Industry in Europe, Varieties of the Sugar Beet, Examination, Soils, Tillage, Seeds and Sowing, Yield and Cost of Cultivation, Harvesting, Transportation, Conservation, Feeding Qualities of the Beet and of the Pulp, &c. By LS WARE. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth extra, 2ls. Sullivan (AM, MP). See
Página 165 - Spalding. -Elizabethan Demonology : An Essay in Illustration of the Belief in the Existence of Devils, and the Powers possessed by Them. By T. ALFRED SPALDING, LL.B. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.
Página 442 - LETTERS TO YOUNG SHOOTERS (Third Series). Comprising a Short Natural History of the Wildfowl that are Rare or Common to the British Islands, with Complete Directions in Shooting Wildfowl on the Coast and Inland. With 200 Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, 18s. Pole.— THE THEORY OF THE MODERN SCIENTIFIC GAME OF WHIST. By WILLIAM POLE, FRS Fcp.
Página 270 - A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by Various Authors.
Página 349 - THE WAVERLEY DICTIONARY: An Alphabetical Arrangement of all the Characters in Sir Walter Scott's Waverley Novels, with a Descriptive Analysis of each Character, and Illustrative Selections from the Text.
Página 176 - Whoever will follow these pages, crayfish in hand, and will try to verify for himself the statements which they contain, will find himself brought face to face with all the great zoological questions which excite so lively an interest at the present day.

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