Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners on the Codification of the General Laws Relating to Railroads, 1871

Wright & Potter, state printers, 1871 - 64 páginas

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Página 49 - That when animals are carried in cars, boats, or other vessels in which they can and do have proper food, water, space, and opportunity to rest the provisions in regard to their being unloaded shall not apply.
Página 22 - ... shall have general supervision of all railroads and shall examine the same and keep informed as to their condition, and the manner in which they are operated for the security and accommodation of the public and their compliance with the provisions of their charters and of law.
Página 23 - ... the public good demands the examination, proceed to make it in the same manner as if called upon by the mayor and aldermen of any city, or the trustees of any township.
Página 23 - Whenever, in the judgment of the railroad commissioners, it shall appear that any railroad corporation fails, in any respect or particular, to comply with the terms of its charter or the laws of the state, or whenever in their judgment any repairs are necessary upon its road, or any...
Página 22 - The board shall be provided with an office in the state house or in some other suitable building in the city of Boston, in which its records shall be kept.
Página 54 - ... and other business upon and connected with said roads in which they are jointly interested, and the manner in which the business shall be done, and apportion to the corporations their respective shares of the expenses, receipts, and income of the same...
Página 23 - ... stations or station houses, or any change in its rates of fare for transporting freight or passengers, or any change in the mode of operating its road and conducting its business is reasonable and expedient in order to promote the security, convenience and accommodation of the public...
Página 49 - Columbia, shall confine the same in cars. boats, or vessels of any description for a period longer than twenty-eight consecutive hours without unloading the same in a humane manner, into properly equipped pens for rest, water, and feeding, for a period of at least five consecutive hours...
Página 25 - The board of railroad commissioners shall make an annual report to the legislature of their doings, including such statements, facts and explanations as will disclose the actual working of the system of railroad transportation in its bearing upon the business and prosperity of the Commonwealth...
Página 48 - If by reason of the negligence or carelessness of a corporation, or of the unfitness or gross negligence or carelessness of its servants or agents while engaged in its business...

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