A Chapter from the Story of Pauline Parsons

William P. Morrison, 1916 - 72 páginas

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Página 46 - I conceive it to be the business of Moral Science to deduce, from the laws of life and the conditions of existence, what kinds of action necessarily tend to produce happiness, and what kinds to produce unhappiness. Having done this, its deductions are to be recognized as laws of conduct ; and are to be conformed to irrespective of a direct estimation of happiness or misery.
Página 71 - What is it all, if we all of us end but in being our own corpse-coffins at last, Swallow'd in Vastness, lost in Silence, drown'd in the deeps of a meaningless Past?
Página 13 - Truths emerge from facts; but they dip forward into facts again and add to them; which facts again create or reveal new truth (the word is indifferent) and so on indefinitely. The "facts" themselves meanwhile are not true.
Página 66 - Then the supply of capital has nothing to do with the rate of wages," suggested Bob. "On the contrary it has everything to do with it — and also with the rate of wages of superintendence. But it has nothing to do with the relation between the rate of wages...
Página 47 - Absolute is not an existence but is 'valid,' 'it is not a thing but an obligation which prescribes beforehand the standards and the ideals of every individual endeavor.
Página 47 - Absolute of the neo-Hegelians," exclaimed Professor Hardy. "The Absolute is not a ghostlike existence but is an eternal rule that is to bind every will in its aim to attain the real world. The Absolute is not an existence but is 'valid...

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