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prayers, what is your name. such a sinner of his

meniory, .. Feerl. 3 8. 1

to credit his own lie. . Pros. I do not know one of my

a. l 8. 2 sex, no woman's face remem- Let me live here ever, so ber, save from my glass, mine rare a wonder'd Father, and own; nor have I seen more, a Wife, make this place parathat I can call men, than you dise. . Ferel. a. 4 s. 1 good friend, and my dear fa- Let us not burden our rether-how features are abroad membrances, with a heaviI'm skilless of, but by my ness, that's gone . . Pros. a 5 Modesty, (the jewel in my s. 1 Dowry,) I would not wish Let grief and sorrow, still any companion in the world embrace his heart, that doth but you, nor can imagination not wish you joy. . Alongo. l. form a shape beside yourself, 5 8. 1 to like of; but I prattle somewhat too wildly and my My affections then Fathers precepts I do therein most humble, I have no amforget.. Miram. a. 3 s. 1 bition to see a goodlier Man

I'm fcol to weep at what .. Miran. a. 1 s. 2
I'm glad of.. Miram. a. 3 s. 1 Misery acquaints a

If I have too austerely with strange Bed-fellows, 1 punished you, your compen- will here shroud till the dregs

, sation make amends, for 1 of the storni be passed. . Trin, have given you a thread of my

a. 2 8.2 own life &c, &c.,. . Prosp. a. Methought the billows, 4 s. 1

spoke and told me of it the 1 warrant you sir, the white winds did sing it me and the cold virgin snow upon my

thunder, that deep and dreadheart, abates the ardour of ful organ-pipe pronounced the

Fred. 4 1 name of Prosper.. Alango. a. Irreparable is the loss and 3 s. 3 patience says 'tis past her cure. . Alongo. a. 2 s. 1

Noble Mistress, 'tis fresh

morning with me, when you Like one who having unto are by at night. . Fred. a. 3 truth, by telling of it, made 1


my Liver..



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that niy



S. 2

Now all the blessings of a

ce, remembrance warglad father, compass thee rants.. Miran. a. I s. 1 about, arise and say how thou Thon art inclined to sleep, cam'st here.-Alongo. a. 5 8.1 'tis a good du'lness, and give


it way, I know thou canst Oh the cry, did knock not choose.. Prosp. a. I s. 2 against my heart, Miran. a.

The fringed curtain of thine 1. s. 5

Eye, advance and say what Oh a Cherubim thou wast, thou see'st yond !.. Prosp. thou didst preserve me, thou

a. 1 s. 2 didst smile, infused with a There's nothing ill can fortitude from Heaven, - dwell in such a temple.. when I have decked the Sea

Miran. a.

1 2 with drops full salt., Prosp.

Thy nerves are in their a. 1 8. 2

infancy again, and have no Oh if you but knew, how you vigour in them.. Pros. a. 1 the purpose cherish whiles thus you mock it, ! how in Thou shalt be as free as stripping it you more invest it mountain winds, but then Ebbing Men indeed, most exactly do all points of my often do so near thc bottom command. . Prosp. a. 1 8. 2 run, by their own fear or The truth you speak doth cloth. . Ant. a. 2 s. 1

lack some gentleness, and

time to speak it in, you rub Şir she is mortal, but by the sore, when you should immortal Providence she is bring the Plaster. . Gou. a. 2 mine, 1 chose her,


1 could not ask my father for

The setting of thine eye and his advice. . Ferd a. 5 s. I cheek proclaim a matter..

Seb. a. 2 s. 1 • The sky it seems would They'll tell the clock, to any pour down stinking pitch, but business, that we say befits that the Sea, mounting to the the hour, they 'll take sugwelkin's Cheek, dashes the gestion as a cat laps milk . fire out.. Mirau, a. 1 s. 2 Ant..2. 1

Tis far off, and rather They will not give a doit to Like a dream than an assuran- relieve a lame Beggar when

when 1"


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they will lay out ten to see a

To the most of men this dead lndian., Trin. a. 2 s. 1 is a Caliban, and they to him

There be some sports are are angels. .Pro. a. 1 8. 2 painful; but their labour delight in them sets off some kinds of baseness, are nobly

Whom I left cooling the

air with sighs, in an odd undergone;- And most poor matters, point to rich ends. angle of the Isle. . Ariel

a. 1 s. 2 .. Ferd. a. 3 8. 1

This my mean task, would Wisely, good sir, weigh be as heavy to me, as 't is

our sorrow,

with our comfort odious; but the Mistress, Gon. a. 2 s. 1 which I serve, quickens

What a spend-thrift he is what's dead, and makes my

of his tongue.. Ant. a. 2 8. 1 labours pleasures; oh, she is ten times more gentle than

What impossible matter, her father's crabbed, and he's

will he make easy next..

Antonio a. 2 8. 1 composed of harshness. Ferd. a. 3 8.1

Wherefore weep you? Travellers ne'er did lie, At mine unworthiness that tho' fools at home condemn

dare not offer what I desire them.. Ant. a. 3. 3 to give, and much less take Their great guilt, like

what I shall die to want; but poison given to work a great this is trifling and all the time after, now 'gins to bite

more it seeks to hide itself the the spirits.. Gonza. a. 3 s. 3 bigger bulk it shews..Mirand ::

The rarer action is in a. 3 8. 1 virtue, than in vengeance. .

Where the Bee sucks there Pros. a. 5 8. 1

suck I. These are

not natural In a cowslip's bell I lie .. events, they strengthen from Ariel a. 5 . 1

5 s strange to stranger. . Alongo a. 5 8. 1

Your tale, sir, would cure This is as strange a maze

deafness. . Miranda a. 1 s. 2 as ever men trod, and there You cram these words is in this business more than into 'mine ears, against the Nature was ever conduct of.. stomach of my sense. . Aton. Alongo a. 5 s. 1


*&. 2 s. 1



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3. 2

Awake the pert and nim- Bootless speed ! when ble spirit of mirth; turn cowardice pursues, and valour melancholy forth to funerals, flies. . Helena a. 1 8. 2

1 the pale companion is not Be kind, be courteous to for our pomp.. Theseus 1 this gentleman. Hop in his

walks, and gambol in his eyes. Altho' I hate her, I'll not

Feed him with Apricocks, harm her.. Lys. a. 3 3. 2

s and Dewberries, &c., &c... And are you grown so

Titami a. 3 8. 1 high in his esteem ? because But like in sickness, did I I am so dwarfish, and so low, loathe this food, but as in how low am I, thou painted health, come to my natural Maypole, speak?.. Her. a. 3

taste.- Now do I wish for

it, love it, long for it, and And that same dew, which will for evermore be true to sometimes on the buds, was it... Dem. a. 4 8. I wont to swell, like round and orient pearls, stood now within the pretty flowerets

Call you me fair! that

fair again unsay, Demetrios eyes, like tears that did their own disgrace bewail.. Obe.

loves you fair ; uh, happy

fair! your eyes are load-stars; a. 4 s. 1

and your tongue's sweet air,

more tuneable than lark, to But earthlier happy is the shepherd's ear, when wheat distillid, than that,

is green, when hawthorn buds which withering on the virgin appear. Sickness is catchthorn grows, lives, and dies

ing;0, were favour so ! yours in sin le blessedness.. The would I catch, fair Hermia

. a. 1 s. )

I go, my ear should By all the vows that ever men catch your voice, my eye, have broke, in number more your eye, my tongue should than ever

woman spoke.. catch your tongue's sweet Hermia a. 1 8. 1

meludy.. Helena a. 1 8. 1




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The. a.

Dark night, that from the How came her eyes so eye his function takes, the bright? not with salt tears ! ear more quick of appre- if so mine eyes were oftener hension makes, &c., &c... washed than hers.. Helena Hermra a. 3 s. 2

a. 2 s. 3

Have you no modesty? Four days will quickly steep

no maiden shame ? no touch themselves in nights, four

of bashfulness? What, will nights will quickly dream away you tear impatient answers the time, and then the moon,

from my gentle tongue.. Hei. like to a silver bow now bent

a. 3 s. 2 in Heaven, shall behold the

His speech was like a

tangled chain, nothing imnight of our solemnities,.. Hippolyta a. 1 s. 1

paired, but all disordered ..

5 s. 1 For as a surfeit of the sweetest things the deepest

I woo'd thee with my loathing to the Stomach

sword, and won thy love, brings, or as the heresies

doing thee injuries. . Theseus that men do leave, are hated

a. 1 s. 1 most of those they did deceive

I would my father looked &c. . Lys. a. 2 8. 3

but with my eyes.. Hermia Fair V irtues force, perforce

a. 1 s. 1 doth move me, on the first I know not by what power view, to say, to swear, I love

I am made bold, nor how it thee.. Titinia a. 3 s. 2

may concern my modesty, in Faintness constraineth me,

such a presence here to plead to measure my length on this

my thoughts..Hermia a. 1 8. 1 cold Bed.. Dem. a. 3 8. 2 If there were a sympathy

For never any thing can in choice, war, death, or be amiss, when simpleness, sickness, did lay siege to it, and duty, tender it.. The. a. making that momentary as 5 8.1

a sound, swift as a shadow,

short as any dream ; brief as How now, my love, Why is the lightening in the collied your cheek so pale ? How night, that in a spleen, unchance the roses there do folds both heaven and earth, fade so fast?.. Lysander a. 1 and ere a man hath power to

Behold ! the jaws


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