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fair mind, &c., &c... 2 Lord The night to the Owl and a. 2 s. 1

morn to the lark, less welTis gold which buys ad- come.. Arv. a. 3 s. 6 mittance, &c., &c., Cloten. The breach of custom is a. 2 8.3

breach of all. . Imo. a. 4 8. 2 The thanks 1 give, is telling The imperious Seas breed you that I am poor of thanks monsters, for the dish, poor and scarc can spare them.. tributary rivers as sweet fish Imo. a. 2 8. 3

.. Imo. a. 4 s. 2 There be many Cæsars, Thy words I grant are ere such another Julius.. bigger for I wear not my Clo. a. 38. 1

dagger in my mouth.. Guia. Thy mind to her is now as

4 s, 2 low as were thy fortuues.. Those that I reverence, Pis. a. 3s. 2

thosa I fear,the wise--at fools Then was I as atree, whose

I laugh, not fear them. . Gui bows did bend with fruit but

a. 4 s. 2 in one night, a storm or rob

The effect of judgement is bery call it what you will,

oft the cause of fear. . Bel. a, shock down my mellow hang

4 8. 2 ings, nay my leaves and left me bare to weather..

They are gentle as Zephyrs Bel. a. 3 s. 3

blowing below the violet, not The game is up.. Bel. a. 3

wagging his sweet head, and 8,3

yet as rough, their royal blood : Tho' those that are betray.

enchaf'd as the rudest wind ed do feel the treason sharply

that by the top doth take the

tha yet the traitor stands in worse

mountain pine and make case of woe.. Imo. a. 3 8.4

him stoop, to the Vale.. Bel.

a. 4 8. 2 Thou art all the Comfort the God's will diet me with Triumphs for nothing, and .. Imo. a. 3 s. 4

lamenting Toys, is jolity for The Event is yet to name

apes and grief for boys. . Gui. the winner, . Luc. a. 3 s. 5

a. 4 s. 2 · The sweat of Industry The ground that gave them would dry and die, but for first, has them again, there the End it works to. . Bel. a. pleasures here are passed, so

is their pain. . Bel, a. 4 s. 2

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S. 5


The ruin speaks, that branches, which distinction sometime it was a worthy should be rich in.. Cym. a. 5 building. . Luc. a. 4 8. 2

Than be so, better to cease Take that life I beseech to be .. Gui. a. 4 s. 4

you, which I so often owe.. To shame the guise of the Iach. a. 5 8.5 world I will begin the fashion, The fingers of the powers less without and more within above do tune the harmony of .. Post. a. 5 s. 1

this peace. Soothsayer a.5 8.5 Take no stricter render of me then my all.. Post. a. 5

Unknown, pitied nor hated 8. 1

to the face of peril myself i'll To be blest, let us with care dedicate.. Post. a. 5 8. 1 perform his great behest.. Sici. a. 5 s. 5

Would I were a neatherds Tis still a dream, or else Daughter and my Leonatus such stuff, madmen our neighbour Shepherd's tongue, and brain not; either Son.. Imo. a. 1 s. 2 both or nothing, or senseless

What shalt thou expect, to speaking, or a speaking such be depender on a thing that as sense cannot unite-Beleans. : Queen a. 1 s. 6 what it is, the action of my What wreck discern you in life is like it, which i'll keep me deserves your pity.. Imo. if but for sympathy.. Post. a. 1 s. 7 a. 5 4

Winning would put any Thou hast looked thyself man into courage.. Clo, a. 2 into my graće, and art my own. . Cym. a. 5 8. 5

We will never pay for wearThe temple of virtue was ing our noses.. Clo. a. 3 s. 1 she..Post, a. 5 s. 5

Why tender'st thou that The benediction of these Paper to me, with a look uncovering heavens, fall on tender, if it be summer news, their heads, like dew, for they smile to it before, if winterly are worthy to inlay heaven thou need'st but keep that with stars.. Bel. a. 5 s. 5 countenance still.. Imo. a. 3

This fierce abridgement, hath to it, circumstantial Weariness can snore upon

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S. 4

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the fint when restive sloth,

You lay up too much pains, finds the down Pillow hard. .

for purchasing but trouble.. Bel. a. 3 s. 6

Imo. a. 2 8. 3 Why he but sleeps, if he be

Your very goodness and gone he'll make his grave a your Company o'er pays all I Bed, with female fairies will

can do.. Phil. a. 2 8. 4 his tomb be haunted, and

Yet it is greater skill iu a worms will not come to him

true nate, to pray they have .. Guid. a. 4 s. 2

their will.. Post.a 12 s. 5 With sweetest flowers

Your Isle which stands as while summer lasts and I live here Fidele, I'll sweeten thy Neptune's Park, rubbed and sad grave, thou shalt not lack paled in, with rocks unscalethe flower thats like thy face

able and roaring waters.. pale primsose ! nor the azur'd Qneen a. 3 s. 1 harebell, like thy veins, no You must forget to be nor the leaf of eglantine a woman, change obedience whom not to slander, out- ipto command, fear and nicesweeten'd not thy breath.. ness, the handmaids of all Arv, a. 4 s. 2

women or more truly, woman What pleasure find we in its pretty self into a waggish life, to lock it from action courage. . Pis. a. 3 8.4 and adventure. . Arv. a. 4 Your Gaoler shall deliver S. 4

you the keys that lock up Who is it can read women your restraint. . Cym. Queen . . Cym. a. 5 8. 5

a. l 8. 2 Whose containing is so You are as welcome, worthy from sense, in hardness, that Sir, as I have words to bid I can make no collection of it


. Imo. a. I s. 7 ... Post. q. 5 s. 5


his Eyes

Admired Miranda ! indeed

Even here I will put off my the top of admiration ! worth | Hope, and keep it no longer what's dearest to the world.. from


flatterer . . Along a. Fred. a. 3 s. 1

3 s. 3

Every man, shift for all the But, he is something rest, and let no man take care strained with grief, that's for himself, for all is but forbeauty's canker, thou might-tune. . Steph. a. 5 s. I est call him a goodly person ..Prosp. a. 1 s. 2

Full fathom five, thy Father But this swift business, I lies, must uneasy make, lest too Of huis bones, are coral made light winning make the prize Those are pearls, that were light. . Prosp. a. 1 8. 2

Nothing of him that doth fade Come unto these yellow sands But doth suffer a sea change And there take bands, Into something rich and (The wild waves whist) strange, Foot it featly here and there, Sea nymphs hourly ring his And sweet spirits the burden

knell, bear.

Hark, now I hear them, ding Hark! Hark!

dong Bell. . Ariel. a. 1 s. 2 Bough, wowgh, &c. For several Virtues, have Arieľs 's song a. I s. 2

1 liked several Women, nerer

any with so full soul, but Do not for one repulse some defect in her, did

quarforego the purpose that you rel with the noblest grace

she resolved to effect. . Alongo. a. own'd, and put it to the foil, 3 8. 3


which are so perDo not infect your mind | fect, and so peerless are crewith teasing the strangeness ated of every creatures best of this business. . Pros. a. 5

Ferd. a. 3 s. 1 8. 1

For tis a chronicle of day by day, not a relation for a



Pros. a.




Breakfast, nor befitting this He is disproportioned in first meeting. . Pros. a. 5 8.1 his manners, as in his shape

5 1 Having both the key of officer and office, set all hearts 1 come to answer thy best in the state, to what tune pleasure; be it to fly, to swim pleased his Ear, that now he to dive into the fire; to ride was the ivy, which had hid

my on the curl'd clouds ; to princely trunk, and sucked thy strong bidding, task

, the verdure out on't.. Pros. Ariel, and all his quality.. 1 s. 2

Ariel a. 1 8. 2 He receives comfort like 1 will be correspondent, to cold porridge. . Seb. a. 2 8. 1 command, and do my spiri

He is winding up the watch ting gently . . Ariel a. 1 s. 2 of his Wit, by and by it will 1 might call him a thing strike.. Seb. a. 2 1

divine, for nothing natural i Hear my soul speak; The ever saw so noble.. Miran. a. very instant that I saw you, 1 s. 2 did my heart fly to your ser

It is foul weather in us all vice, there reside to make me good Sir, when you are cloudy slave to it..Fred. a. 3 s. 1 Gon. a. 2 8. 1

How many goodly creatures I wish mine Eyes, would are there here, how beauteous with themselves shut up my mankind is, Oh brave new thoughts. . Alon. a. 2 s. 1 world, that has such people It will become me, as well in it. . Alongo. a. 5 s. 1 as it does you, and I should

Hast thou, which art but do it, with much more ease, air, a touch, a feeling of their for my good will is to it, and afflictions ? and shall not my

yours it is against. . Miran. self, one of their kind that a. 3 8. 1 relish all as sharply, passion I had rather crack


si. as they, be kindlier moved than news, break my back, than thou art, tho' with their high you should such dishonour, wrongs, 1 am struck to the undergo, and 1 sit lazy by. quick, yet with my nobler

1 reason against my fury, do 1 1 do beseech you chiefly take part. . Pros. a. 5 s. I that I might set it in my

Fred. a.

3 s.

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