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ART. 1.-Humboldt's Works.

Voyage aux Regions equinoxiales du Nouveau Continent;

fait en 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803, 1804, par Al. de

Humboldt et A. Bonpland, redigé par Alexandre de

Humboldt ; avec un Atlas Geographique et Physique

ART. II.-On the state of the Indians.

A Report to the Secretary of War of the United States on

Indian Affairs, comprising a narrative of a tour perform-

ed, in the summer of 1820, under a commission from the

president of the United States, for the purpose of as-

certaining, for the use of the government, the actual

state of the Indian tribes in our country. By Rev. Jedi-

diah Morse D. D.

ART. III.—Essays by a Virginian.

Essays on various subjects of Taste, Morals, and National

Policy. By a citizen of Virginia.

ART. IV.-Nuttall's Journal.

A Journal of Travels into the Arkansa Territory during the

year 1819, with occasional observations on the manners

of the aborigines. Illustrated with a map and other en-

gravings. By Thomas Nuttall, F. L. S. Honorary mem-

ber of the American Philosophical Society, &c.

ART. V.-The Shakers.

The testimony of Christ's second appearing, containing a

general statement of all things pertaining to the faith

and practice of the church of God, in this latter day.

Published by order of the ministry in union with the


ART. VI.—Clio. Numbers I. and II. By James G. Percival.

ART. VII.-French and English Tragedy.

1. Sylla. Tragedie en Cinq Actes. Par E. Jouy, Membre

de l'Institut. Academie Française.]

2. Catiline. A tragedy in Five Acts. By the Rev. George

Croly A. M.

ART. XVI.-Grassi's Present State of America.

Notizie varie sullo stato presente della Republica degli

Stati Uniti dell'America settentrionale, scritte, al prin-

cipio del 1818, dal Padre Giovanni Grassi, della com-

pagnia di Gesù.


ART. XVII.-Long's Expedition.

Account of an expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky

Mountains, performed in the years 1819 and 1820, by

order of the honourable J. Č. Calhoun, Secretary of

War, under the command of Major Stephen H. Long;

from the notes of Major Long, Mr T. Say, and other

gentlemen of the exploring party. Compiled by Ed-

win James, botanist and geologist for the expedition. 242

ART. XVIII.-Smith's Adventures.

The trve travels, adventyres, and observations of captaine

lohn Smith, in Europe, Asia, Africke, and America:

beginning about the yeere 1593, and continued to this

present 1629.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England,

and the Summer Isles, with the names of the adven-

turers, planters, and governours from their first begin-

ning, an. 1584. to this present 1626. with the proceed-

ings of those severall colonies and the accidents that

befell them in all their iourneyes and discoveries. Also

the maps and descriptions of all those countreyes, their

commodities, people, government, customes, and reli-

gion yet knowne. Divided into sixe bookes. By Cap-

taine Iohn Smith, sometimes governour in those coun-

tryes and admiral of New England. From the London

edition of 1629.


ART. XIX.—Das Goldene Vliess von Grillparzer.

Das Goldene Vliess, Dramatisches Gedicht in drey Ab-

theilungen, von Franz Grillparzer.—The Golden Fleece.

A dramatic poem in three parts. By Francis Grillpar-



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