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manufacturing cloths. Let the use of this society; he shall also pay in votaries of fashion, and fashiona- like manner, on or before the second Tues

day of October annually, one dollar, so ble amusements, smile if they long as he continues a member and when choose ; but reason, sitting upon ever a member chooses to withdraw, he its throne, will pronounce a sen

shall have liberty so to do, on giving nu

tice in writing to the Recording Secretary, tence of approbation in favour of and paying all arrears and dues, including that portion of the female world, the then current year. who are found aiding the Farmer

Sec. 3. The officers of the Society shall in advancing the interests of AG- dents, a Corrsesponding Secretary, a Re

consist of a President, two Vice Presi. RICULTURE and MANUFACTURE.

cording Secretary, a Treasurer, and an The Hartford County Agri- Auditor, to be chosen by ballot, and such cultural Society, although recent- other officers as the by-laws of the Society

shall direct. ly formed, is the first that was in

Sec. 4. The first meeting of the Sociecorporated by the legislature of ty, shall be holden at the State-House in the state. It was the first one Hartford, on Tuesday, the 7th day of Oc

tober, 1817, at which meeting, and at any that established 66 Cattle Show,"?

future stated meeting of the Society, the for the exhibition of animals, members present shall have power to make and a “ Fair," for furnishing such by-laws, and regulations as they shall

deem expedient, for carrying into effect specimens of domestic manufac- the objects of this Society. tures. It is the first one that fur Sec. 5. No salary, or other pecuniary nished the exhilarating scene of reward, shall be allowed to any officer, or a Ploughing Matchto a de- committee of the Society, for discharging

their official Juties. lighted multitude; and the first

Read, considered, and adopted. one that awarded premiums to PLINY HILLYER, Chairman. successful competitors in each.


HENRY L. ELLSWORTH, Secretary Editor.

Hartford Oct. 7th, 1817. The following is an account of its original organization. HARTFORD COUNTY AGRICULTURAL By-Laws regulating the proceedings SOCIETY.

of the Hartford County AgriculAt a numerous meeting of gentle

tural Society. men of Hartford County, held by adjournment at the State-House, of the Society at the State-House in Hart

1. There shall be two stated meetings in Hartford, the 7th inst. the fol- ford, annually; one on the fourth Tuesday, lowing articles of association and in March, and the other on the second by-laws were passed, and the offi- Tuesday in October, at ten o'clock A. M.

Not less than ten members shall constitute cers undermentioned, appointed.

a quorum. Articles of Association of the Hart- be convened by the President, or the Ex

2. Special meetings of the Society, may ford County Agricultural Society. ecutive Committee. Notice of all meetings

of the Society, shall be given by publishSection 1. The objects of this society, ing the same in one or more newspapers, are the promotion and improvement of Ag. printed in Hartford, ten days before the riculture and Rural Economy.

time of any such meeting. Sec. 2. Every member of this Society, 3. The first meeting of the Society, shall subscribe these articles, or a copy shall be holden on the 7th day of October, thereof, and pay at the time of subscri- 1817, at which time, the several officers of bing, one dolla: to the Treasurer, for the the Society, and such members of the re

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spective Committees, as shall be deemed Ile shall give a bond for the faithful disexpedient, shall be chosen to contmue in charge of his duty, in such sum and form, office until the fourth Tuesday of March, and with such surety as the Executive 1818. And on the fourth Tuesday of Committee shall require; and when his March, annually, the officers of the Society office expires, he shall pay over the funds of shall be chosen to continue in office one year the Society, and deliver the Treasury and until others are chosen in their stead. books, to his successor in office.

4. All the Committees of the Society, 9. The Auditor shall examiue the vouchshall be chosen annually, at the stated ers and adjust the Treasurer's account, un meeting in March. And in case of the ab- the first Monday of March, annually, and sence of any of the members at the time report to the Society at their stated meetrequired to proceed on business, their pla- ing on the fourth Tuesday of the same ces may be filled by the Executive Com- month ; he shall also examine and audit mittee, so far as to make a quorum for all claiins on the Society, and draw on the that occasion only.

Treasurer for the payment of such sums, as 5. The President of the Society, and in shall be found justly due. bis absence, one of the Vice-Presidents, 10. The general administration of the shall be chairman of the Executive Com-affairs of the Society, shall be vested in mittee. The President shall in all cases the Executive Committee; which shall have ope vote, and in case of an equi-vote, coosist of the President, Vice-Presidents, be shall also have the casting rote ; he the Corresponding and Recording Secretashall superintend the concerns of the So- ries, the Treasurer, the Auditor, and the ciety, shall cause the by-laws and doings Chairmen of the three awarding Commit. of the Society, to be carried into effect ; tees; this Committe shall meet at least four he shall sign all diplomas granted by the times a year. The President, or in his abSociety.

sence, one of the Vice-Presidents, shah 6. The Corresponding Secretary, shall give notice to the members, of the times conduct the correspondence of the Socie. and places of such meetings. They shall ty, subject to the directions of the Execu- have power to designate the objects for tive Committee.

premiums, and determine the value of 7. The Recording Secretary, shall re- each premium to be awarded ; shall regucord the proceedings of the Society, and late the annual cattle show and fair, and of the Executive Committee, in separate do all such other acts, as they may judge books for those purposes, and shall keep necessary for promoting the objects of the the same, subject at all times to the inspec- Society. tion of said Committee. He shall keep 11. No premium shall be delivered, but the Seal of the Society, and use the same, to the person to whom awarded, at the under the direction of the President. He time of promulgation ; if such person be shall countersign all diplomas signed by not present to receive the same, it shall the President, he shall keep a record of the revert to the Society, except in case of names of the members of the Society, and severe sickness, or other unavoidable hiadeliver a list of the same, to the Presi- drance. dent, at the meeting in March annual 12. No premium shall be awarded with ly.

out a competetion, unless the Commitee 8. The Treasurer shall collect and re- of Awards, shall deem the claim highly ceive all monies due, or beloning to the So- meritorious. ciety, and pay out the same on orders 13. The premiums proposed by the Exdrawn by the Auditor, pursuant to the re-ecutive Committee, shall be awarded in gulations of the Society. He shall keep the following manner, viz. -Those on the regular accounts of all receipts and dis- cultivation and improvements of lands, by bursements, in a book for that purpose, a Viewing Committee, consisting of nine which shall always be open to the inspec- persons, any five of whom shall be a quotion of the President, and members of the rum to award the premiums, and any three Town and Executive Committees; he shall of whom shall be deemed a sufficient numon the first Monday of March, annually, ber to examine the improvement. exhibit to the President a regular account, Those on the quantity or quality of proof all receipts and disbursements, of the duce, by a Committee of Produce, consistyear, approved and signed by the Auditor, ing of nine persons, five of whom shall and at the same time, he shall exhibit a constitute a quorum. list of the names of all persons in arrear, Those on domestic animals, by an Inand the sum due from each.

specting Committee, consisting of dine per

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sons, five of whom shall constitute a quo Roswell Bartholemer, ) rum.

Theron Deming, Town Com14. There shall also be a Committee of Moses Goodman, jr. mittee for pot exceeding five members, in each town

Jared Wells,

Hartford. in this County, to superintend the concerns

J.W. Mills, of the Society, in their respective towns ;

Ethan A. Andrews,

Berlin. they shall distribute all seeds, plants,

Seth Lewis, scions, animals, books, ect, that may be Simeon Hart, Burlington. committed to them for that purpose ; they Hesekiah Webster, Canton. shall examine any improvements on lands

Shubael Griswold,

East Hartford, offered to be entered for premiums, and if Deodat Woodbridge, in their opinion the improvement is so im

Jonathan Bartlett, portant as to be entitled to an examina Horace Barber, East. Windsor. tion by the Viewing Committee, they shall Aaron Bissell, give said Committee notice, and it shall Robret Morrison, Enfield. be their duty to attend for that purpose ;

Horace Cowles, they shall receive all communications in

Linus North,

Farmington writing, or othewise offered to them, res Pliny Hillyer, pecting experiments or improvements in Joseph Cornish, Granby. agriculture, and if they shall find such com

Reuben Barker, munications sufficiently meritorious, they Joel Foote, Marlborough. shall lay them before the next meeting of

A sahel Hathaway, jr. the Society.

Samuel Smith,

Suffield, 15. There shall also be a Committee of Henry Newberry, Publications, consisting of five members,

Oliver Mather, wliose duty it shall be to superintend and

Levi Huyden, jr.

Windsor. correct whatever is designed for the press,

Joshua Latham, and they shall have access to any, and all

William Griswold,) the papers of the Society.

Read, considered, and adopted unanim Voted, That the Executive Committee, ously.

do fill the town Committees, so soon as PLINY HILLYER, Chairman. there are subscribers in the several towns, Countersigned.

where none are now appointed. HENRY L. ELLSWORTH, Secretary. Voted, That five hundred copies of the Hartford, October 7, 1817.

Articles of Association and By-Laws, be published in pamphlets.

Voted, That the several Printers in this

City, be requested to publish the Articles Officers of the Agricultural Society of Association and By-Laws of the Society,

together with the doings of this Meeting in ANDREW KINGSBURY, President. their respective papers.

HENRY SEYMOUR, Recording Sepa NORMAND Knox, 1st Vice Prest.

Hartford Oct. 7, 1817.
Joan Russ, 2d Vice Prest.

CHRISTOPHER COLT, Treasurer. The Cattle Show and Fair, which took

place in this City, on the 14th, of October David PORTER, Chairman of View. 1818, although the weather was inauspicious

being rainy, called together a respectable ing Committee.

number of citizens, from almost every part CHARLES JEncks, Chairman of Com. of the county. A considerable number of of Produce.

Animals, neat Cattle, $wine, &c. were Samuel WOODRUFF, Chairman of produced, many of which, for their size,

beauty, and excellency of breed, were ad. Inspecting Committee.

mired by the numerous and intelligent ho

dy of citizens who examined them. The Lemuel Whitman,

Committee of

ploughing match, which took place at 2 George J. Patten,


o'clock, was viewed with great interest, John Sargeant,

Several pieces of ground of one quarter of

an açre each, had been measured and mar- Additional Facts, communicated by
ked out the day before, by the Commit the Board of the Agricultural So-
tee. These pieces were ploughed, the first
in thirty-three minutes, and the last in thir-

ciety. ty-nine. The ploughing was deep, and

We observe with much pleasure, that otherwise well executed. At about 4 0'- there were a considerable number of purclock, the several officers and Committee chasers, who came forward with spirit, to of the Society, and the numerous body of supply themselves at the Fair, with choice Citizens who had attended on the occasion, specimens of Household Manufacture, and convened at the South Meeting-House, Domestic Animals, but owing to the inwhere a concise and appropriate prayer, clemency of the weather, the infancy of was made by the Rev. Mr. Flint; after the Institution, and the backwardness of which the reports of the several Commit. the sellers in presenting their stock, until tees were read and the following premi- they could ascertain how others would ums awarded.

succeed, almost wholly disappointed the

buyers; what was offered, met with a rea

dy sale, among which we notice a Bull To Mr. Amos Ransom, of East-Hartford, Calf only six months old, which was exhi

for the best cultivated Farm, a silver bited by Mr. Newton of Hartland, and. cup of the value of

$ 40 sold for sixty dollars, and nearly all the To Messrs. Ward & Bartholomew, of Ladies' Worsted Hose, which were made,

Hartford, for the second best cultiva and presented by Miss Whitman of Hart. ted Farm,

20 ford, (and obtained for her the premium,) To Mr. Simeon Kendall, of Suffield, for readily brought two dollars per pair. the best Bull,

20 Among the pleasing curiosities of the day, To Mr. Solomon Cowles, of Farming was a pair of last spring Calves drawing

ton, for the second best Bull, 10 a little cart, in which were two young To Mr. Joseph Morgan, of Hartford,

Brothers, seated much at their ease, and for the best Milch Cow,

'20 driving the little animals to the Fair, they To Mr. Michael Olcott, of Hartford,

were under perfect command, and perfor the second best Milch Cow, 10

formed wonders in drawing great num

bers of boys about the show ground, and To Mr. Elias Lewis, of Farmington, for the best pair of Working Oxen, 25 we are happy to learn that the boys, (who

are poor but industrious,) received in small To Mr. Elisha M. Jencks, of Warehouse

charities, sufficient to reward them well for point, in East-Windsor, for the best

their trouble. Ox fitted for slaughter,

15 To Mr. Levi Arnold, of Hartford, for 'the best Boar,

10 At the splendid dinner given To Mr. Luther Scarborough, of Hart in honour of Gen. Jackson, by ford, for the two best Sows, 10

the Corporation of the City of To Mr. Daniel Hinsdale jr. of Hartford, for the four best Pigs,

6 New-York, upon the 23d of the To Mr. Leonard Bacon, of Hartford, present month, a toast was drank,

for the best piece of Carpeting, 10 which shows that those who move To Miss Huldah Clark, of Farmington, in the most elevated ranks of for the best piece of Linen,


civil and military life, most corTo Miss Harriet Whitman, of Hartford, for the best eight pairs of knit Worst

dially unite in a sentiment, which ed Stockings,

4 gives dignity to the pursuits of To Mr. Timothy H. Root, of Farming Agriculture. The elegant, though

ton, for the best piece of blue Woollen Cloth,

figurative language in which it is

To Mrs. Arnold, (wife of Levi A.) of expressed, renders it fit to be

Hartford, for the best piece of Linen placed as a motto to a volume


“AGRICULTURE'To Mr. Samuel Strong, of Windsor, for the best Ploughing,

sure on the bosom of the mother

25 To Mr. Joseph Porter, of Farmington,

nourishment and vigour flow from thr the second best Ploughing,

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It is the presa

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(15/ it."

Department of gsicanufactures.



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TO THE MANUFACTURERS OF CONNECTICUT. IN addressing you, we address The manufacture of Iron, is of a portion of our fellow citizens primary importance. Without some of whom have arisen to opu- subjecting myself to the imputalence-some of whom have strug- tion of extravagance, I may say gled against adverse circumstan- that iron has converted most of ces, and some of whom have been the world, from barbarism to cireduced to indigence, in the lau- vilization. The savages of Ameridable endeavour, to advance the ca and Africa, incapable of manmanufacturing interest of the ufacturing it, seek after it to this state. We speak with diffidence day with ardent avidity. We can upon a subject, with which we can hardly mention a single convenclaim but little practical acquain-ience or luxury we enjoy, but tance.

But, deeply impressed what is directly or indirectly prowith the immense importance of duced by this invaluable article. manufactures, to the present and in various parts of the state, iron future interest of the people of ore is to be found of a superiour Connecticut, we cannot remain quality; and from the pursuits of silent. From an acquaintance the mineralogist and the exerwith every section of the state, tions of the enterprising, copper, the writer, without hesitation, as- lead, and coal mines may be found. serts that no country affords great The manufacturer of wood, iner facilities for manufactures. Al to articles of common use, and though within its limits, every raw for exportation, has every possimaterial necessary for the great ble advantage. Connecticut furvariety of manufactures are not nishes timber of almost every speproduced, they are easily procured.cies, and of the first quality, from

The numerous streams of wa- the majestic oak to the hoop-pole. ter, which literally checquer the Ships, coaches, chaises, waggons, state, and furnish innumerable cabinet furniture, ploughs, hogs"water privileges,” enable the heads and barrels ; indeed every manufacturer, to put into opera- structure necessary to navigate tion the almost endless variety of the ocean-to cultivate land machinery, which our inven- to travel upon it, and to furnish tive countrymen have produced. dwellings, are already manufactuWhere these privileges are not red with success, and in great enjoyed, the perfection to which perfection. steam engines have been brought, The manufacturer of woollen furnishes a ready substitute. cloths will always find encour

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