Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, F.R.S.: Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II and James II, Volume 3

H. Colburn, 1854

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Página 52 - Mazarin, &c. A French boy singing love songs in that glorious gallery, whilst about twenty of the great courtiers and other dissolute persons were at basset round a large table, a bank of at least 20001. in gold before them; upon which two gentlemen who were with me made
Página 385 - word, did wrap up my soul so that it made me really sick, just as I have formerly been when in love with my wife; that neither then, nor all the evening going home, and at home, I was able to think of
Página 10 - Dr. Croone told me, that, at the meeting at Gresham College to-night, which, it seems, they now have every Wednesday again, there was a pretty experiment of the blood of one dog let out, till he died, into the body of another on one side, while all his own run out on the other side.
Página 62 - of tallow : now, all things civil, no rudeness anywhere; then, as in a bear-garden: then, two or three fiddlers; now, nine or ten of the best: then, nothing but rushes' upon the ground, and every thing else mean; now, all otherwise: then, the Queen seldom and the King never would come; now, not the
Página 252 - 1 The tract alluded to was called "A True and Faithful Account of the several Informations exhibited to the Honourable Committee appointed by the Parliament to enquire into the late dreadful burning of the City of London," 1667. Reprinted in the Antiquarian Repertory, vol. i., p. 123.
Página 10 - The first died upon the place, and the other very well, and likely to do well. This did give occasion to many pretty wishes, as of the blood of a Quaker to be let into an Archbishop, and such like; but, as
Página 442 - Countess of Shrewsbury is brought home by the Duke of Buckingham to his house, where his Duchess saying that it was not for her and the other to live together in a house, he answered, " Why, Madam, I did think so, and, therefore, have ordered your coach to be ready, to carry you to your father's,
Página 115 - her hair about her ears; many black patches, because of pimples about her mouth; naked-necked, without any thing about it, and a black just-au-corps. She seemed to me a very comely woman: but I hope to see more of her on May-day. 27th. This afternoon I got
Página 295 - choked; but with much ado Orange Moll did thrust her finger down his throat, and brought him to life again. 3d. To church, and thither comes Roger Pepys to our pew, and thence home to dinner, whither comes by invitation, Mr. Turner, the minister, and my cozen Roger brought with him
Página 136 - Post of 2d May, 1791, the virtues of May dew were then still held in some estimation; for it records that " on the day preceding, according to annual and superstitious custom, a number of persons went into the fields and bathed their faces with the dew on the grass, under the idea that it would render them

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