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J. Roberts' Affidavit.
Wayne County, ss.

I, John Roberts, of the city of Detroit, being duly sworn, do depose and say, that on or about the 7th September last, I bought of John Norton, jr., a draft on the City bank of New York, for $1,007, in favor of Reynolds and Baily, for which I paid said Norton, $1,207, in the money of the Bank of Oakland, being about twenty per cent premium for said draft; that the number and letters of the bills of said Bank of Oakland, which I sold to said Norton, are correctly described, I verily believe, in the letter of Reynolds and Baily, dated New York, 16th August, 1838, and directed to R. E. Roberts, to which I refer, and marked (A.) and

further saith not. JOHN ROBERTS.

Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 19th March, 1839. O. HAWKINS,

Chairman Com. Incorporations.

Letter and Schedule of Reynolds and Baily.
New York, 16th August, 1838.

R. E. Roberts, Esq.,

Dear Sir—We have enclosed to your firm $1,207, in three packages, Bank of Oakland, which you will oblige us by converting into a draft on New York, immediately on receipt, on as good terms as may be in your power. The first package we mail to-day, the second to-morrow, and the third next day. We annex an account of the letters and numbers, in addition to which we have written “Munson,” across the back of each bill. We are sorry to trouble you so much, but necessity knows no bar.

Your friends, &c.,

Package 1–Twos, Letter A.

Nos. 35 180 190298 398 427 433 510 539 560 577 666,694 779 849 916 947 967 1039 1006 1010 1055 1042 1127 1164 1172 1177 1198 1226 1276 1283 1849 1368 1385 1409 1410 1538 1622 1624 1673 1738 1772 1819 1864 2013 2099.2103

2161 2183.22232265.

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Nos. 139 154 164 2.11 495 559 579 593 670 1278 1466 1702 1907 1943 2020 2110 2204 2255.

Fives, Letter A.

Nos. 4 25 31 41 49 71 72 75 81 87 93 96 102 108 11 I 119 120 123 131 133 136 146 150 152 155 165 177 190 192 198 201 203 205 206 209 219 227 238 259 274 294 295 321 322 341 340 350 373 377 385 394 395 402 421 442 450 465 484 497 499.

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I, John D. Pierce, do hereby depose and say, that, according to my knowledge and belief, I have never paid into the Michigan state bank, (as Superintendent of Public Instruction,) any money as special deposite, nor have I deposited any money but such as was bankable in the city of Detroit, at the time of making such deposites. I have deposited about seventy thousand dollars, all which was in current funds, and receivable on general deposite in Detroit. The above deposition I mean to apply as well to any agent or person by me entrusted, as well as to myself. JOHN D. PIERCE. Sworn and subscribed before me, this 29th March, 1839. O. HAWKINS, Chairman Com. Incorporations.

Statement of J. C. Frink, and J. Starkweather.
Dec. 10. New York money and cer-

tificate of deposite, $5,000 00 Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, 3,000 00 Michigan safety fund, 4,681 00 $13,681 00 17. New York, $4,000 00 Ohio, &c., 2,000 00 Michigan chartered, 4,000 00 – 10,000 00 Jan. 12, Eastern, $2,000 00 Ohio, 1,000 00 Michigan safety fund, 5,000 00 44 chartered, 2,000 00 10,000 00 $33,681 00

I examined the moneys above described, which were deposited by Mr. Pierce in the Michigan state bank, and from my recollection of the kind of funds, should suppose that the above statement was correct. The above packages were sealed by me, and contained no funds but what were current at Detroit, at the time the several amounts were deposited. The Michigan money was redeemed soon after it was deposited. , I make the statement at the request of Mr. Pierce.

J. C. FRINK. Marshall, March 11, 1839.

Money deposited in the State Bank by Huron River Bank, to the credit of John D. Pierce.

Eastern and city funds, about $3,500 00 Current chartered funds, 2,100 00 Marshall, March 14, 1839. To whom it may concern :

do do do 2,000 00 Huron river bank notes, 1,400 00

$9,000 00

This may certify, that I deposited in the Michigan state bank, to the credit of John D. Pierce, Oct. 1, 1838, $950, two-thirds of the amount being eastern funds, the balance current Michigan funds of chartered banks, except $50, which was Michigan safety fund banks.

Nov. 8–I made another deposite of $1,550; of this amount $800 was specie; about $510 eastern funds, the balance Michigan chartered funds, except about $70, which was of Michigan safety funds. I have also deposited at other times, amounts varying from $50 to $250, the proportion of which would be much

of eastern funds than the above larger amounts.

Bond to the Treasurer.

Know all men by these presents, that we, Frederick H. Steevens, John Norton, jr., Franklin Moore, Thomas B. Clarke, Gershom M. Williams, Horace H. Comstock and Henry Howard, are held and firmly bound unto Henry Howard, Treasurer of the state of Michigan, and to his successor in office, in the sum of five hundred thousand dollars lawful money, to be paid to the said Henry Howard, Treasurer as aforesaid, and his successor in of. fice—for which payment to be well and truly made, we bind ourselves, one and each of our heirs, executors and administrators, firmly by these presents.

Sealed with our seals, and dated this twentieth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirtynine.

Whereas, by a resolution of the legislature of the state of Mi. chigan, entitled “A resolution directing the deposites of public moneys, and for other purposes,” approved February 23d, A. D. 1836, the State Treasurer was, by said resolution, required to deposite all moneys coming into his hands as Treasurer, in the

ichigan state bank; and whereas, in pursuance of said resolution, the Treasurer aforesaid, has, from time to time, continued to deposite moneys so received by him in said bank; and whereas,

y reason of said deposites in said Michigan state bank, so made

by said Treasurer, said bank stands indebted to said state on this day in about the sum of five hundred thousand dollars. Now the condition of this obligation is such, that if Michigan state bank shall and will, from time to time, repay any and all sum or sums of money that may now or that may hereafter be due said state of Michigan by reason of deposites so inade by the Treasurer of

said state or otherwise, then this obligation to be void, otherwise
to remain in full force and virtue.
In presence of James Armstrong.

THOS. B. CLARKE, [L. s.]
H. H. COMSTOCK, [L. s.]

Detroit, 29th March, 1839.

I certify the foregoing to be a true copy of the bond filed in this office on the 19th instant. ROBT ABBOTT, A. G., S. M.

(No. 38.)

Statement of the amount of funds on hand in the treasury, the several accounts the same stands due to, and the amount available and unavailable. STATE TREASURER's OFFICE, Detroit, April 17, 1838.

, Sir—In obedience to a resolution of the Senate, passed to-day, I here with enclose a statement giving the information required.

I am, Very respectfully, Your obed’t serv't, H. HOWARD, Treasurer. Honorable E. MUNDy, President of the Senate. Bank Fund. In Michigan state bank, $1,891 73 “Detroit city bank bills, 131 87 $2,023 60 Allegan and Marshall railroad. In Michigan state bank, 60,000 00 Primary school fund. In Michigan state bank, 3,885 44

Carried forward, $

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