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description are numerous letters to his son, written before the Revolution; and also his letters, during a long course of years, to his daughter and his son-inlaw, a very few of which have been preserved. Again, his entire correspondence with the Assemblies of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia, while he was agent for those colonies in England, has hitherto eluded the most vigilant search. All these papers are probably lost, as well as those taken from the chest in Galloway's house, and others, described by him as important, which he had committed to the charge of his son, before his mission to France. It is possible that other writings may yet be brought to light, which may afford some future editor the means of more entire success.


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Origin and Genealogy of his Family.—His Birth. — His Mother.— Employments in his Boyhood. — Anecdote. — Character of his Father. —Epitaph on his Father and Mother. — Fond of reading. — Apprenticed to his Brother to learn the Printer's Trade.— Writes Ballads. – Intimacy with Collins.— Practises Composition. —Adopts a vegetable Diet. — Studies the Socratic Method of Disputation. — Concerned in publishing a Newspaper. — Disagrees with his Brother.—Leaves Boston and takes Passage in a Sloop for New York.


Journey to Philadelphia. — Adventure in a Boat. — Dr. Brown.— Burlington. — His first Appearance in Philadelphia. — Quaker Meeting. — Seeks for Employment as a Printer. — Commences Work in Keimer's Office. — Forms Acquaintances. – Patronized by Sir William Keith, Governor of Pennsylvania. — First Interview with him. — Keith proposes to set him up in Business. – Returns to Boston. — His Father disapproves Keith's Plan. — Voyage to New York. — Incident on the Passage from Newport. — Meets his Friend Collins in New York. — They go together to Philadelphia. — Collins's ill Conduct causes a Separation. — Keith insists on executing his original Plan, and proposes sending him to London to purchase Types.— Returns to the Use of animal Food. — Anecdotes of Keimer. — His Associates, Osborne, Wat

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son, Ralph. —Their Exercises in Composition.— Resolves to visit
England, as advised by Governor Keith. . . . . . 29

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