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Insanity, arising from self-pollution, 207.

shocks, mental,

study, excessive,

tobacco, 206.
connected with gout, 210.

phthisis, 210.
rheumatism, 210.
rubeola, 210.

scarlatina, 210.
America, in, 398.
Cherokees among, 143.

considered historically, theolo-
gically, judicially, and philosophically,
by Calmeil, 221.

compression of carotids in, 144.

Dean Swift of, by Mr. Wilde,
review of, 349.

delirium, not exclusive, test of,

essential, nature of, 540.

hereditary, transmission of, Dr.
Earle on, 405.

predisposition to,

different forms of, features of,

on, by Dr. Baillarger, 340, 341.

the, of men of genius, 262.
impulsive, 577.
lesions of intellect in, 545, 546.
motility, 549.
organic life, 550.
sensibility, 547–549.
incubation, period of, 545.

state of functions
during, 546.

- mild treatment of, zealous efforts
of Tuke to extend, 247.
mortality in, 410.

ratio of, according to
Esquirol, 410.

Pinel, 410.
Raymond, 410.
Tenon, 410.

of in northern states of
America, 411.

of, in Paris, in 1786,

organic lesions, are they invari-
ably present in ? 535.

Esquirol, his opinion, 535.

-various opinions, 534-536.

pathological appearances in,
536, 537.

Lelut, his opinions, 537,

Insanity, pathology of, theories of, 251.

partial, Lord Brougham on, 323.

periods of life at which most pre-
valent, 200.

prevalent in fifteenth century,
and its type, 223.

pathology and characteristics of,

physical and moral causes of, by
Dr. Earle, 405.

penitentiaries, influence of sys-
tem of, in producing, 171, 341, 343.

plea of novel mode of procedure,
in judicial cases, 408.

in plea of, surveillance proposed,
with suggestions by the editor, 109.

plea of cases of, 331-333.

predisposition to, when greatest,
543, 544.

presentiment of, in Dean Swift,
puerperal, 175.

discussion on at West-
minster Medical Society,'175.

ratio of in England, Scotland,
Ireland, and Wales, data for not
satisfactory, 394.

inspectors of, wide range of their
duties, 395, 396.

suggestions as to me-
dical men, 397.

seasons of year, influence on,

sedative treatment of, 319.

relative proportion of various
forms of, 215.

suicidal, hereditary nature of,

sulphuric ether, effects of inhala-
tion in, 412.

spermatorrhæa, connexion with,

stramonium, influence on, 342.

tobacco, soothing action of in,
Intoxication, effects a cure on tetanus,

Intuitive convictions, proofs of, 312.
Investigations, medico-legal, 344.
Irregularities of Dean Swift at college,

353, 354.
Irritability of genius, 276.
Isolation, early, high importance of, in

insanity, 250.
Italy, scientific congress in subjects pro-

posed at, 136.
Jacobi on the compression of the carotids
in insanity, 144.

on the palse of the insane, 143.

Jeffrey's remarks on Swift's conduct to Life, what it is, 68.
Vanessa, 356.

an independent principle, 72, 73.
Johnston, Samuel, religious monomania and organization, Dr. Barclay on,59.
of, 282, 283.

principle of, distinct from that of
Journal, British, of Psychological Medi- soul and body, 74.

cine, by Dr. Winslow; encomium on Lima, fasbionable amusemenis at, 242.
by Sociéte Medico-Psychologique de Lincolo hospital for lunatics, first adopted
Paris, 344.

the non-restraint as a system, 254.
Journal of Insanity, the American, 398. Literary notice, 188.
Jurisprudence, medical, 331.

Logic, its formulæ not saited to melan-
Judicial insanity, 630.

cholic patients, 282.
Janod, Dr., his exhausted air boot, 627. Lunacy, law of, defective state of in Ire.

in relation to insanity, 468. land, 397.
Juvenile delinquency and degeneration Lunatic asylums in America, 398.
in the upper classes of society, 428.

in Ireland, Lords,

House of, submit five propositions, for
Kant, double origin of ideas, 64.

the protection and security of the in-

sane there, 389.
Labatt, on the use und abuse of restraint Lunatics, lectures to, 414.
in the management of the insane, by

not criminal, committed to gaol
Dr. Hamilton Labatt, 240, 262.

in 1847-1848 in Ireland, 390.
his opinion on restraint ambi-

insufficient accommodation for
guous, not sufficiently specific, 252. in Ireland, 394.
general opinion of his work, 253.

and wandering idiots in Ireland,
Labour, organization of, for the insane, intermarriages among, 394.

capable of paying a small sum,
Lady, rational old, anecdote of, 87.

accommodation wanted for, 395.
Lallemand, on spermatorrhæa, or the

law of, 178, 186.
psychology of the reproductive func-

amendments thereon, let-
tions, 1.

ter to Editor of Morning Chronicle,
extreme, and widely extended by Dr. Winslow, 182.
range of subjects treated by him, 2.

reply to, 185.
importance of the work to so.

counter reply by Dr.
ciety, 19.

Winslow, 186.
of a purely physical character,

additional remarks of

editor, exact nature of the question
honesty and originality of pur- for discussion proposed, 187.
pose of his work, 18.

defective condition of, in
Laws, physical, moral, and psycholo- olden times, 241.
gical, violation of, 20.

revolution in management
Lee on the nervous system, 302.

of, altogether of recent date, 241.
deductions of, in regard to the

principle of restraint en-
nerves, 308.

tirely to be discarded from, 249.
Lefevre, apology for the nerves, 90.
Lepois, gives a correct view of nervous Madness very widely diffused according
disorders, 236.

to popular language, 226, 264.
Letters on the truths contained in popu-

and reason not incompatible, 276.
lar superstitions, by Herbert Mayo, Magnetism, animal, sympathy, the soul
M.D, 512.

of, 519.
Life, definition of, by Smee, 292.

Male line, in, perfect forms of cerebral
Bichat, 69.

organization rarely transmitted, 13.
Coleridge, 69. Mania, acute, 163,
only in regetable and animal cre-

a potu, Indians, exempt from, 416.
ation, 70.

- peculiar to Englisb, Irish, and
in very simple forms of organiza- Germans, 416.
tion, 72.

rare amongst Spanish, French,
ordinary duration of, 78.

and negroes, 416.
theory of, 72, et seq.

Maine, (district of, in America), mode of
on theory of developments in or- determining the admission of sup-
ganization, 73.

posed lunatics into asylnms, 408.

Maine, (district of, in America), impor-

Michea, Dr., on the blood as the neuroses,

on hallucinations and illusions,
Mind, erethism of, 281.

effects of solitary confinement
on, by Dr. Winslow, 115.

evidence for, stronger than that
for matter, 314.

existence of in lower animals,

principle of, distinct from that of
life, 76.

and matter, belief of existence
of, rest on same ultimate principles,

immateriality of, existence of
the Deity, and vital principles, theory
of, closely interwoven, 59,

impairment of, from softening of
the brain, monograph on, by Dr.

Miscarriages, causes of occasional, in

taut and judicious novel mode of pro-
cedure in cases of plea of insanity, 408.

general law against deteniion of
insane in gaols or Houses of Cor-

rection, 410.
Massachussets, legislature of, grants

2500 dollars for experiments in train-
ing ten idiots, 404.
Marriage, less a physical impalse than

a psychological relation, 7.
Married state, calls forth the exercise of
self command, 7.

reflexions on, 6, 7.
Marriages amongst lunatics and wan-

dering idiots in Ireland, 394.
Mayo, Dr., on popular superstitions, 512.

character of the work, 514.
Medical men, only to be appointed to
Irish lunatic asylums, 397.

jurisprudence, 331.
Medico-legal investigation, 344.
Melancholy, cured by severe bodily in-

juries, 169.
Membranes false, of arachnoid, source
of, 128.

not the result of sanguineous
effusions, 129.
Memoirs on psychology, published on

the continent in 1846, 1847, 134.
Men of genius, the insanity of, 262.
Meningitis, acute, tubercular in the adult,

acute, rare in children, 45.
rapidly fatal, 45.
symptoms of, 45.
diagnosis of, 46.

treatment of, 46.
Mercurial blisters in encephalitis, 170.
Mesmerism, 527, 528.

a cause of insanity, 208.
characteristics of, 531.

brief statement of modus ope-
randi of, 532.

probable good that may result
from inquiries into, 533.
Mental diseases, pathology and thera-
peutics of, 134.

study of, 174, 495.

epidemics, by Calmeil,

diseases, morbid ana-
tomy of, 483.

symptoms of sperma-
torrhæa, 18.
Metaphysical and physical conditions

mutually opposed, 13.
M'Dougall's translation of Lallemand on

spermatorrhæa, 1.

the lower orders, 9.
Months, admission for insanity, accord-

ing to, in Bloomingdale Asylum, 198.
Moral laws, violation of, 20.
Morell's reflections on ideas attached to

Spinoza, theory of a first cause, 64.
Mortality in insanity, 410.

·mania, 410.
monomania, 410.
lypomania, 410.
in dementia, 410.

ratio of in Northern State of
America, 411.

of insane in Paris, 1786, 410.

peculiarly great amongst in-
sane during Irish pestilence, 393.
Motiveless, crime of the young, Dr.

Wigan on, 499.
Mulattoes, or hybrid race, characteris-
tics of, 415.

differences between, as of Spa-
nish or French extraction with negro,
and Anglo-Saxon, 415.
Murder, attempt of insane to commit,

Museums for the insane, 414.
Muscular excitability dependent on

nerves, 305.
Music, its effects on the perves, 173.
Musk and blisters in acute hydro-

cephalus, 169.
Nantes, lunatic asylum at, facts con-

nected with its history, 147.
Nature, general principle of, philosophy

of, by Stallo, 58.

on, 411.

Nature, animated, the philosophy of, or Origin of Swift's vertigo accounted for,

the power and action of thc nervous by Dr. Beddoes, 354.
system, by G. Calvert Holland, M.D., Orleans, New, description of Charity

Hospital there, 416.
character of the work, 555.

frequency of mania a potu, in
Nervous affections, periodic, cured by the lunatic department there, 416.
sulphate of quida, 171.

Orrery's Lord, remarks on Swift's anti-
Nerves, apology for, by Sir George Le- cipation of his lunacy, 364.
fevre, 90.

his description of intel-
Nervous system, the, 302.

lectual character of Stella, 357.
brain, the centre of, 302.
Nerves, association of, 306.

Padded room for the insane, 259.
classification of, by Mr. Earle, Paganini, his talent, and what it cost

him, 278.
deductions regarding, by Mr. Palsy, general, in the insane, remarks
Lee, 308.

exposition, new, of their func- less prevalent in America tban in
tions, by Mr. Earle, 302.

Europe, 412.
Nervous influence, not identical with on the increase, 412.
galvanism, 302.

more common in men than women,
principle, the, and discovery of 411.
the circulation of the blood, compared dangers attending oft-repeated ab-
and contrasted, 555.

stractions of blood in, 346.
power, circulating theory of, by Pantheism, German, 58.
Mr. Earle, 305.

of ancients and Germans, 6).
respiratory, tract of Sir Charles

of philosophy and poetry dis-
Bell, called in question, 306.

tinguished, 62.
secondary relations of highest Paralysis, idiopathic, 155.
importance in pathological questions,

of tongue cured by galvano-

puncture, 162.
system, sympathetic nerve, ap-

complete, cured by cold.
pendage of, 307.

bathing and urtication, 168.
Nerves and nervous maladies, pathology Partial insanity, Lord Brougham on,
of, by Sir George Lefevre, 90.

Negroses, on the blood in, 118.

Paris, correspondence from, 338, 624.
Nomenclature of insanity, extreme dif- insane of, mortality in 1786, 410.
ficulty of, 215.

Pathology of nerves and nervous mala-
Nostalgia, a cause of insanity, 213. dies, Sir George Lefevre on, 90.
Nott, Ďr., characteristics of white ne-

and characteristics of insanity,
groes and mulattoes, 415.

Novel reading, three cases of insanity

of insanity, theories on, 251.
from, 215.

and therapeutics of mental
Nottidge versus Ripley, trial of, 630. diseases, 134.
Nurses, vile and vicious practices of, 26. Pathological human chemistry, and
Nymphomania, cured by tartar emetic comparative animal chemistry, dis.
ointment, 141.

cordance between, 124.

Peaked head, cause of, in south of
Objections to effects of pressure on cir. France, 36.
culation within the brain, 38.

Pecuniary difficulties, cause of insanity,
Opinions on origin of false membranes 211.
in arachnoid, 128.

Penitentiary system, influence of on
Opium, in sedative treatment of iu- insanity, 171.
sanity, 320.

Pestilence and famine affected the in-
cases of mania in which it sane with peculiar severity, 393.
should be given, 320.

Phantasies of the dying not created in
Orchideal discharge, and sexual, effects vain, 82.
contrasted, 22.

shadow forth the world to
Organization, not the cause of life, ac.

come, 82.
cording to Coleridge, 69.

of a haunted man, 269.
illustrated, 69.

Phenomena of death, 76.

Philosophy, the, of animated nature, on

the laws and actions of the nervous

system, by Dr. G. C. Holland, 555.
Phlebitis in puerperal women, 153.
Phrenology, fallacies of, 539.
Physical and metaphysical sciences, 309.

laws, violation of, 20.

-properties of matter essentially
vital, according to Coleridge, 68.

and metaphysical conditions
mutually opposed, 13.
Physiology, patural theology, and other
sciences, the relation between, 309.

intermediate between phy.
sical and metaphysical sciences, 309.
Picture, dreadful, of present state of

lunatics in Ireland, 391.
Pinel, triumphant success of, removing
the fetters from the insane, 247.

rate of mortality by, from insanity,
Plea of insanity, 331.

novel and important mode of
precedure in judicial cases, 408.

surveillance proposed in cases
of, and suggestions by the editor, 409.
Poetic character close relation to the

insane state, 262.
Pollock, Chief Baron, comments on his

observations relative to laws of lunacy,

Pomade of the sorcerers, 231.
Ponzinibius advocates the theory of

errors of the senses, in opposition to

the belief in demons, 234.
Possession, supposed demonical, de-

scribed by the present sufferer, 462.
Power of organism not fixed, 557.
Presentiment of insanity in Swift, 364.
Pressure, injurious effects of external
pressure on the brain, 37, 38.

never to be applied to head of
newly born infant, 39.
Pritchard, Dr., death of, 188.
Principle of life, distinct from that of

mind or soul, 76.
Proportions of the two sexes in insanity,

Prussic acid, case of insanity from, 211,
Psychical health and disease, in their

various transitions, 139.
Psychology relative to physiology, na-
tural theology, &c., 309.

important works and memoirs
OD, published on the Continent in

1846-47, 134.
Psychological correspondence from
Paris, 624.

effects of spermatorrhea, 18.
Pulse of the insane, 143.

Punishment, corporal, for insanity, em-

ployed in Grand Cairo, 244,
Raisonnante, La Folie, interest con-

nected with, 276.
Ratio, between males and females in

Bloomingdale Asylum, 200.
Re-action, in favour of non-restraint

system, theory of, 246.
Reason and madness not always incom-

patible, 276.
Reichenbach, explanations offered by,

of mysterious coincidences, 523.
Reid, Dr. James, on the nervous system

and nervous disorders, 281.
Reflexions on married state, 6, 7.
Relation, subsisting between degree of

deformity of cranium and imperfect
state of intellect, 36.

of thought to matter, 556.
Religion, as a moral course of insanity,

Religious opinions, character of, modify

forms of insanity, 224-225.
Remorse, insanity from, 213.
Renovation of body at climateric periods,

Report of inspectors of lunatic asylums

in Ireland, melancholy extract from,

390, 391.
Reproductive functions, physiology of,

by Lallemand, 1.
Restraint, on the use and abuse of, in

the treatment of the insane, by Dr.

Labatt, 240.
Restraint, little, employed in Irish asy-
lums, 256.

only recently i emoved on
general principles, 245.

triumphant success of Pinel
in removing, 247.

personal, still employed by the
French, 248.

non, system of, introduced at
Lincoln Lunatic Asylum, 254.

great advocate for, Dr. Co-
nolly, 254.

completely rejected at Re-
treat of Friends, at York, in 1843,

camisole generally adequate in,

rational, view of, and reason-
able objections to absolute non-re-
straint, by managers of Bloomingdale

asylum, 192.
Resusitcation from death, instances of,

Retirement from active life, noxious

effects of, 117.

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