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Bibliotheque da Medicin Practicien.

Tome neuvième, traité de maladies du
cerveau, maladies mentales, maladies

nerveuses, 534.
Blisters, mercurial, in encephalitis, 169.
Blood, the ostensible site of the vital

principle, 75.
Bloodletin dangerous, if too frequent

in general palsy of the insane, 346.
Blood, on, in the neuroses, by Dr.
Michea, 118.

fibrine, proportion of, in the
neuroses, 122.

albumen, proportion of, 122.
serum, proportion of, 122.

of the insane, Dr. Erlenmeyer,
on the, 139.

pressure on a nerve, effects of,
according to Bichat, 91.

according to Swan, 91.
and innervation, mutual relation
of, 93.
Bloomingdale Asylum, New York, his-

tory and statistics of, 189.
Blumenbach, his nisus formativus, 73.
Boismont de Brierre, on the classifica-

tion of mental diseases, 551.
Books received, 188, 348, 635.
Bory de St. Vincent, singular observa-

tions on vegeto-animal forms, 71.
Brain, sole centre of human nervous
system, 302.

softening of, by Dr. Winslow,
monograph on, terminating in im-
pairment of mind.

decrease of, in the insane, 159.

hæmorrhage and softening of, de-
pendent on congestion, 159.

overwrought, illustrations of, cau-
tion regarding, 289.
- injurious effects of tight bandages
on its functions, 37, 38.

irritation of, in children, 43.
symptoms of, 43.
treatment of, 43.
- phantoms of, described and ana-
lized, 273_275.

Abercrombie on, 275.
Brougham, Lord, on partial insanity,

Bull of Innocent VIII. against demon

worshippers, 229.
Burns, peculiarities of, 280.

- theory of the poetic temperament
of, 281.
Bush, Dr., on juvenile delinquency, and

degeneration in upper classes of so-

ciety, 428.
Byron, traits of his impetuous character,


Cairo, Grand, barbarous treatment of

lunatics at, 243, 244.
Calmeil on mental epidemics, 221.

History of dæmopomania, chorea,
monomania religiosa, 135.
Cambrai, nuns of, demonopathy among,

Camisole, sufficient in general as

means of restraint, 192.
Canada, Upper and Lower, great dispro-

portion between idiots and insane, 142.
Cannabis Indica, action of, 171.
Cannibalism of sorcerers, theory of its

origin, 228.
Caribbees, alter the form of the craniom

by pressure, 34.
Carlini, anecdote of, 289.
Carotids, compression of, in insanity,144.
Carus, Dr., on the pantheistical theory

of life, 68.
Cases illustrative of transient insanity,

illustrating the effects of restraint,
260, 261.

of Tartini, 268.
of Tasso, 267.

of Wollaston, by Dr. Holland, 270.
Causes of death, table of, 220.
Catheterism, esophageal, of insane, 156.
Cephalæa, intermittent, dependent on

cerebral effusion, 170.
Cerebral diseases of children, 41.

affections in children, obscure
character of, 41.

affections often latent, 41.

affections of infancy and child-
hood, by Dr. Duke, 41.

congestions, chemical indica.
tions of, from blood, 122.
Changes during periods of adolescence

in males and females, 5.
Characteristics and pathology of in-

sanity 539.
Chemistry, human, pathological, and

comparative, discordance between,124.
Cherokees, insanity among, 143.
Cheromania, what, 271.

illustration of, 520, 521,

-phenomena of, totally irrespec-
tive of constitutional disturbance, 274.
Cheyne, Dr., of Dublin, his description

of acute hydrocephalus, 47.
Children, cerebal diseases of, 41.
Chloroform in tetanus, 168.

fractional doses of, 347.
Cholera, fear of, cause of insanity, 214.
Chorea in scrofulous subjects, 171.
Chronic hydrocephalus, 56.
Circulation, obstructed, cffects on sepss.

tion, 91.

Classes, upper, of society, juvenile de-

linquency, and degeneration in, by

Dr. Bush, 428.
Classification of mental diseases accord-

ing to Brierre de Boismont, 551,
Clergymen, whether catholics or protes-

tants, to be attached to every lunatic
asylum in Ireland, 397.

-of Cupar, singular divining anec-
dote of, 522.
Climateric, grand, 78.
Cold bathing and urtication successfully

employed in palsy, 168.
Cold affusion, dangerous consequences

from, 165.
Coleridge, his theory of life, 58.

's early life disclosed his meta-
physical tendencies, 66.

influence of German literature
upon his mind, 66.

peculiar character of his meta-
physical philosophy, 6.

his theory truly pantheistical,

argues physical properties of
matter as essentially vital, 68.

opposes idea of life, considered
as the mere result of organization, 69.
Commissions in lunacy, 468.
Compression of skull by bandages pro-

duces idiotism, according to M.

Virey, 34.
Condition, married, strictly consonant

with nature, 6.
Confidence, influence on the mind, 94.
Confinement, solitary, effect of, on the
mind, by Dr. Winslow, 115.

injurious to the mind,
without inducing insanity, 115.
Congestion of brain rare in early life, 42.

symptoms of, 42.
rapidity of their pro-

Conolly, uncompromising advocate for

non-restraint system, 254.
Constantinople, description of lunatic

asylum at, 244.
Convictions, intuitive, proof of, 312.
Convulsions in children, 44.
Copland, Dr. James, on the young

sleeping with the aged as a cause of

depressed vitality, 74.
Cornwall, divining rod in, 515.
Correspondence from Paris, 338–348.
Cranium, deformed and imperfect in-

tellect, 36.
Crania, infantile, on deformity of, 30.

modified forms of, from tight
bandaging, illustrated by plates, 32,

33, 39.
Criminal acts, prima facie insane, 117.

illustrated by analogy, 117.
Cowper, his religious melancholy, 284.
Cure, period of life at which most com-
mon, 219.

time required for, in insanity, erro-
neous notion of the public, 218.

time required for in, insanity, 218.
D'Alembert, anecdote of, on his death

bed, 89.
Dangerous influence of imagination on

reason, Hume on, 61.
Davy, Dr. John, account of lunatic

asylum at Constantinople, 244.
Death, allegorical conversation with, 89.

or dying, difference between, and
going to sleep, 79.

accidental, 78.
apparent, 162.
bed scenes portrayed, 81.

bed interview of Stella with Dean
Swift, 363.

fetch, story of, 521.
reasons for intimating to patient, 87.
resuscitation from, 79.
scene on the battle field, 82.
phenomena of, 76.

successive, of the different ages in
individuals, 77.

of St. Laurence Justinian, 82.
lucid interval before, 83.

peculiarities of, when brain dies
first, 84.

time of, often foreseen and pre-
pared for, 85.

physical description of, leading
features of, 85.

reflections on, what is the precise
duty ofthe physician before the closing
scene, 88.

should it be intimated to the pa-
tient? 86.

gress, 42.

treatment of, 42.
Congestion, cerebral, its connexion with

hæmorrhage and softening of the
brain, 159.

-general indications of cerebral,
corresponding with chemical analysis

of the blood, 122.
Congress of science in Italy, subjects

proposed at, 136.
Consciousness, double case of, 528.

connected with hysteria, 456.
Connexion between physiology, psycho-

logy, natural theology, and other

sciences, 309.
Conolly, on accommodation required for

lunatics capable of paying a small
sum, 394.

Death, ubiquity of, 77.

Dudley, Lord, traits of his character,280.
wary, anecdote of rational old lady Duke, Dr., on the cerebral affections of
thereon, 87.

infancy and childhood, 41.
why it is expedient to interdict the Dying, phantasies of the, not to be
idea of, from the sick chamber, 86. slighted, 82.
of Dr. Prichard, 188.

Dyspepsia, a cause of insanity, 210.
Decrease of brain in insanity, 159.
Definitions, preliminary, not essential, Earle, Dr., history of Bloomingdale
Whewell on, 68.

Asylum, New York, 189.
Deformity of infantile crania, 30.

M. J. W., new exposition of func-
- crania, relative proportion tions of nerves, 302.
in the sexes, 35.

Eclampsia, cured by stramonium, 172.
Delany, Dr., account of confirmed ma- Education, errors in, productive of in-
niacal state of Dean Swift, 367.

sanity, 214.
Delaye, Dr., on the peaked heads of the Edilin, Dr.

, of the Sorbonne, first open
natives of Toulouse, 36.

preacher against sorcery, 228.
Delirium, acute, of the insane, 552.

bis punishment, 228.
electrical, theory of, by Leo. Ehrenberg, denies any unequivocal in-
pold Turk, 137.

stance of spontaneous generation, 72.
tremens, tabular view of cases Electro-biology, Smee on, 292.
in Bloomingdale Asylum, 193. Emissions, solitary, various conditions

classes most subject under which they occur, 21.
to, 193.

Emotional, state of the mind, during
cases of, table of ages intellectual exertion, 286.
of, 193.

Employment, want of, cause of insanity,
civil condition, table 211,
of patients, 194.

Engelken, water care and electricity re-
all cases, table of commended by, in insanity, 137.
results of first admission, 194.

Encephalitis, treated by mercurial blis-
fatal cases, tables of

ters, 170.
crises in, 195.

Epidemics, mental, by Dr. Calmeil,
leading features of 221.
malady described, 195—197.

Epilepsy, treatment of, 144.
general hopeless cha-

by Mettais and
racter of cases of, 197.

Breton, 154.
treatment of, 165. Equalization, principle of, in nature, 13,
Demon worshippers, bull of Innocent
VIII. against, 229.

Erethism of brain in infants-vide Brain,
Demonomania, prevalentin fifteenth cen- irritation of.
tury, history of-horrors of, glanced

of mind, 281.
at, 237.

Erlenmeyer, on the blood of the insane,
historical and patholo- 139.
gical account of, 134.

Esquirol, rates of mortality by, in dif-
Description of spermatoza, 17.

ferent forms of mental diseases, 410.
Difficulties, pecuniary, potent cause of

his classfication of insanity,
insanity, 211.

Disease, physical expression of, 2, 3.

on the relation of age to in-
sleeplessness in, 373.

sanity, 543.
influence on temper, 3. Ether, sulphuric, effects of inhaling, in
Diseases, mental, classification of, ac- insanity, 412, 413.

cording to Brierre de Boismont, Exercise essentially requisite to healthy

functions of mind, 116.
- mental, study of, 174, 495. Exhumation of body of Dean Swift,
Divining rod in Cornwall, 515.

Domestic troubles, causes of insanity, Existence, of matter and mind, evidence

of, rest on some ultimate principles,
Doses, fractional, of chloroform, 347. 312.
Droin, Marie Madeline, medico-legal

inquiry into state of her mind, 157. Facts, chemical, on the blood in the
Dryden's opinion of Swift, 351.

neuroses, 132.


Faculties, mental, influence on the con-

dition of the body, 560.
Fallacies in experiments bitherto made

in prosecuting the inquiry of the rela-
tion between nervous matter and gal-

vanism, 558, 559.
Fear, a cause of insanity, 213—209.
Fever, followed by insanity, 213.
Fibrin, quantity of, in blood, in neu-

roses, 122.
Fichte, the fundamental principle of his

philosophy, 65.
Fish, vitality of, after being congealed,

Fifteenth century, extensive and gross

delusions of, 229.
Foville, on deformity of crania in chil-

dren, arising from head-dress, 30.
Fragments, psychological, 134.
French, absurd habit of, in compressing
the head, 35.

employ personal restraint in in.
sanity, 248.
Functions, bodily and moral, parallel
between, 316.

reproductive, on psychology
of, by Lallemand, 1.
Galvanism and nervous influence not
identical, 302.

in experiments hitherto made, respect-

ing their identity, 558, 559.
Gambérini, on nocturnal neuralgia of

fore-arm, 155.
Gastralgia and hypochondriasis, 165.
Generation, spontaneous, no proof there-

of, 72.
Genius, enthusiasm of, to be kept down
in early life, 281.

eccentricities of, 265.
irritability of, 276.
men of, the insanity of, 279.
early germs of, 265.
mortality of, 277.

its melancholy alliance with mis-
fortune, 14.
Ghosts, genuine, 524.
German pantheism, 58–61.
Goëthe, wild dithyrambic of, on pan-

theism, 62.
Grief as a cause of insanity, 213.
Graves, Dr., on sleeplessness in disease,


Hallucinations of genius, two modes or
forms of, 271.

supposed connexion with
excess, or deficiency of oxygenation

of the system, 271.
Hamilton, account of form of Swift's

skull, 371.
Hanwell asylum, deaths and injuries at,
from disuse of restraint, 258.

lunatic asylum, fourth report
of, 418.
male school of, described, 423.

history of individual
scholars, 424.
female school, history of, 426.

individual scholars,
their capacities and progress de-

scribed, 426, 427.
Head of children, cautions as to tight

caps, general mode of treating, 40.
Health, psychical, and disease, 139.

general ill, cause of insanity,
Heberden, on lucid interval in phrensy,

preceding death, 83.
Hegel, his pantheistical notions, 65.
Hereditary transmission of insanity, Dr.

Earle on, 405.
Hohnbaum, on psychical bealth and dis-

ease, 139.
Holland, Dr., describes Dr. Wollaston's

case, 270.
Home sickness, a cause of insanity, 213.
Homicidal insanity, tabular records of,

Hope, influence of, on the body, 94.
Horne, Mr., essay upon madness, as

treated by Shakspere, 589.
Horse, kick from, produces insanity,

Human understanding, range of, 59.
Hume, on danger from imagination to

reason, 61.
Hydrencephaloid disease of children de-
scribed, 43.

symptoms of, and treat-
ment, 43, 44.
Hydrocepbalus, acute, treated by musk
and blisters, 169.

or tubercular meningitis,
description of, by Dr. Cheyne, of
Dublin, 47.

connexion with strumous
diathesis, 49.

early symptoms of, 49.
diagnosis of, 50–52.
prognosis of, 52.

morbid appearances pe-
culiar to, 52, 53.

treatment of, 54.

[blocks in formation]

Hydrocephalus, acute, prophylaxis in,55.

chronic, 56.
- morbid appearances, 57.

treatment of, 57, 58.
Hypochondriasis and gastralgia, 165.
Hysteria epileptiform, 160.
Hysteria, case of double consciousness,

Ideler, Dr., influence of human science

on psychology, 137.
Idiotism induced by compression of the

skull, 34.
Idiots in Upper and Lower Canada,
statistics of, 142.

school for, at Boston, 404.

in State of Massachussets, statis-
tical account of, their capacities and
conditions, 403.

school for, in Hanwell Lunatic
asylum, 422-427.

in Massachussets, paternal regard
of State for, 402.
- successful management of, at Paris,

wandering, great number of in
Ireland, 393.

wandering, intermarriages of, 394.
Illusions and hallucinations, Dr. Michea
on, 138.

of Benvenuto Cellini, 272.

and visions of Swedenborg, 273.
Illusionary character of mind of Shel-

ley, 272.
Imagination, dangerous influence of on

reason, remarks by Hume, 61.
Imbecility induced by solitary confine-

ment, 116.
Impairment of mind, arising from soft-

ening of the brain, monograph on, by

Dr. Winslow.
Impassioned letter of Vanessa to Swift,

Incapacity, complete physical, unpro-

ductive of imaginary horrors, 12.
Inductions, pathogenic, founded on the

chymical character of the blood in
the neuroses, 133.

therapeutic, based on the same,
Industry of the poets, 277.
Inequality and irrespondence of the

sexual passions, typified in lays of
troubadours and in song generally,

Iafanticide, 152
Infants, heads of, deformities of, induced

by their coverings, observations of
Dr. Forille on, 30.

Injuries, cases of insanity, arising from,

Injury, severe bodily, cures a case of
melancholy, 169.

braio of, specific gravity of, 538.
Insane, civil condition of, 201.

classification of, 551.

detention of, in gaols or work.
houses, illegal in Maine District,
United States, 410.

lectures to, on the physical
sciences, 414,

number of, in Ireland, 392.

occupation of in life, tabular
view of, 202.

occupation of females, tabular
view of, 203.

æsophageal catheterism of, 156.

organization of, labour for the,

proportion of the two sexes, 542.
pulse of, 143.

in Ireland, partly confined in
gaols and cells of workhouses, 388.

- insufficient accommoda-
tion for, 394.

pestilenee unusually
severe on, 393.

propositions submitted
by House of Lords, for security and
protection of, 389.

general condition of,

palsy of, danger of repeated ob-
structions of blood in, 346.

on the use and abuse of restraint
in the treatment of, by Hamilton
Labatt, 240.

security they now enjoy, con-
trasted with former eras, 222,
Insanity, arising from cholera, fear of,

difficulties, pecu-
niary, 211.

domestic troubles,

dispepsia, 210.

exertion, excessive
bodily, 207.

errors of educa
tion, 214.

fever, 209.
grief, 213.

health, general ill,

mesmerism, 407.
prussic acid, 211.

religious causes,

remorse, 213.

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