Jerusalem delivered: an heroic poem, Volume 1

Printed by T. Bensley, for J. Johnson, 1803 - 694 páginas

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Página 2 - Olympian hill I soar, Above the flight of Pegasean wing ! The meaning, not the name, I call ; for thou Nor of the Muses nine, nor on the top Of old Olympus dwell'st ; but heavenly born, Before the hills appear'd or fountain flow'd, Thou with eternal Wisdom didst converse, Wisdom thy sister, and with her didst play In presence of the Almighty Father, pleased With thy celestial song.
Página xxv - Jerusalem Delivered." Tasso for three or four years suspended his determination : at length, being earnestly pressed by both the brothers to take .up his residence in Ferrara, he suffered himself to be prevailed upon. The duke gave him an apartment in his palace, where he lived in peace and affluence, and pursued his design of completing his *< Jerusalem," which he now resolved to dedicate to Alphonso.
Página xix - Bernardo, the father of our poet, was no wise equal to his birth; but this deficiency, in point of fortune, was in some measure compensated by the gifts of understanding. His works in verse and prose are recorded as monuments of his genius ; and his fidelity to Ferrante of...
Página xlvi - ... elevated above the common rank of mankind. It is faid of him, that there never was a fcholar more humble, a wit more devout, or a man more amiable in fociety.
Página xliii - He was met at the entrance of that city by many prelates and persons of distinction, and was afterward introduced, by the two cardinals, Cynthio and Pietro, to the presence of the pope, who was pleased to tell him, " that his merit would add as much honour to the laurel he was going to receive, as that crown had formerly given to those on whom it had hitherto been bestowed.
Página xv - The current popular tales of elves and fairies were even fitter to take the credulous mind, and charm it into a willing admiration of the specious miracles which wayward fancy delights in, than those of the old traditionary rabble of pagan divinities.
Página xxxvi - Guglielmo in a decrepid age, and little disposed to protect him against the duke of Ferrara: the prince Vincentio Gonzaga received him indeed with great caresses, but was too young to take him under his protection. From thence he went to Padua and Venice, but carrying with him in every part his fears of the duke of Ferrara, he at last had recourse to the duke of Urbino, who...
Página xlvi - Never satisfied with his works, even when they rendered his name famous throughout the world; always satisfied with his condition, even when he wanted every thing; entirely relying on Providence and his friends ; without malevolence towards his greatest enemies; only wishing for riches that he might be serviceable to others, and making a scruple to receive or keep auy thing himself that was not absolutely necessary.
Página xxxix - Manso heard him with surprise ; he looked, but saw nothing except the sunbeams darting through the window; he cast his eyes all over the room,, but could perceive nothing ; and was just going to ask where the pretended spirit was, when he heard Tasso...
Página 75 - Each took the example as their chieftains led, With naked feet the hallowed soil they tread ; Each throws his martial ornaments aside, The crested helmets with their plumy pride ; To humble thoughts their lofty hearts they bend, And down their cheeks the pious tears descend.

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