Shakespeare, Italy, and Intertextuality

Michele Marrapodi
Manchester University Press, 2004 - 278 páginas
Newly available in paperback, this collection of essays, written by distinguished international scholars, focuses on the structural influence of Italian literature, culture and society at large on Shakespeare's dramatic canon. Exploring recent methodological trends coming from Anglo-American new historicism and cultural materialism and innovative analyses of intertextuality, the volume's four thematic sections deal with 'Theory and practice', 'Culture and tradition', 'Text and ideology' and 'Stage and spectacle'.

In their own views and critical perspectives, the individual chapters throw fresh light on the dramatist's pliable technique of dramatic construction and break new ground in the field of influence studies and intertextuality as a whole.

A rich bibliography of secondary literature and a detailed index round off the volume.

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Seven types of intertextuality
English bodies in Italian habits
intertextuality in action
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Michele Marrapodi is Full Professor of English Literature in the Department of Scienze Umanistiche at the University of Palermo

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