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of his opinions ; and chiefly because, under the familiar designation of a CORRESPONDENT, I am enabled to introduce numerous remarks that might appear too trivial, when delivered in the imposing formality of didactic composition. The extracts from the Journal, which I wrote during my excursion through the United States, I have presented to my readers in a consecutive and abridged narrative, that it might be complete by itself.

I lie under no necessity to assure those who know


connections in life, as well as my principles, that my sentiments on several of the subjects discussed in these volumes, have been as maturely formed, as they are honestly and fearlessly declared ; and that many of them are at variance with those of some persons whom I highly respect. But how erroneous soever these friends


deem certain views and conceptions which I entertain and have here published, it is a duty I owe to all other persons to affirm, that in no single instance have I enlisted wilful misrepresentation or personal obloquy in support of my positions; but have stated facts and reasoned upon them in a manner, which, I hope, the most scrupulous of my readers will consider to be at once fair and conscientious.

E. A. T.

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