The Presbyterian Magazine, Volume 9,Edição 8

Cortlandt Van Rensselaer
W. H. Mitchell (etc.), 1859

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Página 377 - The Greek Testament: with a critically revised Text; a Digest of Various Readings; Marginal References to verbal and Idiomatic Usage; Prolegomena; and a Critical and Exegetical Commentary. For the Use of Theological Students and Ministers, By HENRY ALFORD, DD, Dean of Canterbury. Vol. I., containing the Four Gospels.
Página 375 - ... winter snows. They are fortune's richest treasure— Honour's most ennobling fame ; / Sources of a truer pleasure, Than what beareth pleasure's name. For their meed of soft caressing, Hardy labour toils with joy ; " Children are the poor man's blessing"— They his heart and hands employ.
Página 375 - LITTLE children are the flowers By life's thorny wayside springing — Ever to this world of ours Something fresh and guileless bringing. They are birds, in whose glad voices All the dreary winter long The imprisoned heart rejoices, As in summer's woodland song. They are stars, that brightly shining Through the inner night of sorrow, Aid the spirit in divining Something hopeful for the morrow. They are precious jewels, gleaming 'Mid the cares of manhood's browWoman's bosom more beseeming Than the...
Página 382 - On a suggestion that he was exhausting himself and needed rest, he said: 'Let me add one word more respecting the solemn event to which you have called my attention. If the curtain should drop at this moment, and I were ushered into the presence of my Maker, what would be my feelings ? They would be these: First, I would prostrate myself in the dust in an unutterable sense of my nothingness and guilt. Secondly, I would look up to my Redeemer with an inexpressible assurance of faith and love.
Página 377 - FITZ RANDOLPH. 1756. Aaron Burr, President, preached the first sermon, and began the first school in Princeton College.
Página 378 - The same may be said of citations and dates from history. In the last apology of Stephen, which he spoke being full of the Holy Ghost, and with divine influence beaming from his countenance, we have at least two demonstrable historical inaccuracies. And the occurrence of similar ones in the Gospels does not in any way affect the inspiration or the veracity of the Evangelists.
Página 377 - The Greek Testament : with a Critically Revised Text ; a Digest of various Readings; Marginal References to Verbal and Idiomatic Usage; Prolegomena; and a Critical and Exegetical Commentary. For the Use of Theological Students and Ministers. By HENRY ALFOEP, BD, Minister of Quebec Chapel, London, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Página 368 - Italian Confederation. The union of Lombardy with Piedmont creates for us a powerful ally, who will owe to us its independence. The Italian governments which have remained inactive, or which have been called back into their possessions, will comprehend the necessity of salutary reforms. A general amnesty will obliterate all traces of civil discord.
Página 375 - Father ! the pearly gates unfold, The sapphire walls, the streets of gold, Are bursting on my sight ; The Angel bands come singing down, And one has got my starry crown, And one my robe of white. "Poising above on silvery wing, They're waiting my freed soul to bring To its new home above ; There, folded to my Saviour's breast, How sweet, how full will be my rest Beneath His eye of love.
Página 368 - Palestro, Turbigo, Magenta, Marignano, and Solferino, who in two months have freed Piedmont, and have only stopped because the contest was about to assume proportions no longer in keeping with the interests France had in this formidable war.

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