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No. 21. Divinity, Law, and Physic, overburdened with Practitioners

Addison. 22. Absurdities of the Opera exemplified in Letters from the Performers of Beasts

Steele. 23. Ill-natured Satire

Addison. 24. Complaint of Thomas Kimbow-Impertinent

Acquaintance--Letter from Mary Tuesday Steele. 25. Letter from a Valetudinarian-Excess of Anxiety about Health

Addison. 26. Řeflections in Westminster Abbey 27. Resolutions to quit the World—Letter to a Clergyman

Steele. 28. Project of an Office for the Regulation of Signs

Monkey recommended for the Opera Addison. 29. Italian Recitative-Absurdities of the Opera Dresses

Addison. 30. Club of Lovers established at Oxford Steele. 31. Project of a new Opera

Addison. 32. Admission of the Spectator into the Ugly Club

Steele. 33. Characters of Lætitia and Daphne Art of improving Beauty

Hughes. 34. Success of the Spectators with various Classes

of Readers, represented by the Club Addison. 35. False Wit and Humour-Genealogy of Humour

Addison. 36. Letters from the Playhouse, on the Dismission of inanimate Performers •

Steele. 37. Catalogue of a Lady's Library-Character of Leonora

Addison. 38. On Affectation-Vanity

Steele. 39. English Tragedy-Lee-Otway • Addison. 40. Tragedy and Tragi-Comedy 41. Women called Picts-no faith to be kept with them



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No. 42. English Tragedy-Methods to aggrandize the the Persons in Tragedy

Addison. 43. Account of the Hebdomadal Club-Remarks 'on Dulness

Steele. 44. Stage Tricks to excite Pity-Dramatic Murders

Addison. 45. Ill consequences of the Peace-French Fashions -Childish Impertinence

Addison. 46. The Spectator's Paper of Hints dropped-Gospel-gossip-Ogling

Addison. 47. Theory of the Passion of Laughter 48. Spectator's Letter to the Ugly Club, Letters from Hecatissaan old Beau-Strolling Players

Steele. 49. Character of the Coffee-houses-Eubulus

Steele. 50. Remarks on the English, by the Indian Kings

Addison. 51. Censure of a Passage in the Funeral—Indelicacies in Plays

Steele. 52. Letter from the Ugly Club-Hobbes's Theory of Laughter

Steele. 53. Letters on Female Education

Hughes. The best bred Men—the Spleen—a PeeperKing Latinus

Hughes. 54. Account of the new Sect of Loungers 55. Effects of Avarice and Luxury on Employments

Addison. 56. Vision of Marraton 57. Mischiefs of Party-Rage in the Female Sex

Addison. 58. Essay on Wit—History of False Wit 59. The same subject continued 60. Wit of the Monkish Ages-in Modern Times

Addison. 61. The Subject continued

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No. 161.


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