Includes "Statistical tables compiled from the annual returns of the railroad companies of the state."

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Página 314 - On compliance with the provisions of the next section, such articles of association may be filed in the office of the secretary of state, who shall endorse thereon the day they are filed, and record the same in a book to be provided by him for that purpose; and thereupon the persons who have so subscribed such articles of association...
Página 276 - ... but before being issued, said bonds shall be registered in the office of the comptroller of public accounts...
Página 318 - State, commence the construction of its road, and expend thereon ten per cent. of the amount of its subscribed capital, or shall not finish or put in operation its railroad within five years from the time of recording its articles as aforesaid, its corporate existence and powers shall cease.
Página 287 - The weighman employed at any mine shall subscribe an oath or affirmation before a justice of the peace, or other officer authorized to administer oaths, to do justice between employer and employe, and weigh the out-put of coal from the mines as herein provided.
Página 195 - General salaries and office expenses, law expenses and all other expenses (except interest) not included in any of the above items...
Página 249 - ... said injunction, or make the same perpetual, and make such orders and decrees, to suspend, restrain, or prohibit the further...
Página 318 - ... covert, and the guardian of such infant, or person non compos mentis, and they may respectively release all such damages for any lands or estate taken and appropriated as aforesaid, as they might do if the same were holden in their own right respectively.
Página 300 - ... to be paid, to the treasurer of this state, for the use of the state, within the time prescribed by this act, for the payment of the same.
Página 295 - ... true returns, for a precinct, town, or ward where an election was actually held, is punishable by imprisonment in the State Prison for a term not less than two nor more than seven years.
Página 261 - ... crossing, or change the location thereof ; and shall make and maintain such bridges, abutments, tunnels, arches, excavations, embankments, and approaches as the railroad commissioners shall order, and the convenience and safety of the public travel upon said turnpike, highway or street may require...

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