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Aurthon of the ENcycloponi As of GARDENING, of Agriculture, AND of cottage, FARM,
AND will A ARchitecture, AND Editor of the ENcyclopædia of PLANts.


PATER Nostett-ROW,


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Printed by A. Srottiswoope, New Street Square.

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ductor . - - - - 529 || A Series of Articles on the Insects most inju-

Notices of Gardens and Country Seats in rious to Cultivators. By J. O. Westwood : –

Great Britain and Ireland, supplementary No. 1. The Turnip Flea Beetle - - 97

to, or corrective of, the .."; given in No. 2. o: W. otive to Collec-

the Encyclopædia of Gardening. By various ions of succulent Plants - - 157

*:::::::: * ow racing - 59. 121 No. 3. The Turnip Saw-Fly - - 193

Brief Notices, made on several Occasions, No. 4. The Onion Fly - - - 24!
when visiting some Noblemen's and Gen- No. 5. Wheat Flies - - - 280
tlemen's Seats, in the Autumn of 1836. By No. 6. The Asparagus Bectle - - 337
Thomas Rutger - - - 1. 109 No. 7. Rose Moths - - - 385
Some Account of Gardens and the State of No. 8. The small Ermine Moth - - 43.
Gardening in the North and West Ridings No. 9. Slimy Grub of the Pear and other
of Yorkshire. By J. B. W. - - - Fruit Trees - - - - 4
Some Account of Gardens and the State of Farther Informaticn respecting the Coleop-
Gardening in the County of Durham. By terous Insect Otiorhynchus sulcatus, and
J. B. W. - - - - 439 its Ravages on the Vine. By W. Linwood,
Remarks on the State of Gardening, and of F.H.S., &c.; with some Remarks from J.
Cultivation generally, in Belgium. By John O. Westwood, F.L.S. - - - 204
Maddison - - - - - 341 | Notice of a Mode of destroying a Species of
On the Gardeners and Gardening of Russia. Moth injurious to the Vineyards of the
By N. N. - - - - - 55 South of France, employed by M. Audouin.
Botanical and Horticultural Tour in Lom. Professor of Entomology in the Muséum
bardy. By Giuseppe Manetti - - 56 d'Histoire Naturelle - - -
- - -- On the Balaninus nicum, or common Nut
Scientific. Weevil. By J. Wighton; with a Note by
On the Importance of Gardeners’ possessing J. O. Westwood - - - - 213
eneral and scientific Knowledge, for the An Account of some Trials made with the
urpose of effecting Improvements in their Leaves of the common Laurel, for Destroy-
Art. By Robert Fish - 49 ing Insects. By J. H. A. - - - -

On the Discrepancy of Terrestrial and At-

mospheric Temperature, with regard to the

Cultivation of Exotics, more particularly

the Vine; and on the proper ..". of

Water, so as to render it a beneficial Agent

in elevating the Temperature of the Soil.


GArtide.N Architect Utt E.

Suggestions for the Improvement of Kensing-
ton Gardens; and which are applicable,
also, in a greater or less Degree, to Hyde
Park, the Green Park, Regent's Park, and
Greenwich Park, and to Parks and Plea-
sure-grounds generally. By the Conductor 1
Plan of the Grounds of Chester Holme Cot-
tage, laid out by Mr. George Harland - 1
On the Formation and Planting of a Suburban
Kitchen-Garden. By A. Forsyth - - 1
Design for combining all the Forcing-houses,
Botanical Houses, and Pits and Frames, re.
required for a moderate Establishment, in
One Group. By A. Forsyth

Description of an early Forcing Pit, and a

Boiler for an early Forcing Stove, erected

at Oakhill Gardens. By A. Forsyth -

Plans, Sections, &c., of a small span-roofed
Pit, for Green-house Plants, recently
erected at Stratford Green, Essex. By
John Bevis - -

Elevation and Description of a Cast-iron

Espalier Rail, erected in the Gardens of

Maeslaugh Castle, Radnorshire. By James

Alexander - - -

Description of Hogg's Patent conical Boiler,
for heating Hot-houses, and other Build.

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ings, by hot Water. By James Hogg, New
York, United States - - - -


Arboricultural Notices; or, Notices of new
ardy Trees and Shrubs deserving of gene;
ral Cultivation in useful and ornamental
Plantations - -
On the Growth of Trees
tions. By T. Davis - -
On the *...*.*. or Removal of Ever-
green Shrubs. By R. Glendinning ,- -
On the Propagating and Transplanting of
Evergreens. By John Turnhill, - -
Notes on the Growth of Trees at Flasby Hall,
near Gargrave, in Craven, Yorkshire. By
George Wintersgill - * . . . . . "
Notice of a remarkable Woodland District in
Scotland, still in its natural State; com-
prising the Head of Strathspey, in Bade-
noch, and the Forest of Braeinar. By H.B.
Dimensions of some Trees, and Notes on the
Growth of other Trees and Shrubs, indi-
genous and exotic, on the Estate of Poloc,
in Lanarkshire, the Property of Sir John
Maxwell, Bart. By John Maxwell, M.P. -
An Account of some remarkable Trees of
the Norway Spruce (Albies excélsa Poir.)
now growing at the Whim, in Peeblesshire,
the Property of Sir James Montgomery of
Bartstanhope and Stobo. By J. M'Nab,
superintendent of the Experimental Gar-
dens, Inverleith - - - -
A new Guard for single Trces in Parks, &c.
By Charles Lawrence - - ..-
Notice of the Wilton Shrub-lister. By its
Inventor, Harry Alcock - - . -
An Account of a Method of pruning orna-
mental Trees, chiefly Beech. By J. W. B.
Instances of the Mistletoe being found on
the Oak; with Remarks on grafting and
budding the Mistletoe. --- ------- -
On the Growth of the Pine and Fir Tribe in
exposed and stormy Situations. By John
Nuttall, Tiltoun, Mount Kennedy, County
Wicklow - - ... - -
On the Propagation of the Pine and Fir
Tribe and other Coniferae, by Cuttings.
by T. M. Lindsay, Gardener at High Clere
Notice of the Mode of treating the more rare
species of the Pine and Fir Tribe at Drop-
more. By P. Frost - - -
A Mode of off a large Cedar Tree
described. By J. Cuthill, Gardener to Capt.
Trotter, Dyrham Park - - . -
Notice respecting the State of a Plantation of
Salix alba, of which some Account was
given, in 1825, in this Magazine. By Archi-
bald Gorrie, F.H.S., M.C.H.S. - -

Account of a Plant of A'rbutus Andráchne

in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden, supposed

to be the largest in Britain. By William

M'Nab, A.L.S., Superintendent of the


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List of Plants which have stood the open Air

at Pendarves, in Cornwall. By James

Mitchinson, Gardener - - -

Notice of some Green-house and Half-hardy

ligneous Plants, which have endured the

open Air, for several Winters, in the

Handsworth Nursery, near Birmingham.

By Alexander Pope - -

Results of an Attempt to grow some tender
Aquatics in hot Water, in the open Air.
By Richard Christie - - -
An Account of the Mode in which the large
Palm at Hale Hall, Lancashire, was low-
ered Five Feet. By John Nickson, Gar-
dener to J. J. Bio. Esq., M.P., at
Hale Hall - - - -
Description of an oiled Paper Cap for pro-
tecting Dahlias, when in Flower, from au-
tumnal Frosts. By John Turnbull - -

On the Culture of Epiphyllum truncatum.

By T. Symons - - - -

On the Culture of Cape Heaths. By R. Glen-
dinning - - - - -

On the Management of Cape Heaths in the

open Air during the Summer Season. By

John Fyffe

On the Culture

not on the Hardy Fruit Trees for 1837,
oc - o

Instructions for Truffle-Searching. Trans-
lated from the German of V. F. Fischer.
By Francis Mascall, Esq., of Eppleton,
Durham - - - - -
A Treatise on the Cultivation of Truffles.
By Alexander Von Bornholz. Translated
from the German by Francis Mascall, Esq.,
of Eppleton, Durham -
Olitorial Notices; or, Notices of new Culinary
Vegetables, deserving of general Cultiva-
tion in British Gardens - - -
Notice of some new, or little known, sorts of
culinary Vegetables, cultivated in the North
Riding of Yorkshire. By J. B. Whiting -

A Methed of training Pear Trees which

might be advantageously adopted in Gar-

dens where Walls cannot be afforded, and

Standards will not thrive; with preliminary

Observations respecting the List of Pears in

the last Edition of the “Encyclopædia of

Gardening.” By J. B. W. - - -

On the Culture of the Mūsa Cavendishii, as
practised at Chatsworth. By Joseph Pax-
ton, F.L.S., H.S., &c. - - -
on the Management of the Vine. By A.
Forsyth - - - -

On the Shriveling of Grapes, and Recom-

mendations of the early White Frontignac.

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to Sir M. W. Ridley, Bart. - - - 500
A Mode of preserving Cauliflowers through

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- 315

the Winter. By Peter Mackenzie, Gar-

dener, West Plean - - - 264

On Kidneybeans. By A. Forsyth - - 265

On the Culture of the Pea. By A. Forsyth - 450

On the Potato, particularly the early Va-

rieties. By A. Forsyth - - - 17

On * Culture of the Turnip. By A. For-
syt - - - - - - 35
On the Culture of White and Red Cabbages,
Savoys, and Brussels Sprouts. By Alex-
ander Forsyth, Gardener -

On raising Salads of Chicory.

Cuthill - - - -

On a Method of obtaining Green Mint during

Winter. By James Cuthill - - 311


List of Fifty-four Sorts of Wheat, Secds and

Ears of which have been received from M.

Vilmorin - - - - -

By James

annual, biennial, perennial, and exotic
Flowering Plants - - - -
The Parterre; or, Whole Art of forming
Flower. Gardens. By C. F. Ferris, Esq. - 600

The Florist's Magazine ; a Register of the

newest and most beautiful Varieties of

Florists' Flowers. Drawn from Nature

engraved and coloured in the most finished

Style. By Frederick W. Smith - -

A Catalogue of Herbaceous Plants cultivated
and sold by John Cree, Addlestone Nur-
sery, Chertsey, Surrey; with numerous
Synonymes, and References to Figures in
the leading Botanical Periodicals; and also
a select List of Fruit Trees, with Descrip-
tions - - - - -
Catalogue of the Cellulares, or Flowerless
Plants, of Great Britain; or those in-
cluded in the Linnaean Class Crypto-
mia; compiled from Sir W. J. Hooker's
nglish Flora," vol. v.; Sir J. E. Smith's
“English, Flora,” vol. iv. ; Mackay's
“ Flora Hibernica ; ” Henslow’s “Cata-
logue of British Plants,” and other Sources.
o W. A. Leighton, B.A. F.B.S. Edin.,
!C. - - - - -

Practical Remarks on the Failure of the

Potato Crop ; with Instructions how to

remedy the Evil. By William Stent,

Nursery, and Seedsman, East Stockwith,

near Gainsburgh, Lincolnshire - - 319

Catalogue of Works on Gardening, Agricul-

ture, Botany, Rural Architecture, &c.,

lately published, with some Account of

those considered the more interesting - 223.


3.21. 605.

Sowerby's Small Edition of English Bo-

tan - - - - - 6th6

Baxter's British Flowering Plants - - 606

Hooker's Icones Plantarum - - 6th6

The Gardener's Gazette - - • 606

The Magazine of Domestic Economy - 607

Le Couteur on the Varieties, Properties,

and Classification of Wheats - - 607

Reid's Chemistry of Nature, designed as

a popular Exposition of the Chemical

Constitution and Relations of Natural

Objects, and as a General Introduction

to the Study of Chemical Science - 609

Stonehouse's History and Topography of

the Isle of Axholme - - -

Ellistson's Hobart Town Almanack, and

* Van Diemen's Land Annual, for

1. - - - - -

Barker-Webb, et Sabin Berthelot, His-

toire Naturelle des Iles Canaries ... 610

Allgemeine Gartenzeitung - - 611

Verhandlungen des Vereins zur Besòr-

derung des Gartenbaues in den Köni-

glich Prussischen Staaten. Transactions

of the Horticultural Society of Prussia 611

Verhandlungen des Vereins zur Besòr-
dcrung des Gurten und Felbaucs, als

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