Rejected Addresses: And Other Poems

Derby & Jackson, 1860 - 414 páginas

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Página 11 - Cambyses, Marched armies o'er thy tomb with thundering tread — O'erthrew Osiris, Orus, Apis, Isis; And shook the pyramids with fear and wonder, When the gigantic Memnon fell asunder? If the tomb's secrets may not be confessed, The nature of thy private life unfold : A heart has throbbed beneath that leathern breast, And tears adown that dusty cheek have rolled...
Página 8 - Your voiceless lips, 0 flowers ! are living preachers, Each cup a pulpit, every leaf a book, Supplying to my fancy numerous teachers From loneliest nook. Floral apostles ! that in dewy splendor "Weep without woe, and blush without a crime...
Página 336 - E'en Higginbottom now was posed, For sadder scene was ne'er disclosed ; Without, within, in hideous show, Devouring flames resistless glow, And blazing rafters downward go, And never halloo " heads below ! " Nor notice give at all : The firemen, terrified, are slow To bid the pumping torrent flow, For fear the roof should fall. Back, Robins, back ! Crump, stand aloof ! Whitford, keep near the walls ! Huggins, regard your own behoof, For lo ! the blazing rocking roof Down, down in thunder falls !...
Página 304 - And brush'd it with a broom. My uncle's porter, Samuel Hughes, Came in at six to black the shoes, (I always talk to Sam :) So what does he, but takes and drags Me in the chaise along the flags, And leaves me where I am.
Página xxii - I am afraid he must think me a strange fellow : but is it not odd, that the only truly generous person I ever knew, who had money to be generous with, should be a stockbroker ! And he writes poetry too,
Página 9 - Thebes's streets three thousand years ago, When the Memnonium was in all its glory, And time had .not begun to overthrow Those temples, palaces, and piles stupendous, Of which the very ruins are tremendous.
Página 300 - Who. while the British squadron lay off Cork (God bless the Regent and the Duke of York !) With a foul earthquake ravaged the Caraccas, And raised the price of dry goods and tobaccos ? Who makes the quartern loaf and Luddites rise ? Who fills the butchers
Página 11 - How the world looked when it was fresh and young, And the great Deluge still had left it green ; — Or was it then so old, that History's pages Contained no record of its early ages?
Página 9 - Yet fount of hope. Posthumous glories ! angel-like collection ! Upraised from seed or bulb interred in earth, Ye are to me a type of resurrection, And second birth. Were I, O God ! in churchless lands remaining, Far from all voice of teachers and divines, My soul would find, in flowers of thy ordaining, Priests, sermons, shrines ! THE NYMPH OF THE LURLEI BERG.
Página 408 - Rejected Addresses,' Monk Lewis remarked to her: 'Many of them are very fair, but mine is not at all like : they have made me write burlesque, which I never do.

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